The Australian's Convenient Bride

The Australian's Convenient Bride➽ The Australian's Convenient Bride Download ➺ Author Lindsay Armstrong – Rough handsome cattle station owner Steve Kinane needs a temporary housekeeper and Chattie Winslow is perfect for the jobChattie and Steve try hard to resist the intense sexual chemistry between them Rough handsome cattle station owner Steve Kinane needs a temporary housekeeper and Chattie Winslow The Australian's PDF \ is perfect for the jobChattie and Steve try hard to resist the intense sexual chemistry between them Then Steve discovers the reason for Chattie's presence in the Outback and he has a proposal to make a marriage of convenience Now that Steve knows the secrets Chattie's been keeping she's forced to become his bride. Heroine shows up at hero's ranch looking for hero's deadbeat brother Hero immediately assumes she is another tart on the make for his brother's money Inexplicably heroine lets the hero assume that for three uarters of the story until heroine's own deadbeat sister shows up and spills the beans The sister is the one who is pregnant by the hero's runaway brother Hero is lusting for the heroine and by now he has sampled her awesome Mary Suesue culinary and domestic abilities she is able to cook a gourmet meal for ten in the middle of a blackout using an antiue wood stove and candlelight She plays the piano like Chopin She is maternal towards the nephew and a lover of dogs and horses So he proposes a marriage of convenience to her Her sister and impending bundle of joy will be set for life and he gets a housekeeper and broodmare combined Heroine is salivating over martyryzing herself for a good cause and being able to satisfy her crazed lust for the hero without admitting she has fallen in love with himThe conclusion is brought by the runaway brother who miraculously comes back to the ranch avowing eternal love and marriage to the heroine's dingbat sister Heroine threatens to jilt the hero now that her sister is safely married Hero tells her he actually loves her he was just weary of admitting his feelings because he had been burned by his golddigging skanky ex wife before Heroine loves him backEpilogue with a bunch of babies pets happy married families and outback blissThis is Lindsay Armstrong on Prozac? Practically no angst very minor OW stuff that is easily disposed off and even the deadbeat cranky relatives turn out nice I actually believed in this saccharine sweet HEA c'est un miracle This was really sweet I really enjoyed the emotional tug of war and play between the hero and heroine and how they were prepared to sacrifice everything not for love but for the ones they loved only to find love anyway serendipitously beautifully The ending was brilliant with a twist I hadn't expected that made it even emotionally intenseAlthough Steve was not explored so much being mostly a reticent brooding presence I particularly enjoyed Charlotte's Chattie's personality she seemed to be a really 'real' person a complex woman of honour strength will charisma and passion Poor Steve he didn't stand a chanceThere was only one technical hitch after carefully explaining that a satellite phone was available 'for emergencies' the character then went on to use their mobiles which didn't make much sense to me In all other respects this is a glorious and moving story of love against the backdrop of the Great Outback Me pongo de acuerdo con Steve Chattie es encantadora Los dos me gustaron mucho ella es una mujer normal alguien como cualuiera de nosotras; él es el típico ranchero australiano duro en el trabajo y sentimental con la gente ue le gusta serio con un poco de sentido de humor Desde el comienzo de la historia ya crees ue ellos están hechos uno para el otro ue es solo arreglar las medias verdades ue flotan en el aire y serán felices para siempre La hermana de Chattie y el hermano de Steve tienen una historia ue es lo ue lleva la pareja de protagonistas a se conoceren pero no tienen su propio espacio en la novela

The Australian's Convenient Bride MOBI É The
  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • The Australian's Convenient Bride
  • Lindsay Armstrong
  • English
  • 08 February 2016
  • 9780373124268