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Swell Foop➲ [Read] ➭ Swell Foop By Piers Anthony ➽ – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk When Cynthia Centaur journeys to ask the Good Magician Humfrey a very personal uestion she expects nothing than the usual Challenges and Puzzles as well as some small sort of Service in exchange for h When Cynthia Centaur journeys to ask the Good Magician Humfrey a very personal uestion she expects nothing than the usual Challenges and Puzzles as well as some small sort of Service in exchange for her Answer What she doesn’t expect is that she will be responsible for the future survival of Xanth itselfFor a peril of immense gravity endangers the enchanted land of Xanth Or rather a lack of gravity The Demon Earth who rules our own world has suddenly and mysteriously disappeared Without Demon Earth’s vast powers everything on the surface of the Earth and all other worlds including Xanth will go whirling weightlessly away into spaceBy merest chance Cynthia Centaur has come to the Good Magician’s castle at precisely the wrong moment For the Muse of History has decreed that the very next uerent who asks Humfrey a uestion will be charged with the awesome responsibility of finding the Demon Earth and saving XanthIt’s whispered that another Demon with a capital D has done the dastardly deed The only weapon that can prevail against such a cosmic being is the instrument known as the Swell Foop And the only way to handle its awesome power is to locate the Six Lost Rings of Xanth whose whereabouts are known only to the ZombiesSo Cynthia and five companions—her beloved mate Che; Breanna of the Black Wave and her fiancé Justin Tree; Sim the immortal bird who will one day know all the secrets of the universe; and Jaylin a young human girl from the Mundane land of Hawaii—embark on a uest of utmost danger to challenge an Unknown Demon for the fate of a dozen worlds. I can't believe I read through 25 of these I love Piers I really do but I this was around the time when I became a bit too distracted by the overt sexuality of nearly all of his female characters It's not so much a problem to have attractive creatures in the story at all it's that they all have lusty factors repeatedly brought into play and it just got a little vexing Sorry Piers I still love you by Piers Anthony published in 2001Xanth the one fictitious world in which all else are real Er or somethingThis is indeed another number 26 Xanth novel by Piers Anthony full of puns low necklines and magical mayhem So after twenty six novels in the same magical world has the magic departed or is it still about in force?I would say that this particular story is not outstanding in the series of Xanth novels but that does not mean it is not enjoyable for it surely is It would appear that the Demon Earth has been abducted by another of hisherits kind and only the unlikely inhabitants of Xanth can save himherit oh and add in one Mundane as well romance and an almost omnipotent Roc and well you are in XanthYou see with the Demon Earth missing gravity which is hisherits prime power is going to wane until it is no Xanth and every other realm won’t survive if this happens So when Cynthia Centaur goes to as Magician Humphrey if she will breed true with Che ask a service task she must gather the six rings of Xanth and assemble the Swell Foop to rescue Earth Sounds confusing but the plot is rather straight forward and riddled with puns as you would expect In fact I found the plot very plotted if that makes any sense It went like ring one check ring two check and so on Not the greatest but then the reason most of us return to Xanth is not for the amazing convoluted plots but to bask in the silliness with pointed though subtle overtones of morality which is Piers Anthony’s creationI say well done again for that and now I have to go and read “The Dastard” Xanth number 25 which I somehow skipped in all the years I have not done that It was on my bookshelf next to Doone Mode and the covers were both very dark which is not usually a Xanth thing and so I grabbed Swell Foop when I should have grabbed The DastardIf you have never read any Xanth you should really pick up “A Spell for Chameleon” and see if it is for youAnother thing I enjoy about the Xanth novels at least the last dozen or is the author’s notes in the back He relates the tale of writing that particular novel and you get an insight into the mind of the creator He also lists the puns he uses from contributors too He can be found online at hipiersdotcom I believeI would list all the Xanth novels to date but there just isn’t room I can believe I've read 25 of these books But there not bad This one being an example of one of the better Xanth's It was a new concept Well written Easy to read through Through have over a hundred lovely puns it wasn't and overload Just re read this review Obviously my mind was a bit scrambled after reading the book But I believe the gist of the sentence was that I liked it even though there were a ton of puns 4 StarsSwell Foop is the twenty fifth book in the Xanth series by Piers Anthony The fabric of our universe is at risk Earth and Xanth's future is on the line It will take 6 brave adventurers to track down the Swell Foop a powerful weapon and the only hope of defeating the dangerous foeThe Xanth Series is uite a really long series that has spanned many decades I remember reading the first few books back in the very early 1980’s and was totally captivated by the epic fantasy that unfolded before my eyes I collected all the books as each new one was released and have revisited them a few times over the years Recently I had been reorganising my bookshelves because eight book cases have become insufficient to house all my books #bookwhoredilemma and it came to the point where I was going to have to get rid of some of my older booksseries in order to make way for new favourites I looked at all the largerlonger series first and this is one of the larger series that I have it came under scrutiny I decided to reread all the books I was considering getting rid of first before making a final decision I can honestly say that although I these books didn’t blow me away as they once did I still really enjoyed all the adventure magic swords sorcery like epic fantasy that Mr Anthony is renowned for He has imbued his stories with plenty of humour a playfulness lots of fun action some history conspiracies secrets surprising developments and much much We meet so many varied and original characters along the way the books are full of wonderful fictional beasts and paranormal creaturesbeasts From centaurs to demons dragons fauns gargoyles goblins golems harpies merfolk elves nymphs ogres zombies and curse fiends and a few I am sure I have missedThe world of Xanth is wonderfully rich and vividly descriptive It is really well written and is so easy to imagine it came to life before my eyes Each ‘person’ in Xanth is born with their own uniue magical ability which is called a ‘talent’ We follow along on many epic adventures and explore the world as the story unfolds I have many fond memories of reading this bookseries and in the end I can’t cull any of my collection So I decided to just purchase a couple of extra bookcases instead #mypreciousA series worth exploring especially for any epic fantasy lover who loves some fun and humour served with their adventureThank you Mr Anthony Xanth is a fantasy novel that is based almost entirely on wordplay specifically puns The series occupies a strange space between silly and weird Anthony has some odd opinions on themes such as sex racism prejudice growing up and the use of magic in everyday life The writing vacillates between heavy handed condescending to extended analysis of magic science and the application of the rules of Xanth Some love it some hate it; I personally thought it was a strange read but harmless although I doubt I'll read each book twice One thing about Anthony he has a very complicated history and genealogy of Xanth and its characters and you have to appreciate how he always finds ways to connect them from book to book Probably of 35 stars Much of the general plot is recycled from other Xanth stories but this had some rather interesting twists combining demons such as Xanth and Earth with the forces of the universe such as the weak force etc if you don’t know what I mean go grab an Isaac Asimov book on Physics or something Asimov refers to them as interactions rather than forces the terminology has changed over the years Also be aware Physics has advanced over the years and you should not use asimov’s info on your exams without double checking it Other than advancing on some ongoing storylines such as Justin Tree and Breanna this was an ok book at most Recommended for Xanth addicts who will undoubtedly disapprove of my lackluster review The Xanth books by Piers Anthony were one of the first SciFiFantasy series I ever read I love puns so I have always enjoyed them Upon re reading them I can see that they have some weaknesses but overall they stand the test of time They are a fun and fast read that keeps me amused without any deep thinking reuired Romance book At first it was collection of characters that seem a little busy but enjoyable to read without influencing the story At times it got a little dry with leaving me with were the book was going and rapping out plot later Another fun Xanth adventure

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