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Gods Gift[Reading] ➸ Gods Gift By Lee Ann Mancini – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk In God's Gift Christian and his sister Mary believe they get presents at Christmas However Jacob and Jeremiah believe they get presents on Hanukkah The children learn that Christmas and Hanukkah are a In God's Gift Christian and his sister Mary believe they get presents at Christmas However Jacob and Jeremiah believe they get presents on Hanukkah The children learn that Christmas and Hanukkah are about celebrating the gift God has given to His children It's not about how many presents are under the tree at Christmas or the eight days of presents for Hanukkah It's about God's provision for those He loves God gives the gift of the Messiah to the Christians and the gift of Light to the Jews The true gift from God is learned in this colorful holiday story Beautifully illustrated hardcover book designed for children ages . Original Review on book is literally everything It's bright and colorful and just really cute God's Gift is a sea story that teaches little kids the true meaning behind Christmas and Hanukkah I'm so glad I got the chance to read this book I read it to my kid brother Josh and sister Lynn a bunch of times It was really fun to read and have my brother ask uestions They really enjoyed it but most of all Josh got the message it was trying to convey not Lynn she was interested in trying to eat the pages haha Josh hasn't stopped asking me to read it I think I've read it to him ten times alreadyIt's not about how many toys you get sonChristmas and Hanukkah are not about the decorations or presents They are about the gifts that God has given us and I think Mancini did a great job writing this book in a way that children will understand the message that is given to them ​​I RECEIVED A COPY OF THIS NOVEL FROM THE PUBLISHER IN EXCHANGE FOR A HONEST REVIEW While this is a seasonal book featuring the Christmas season it is aptly a holiday book in which children are anticipating upcoming Christmas and Hanukkah holidays The children sea creatures and their families are busily decorating for whichever of the two holidays their family celebrates Both families celebrate with gift giving and hence an argument ensues between the sea creature children about the number of gifts they are going to receiveObviously the lesson to be learned is that Christmas is not about getting lots of gifts and neither is Hanukkah The bigger lesson opportunity is an opportunity to teach young children that families in different cultures celebrate in various ways and sometimes in similar methodsWhile this is a really cute book it does cause me some concern when they use phrases such as but they knew in their hearts the best gift was the gift of God loving them and always taking care of them This statement is not truly controversial but as a Christian my belief is that God's greatest best gift was His Son Jesus as the Saviour of the world and our Redemer So while God's love is the source of the birth of a saviour and of the oil that didn't run out for the Jews the love of provision can not be compared to the wonderous love of redemptionI still think the book is cute and has value as an entertaining teaching tool about the different celebrations of holidays in the Christian and Jewish communitiesA super little feature is the hidden cross and star on the pages Gotta find them allI received a complimentary copy to facilitate a review of my own opinions I was not compensated What a uniue children’s holiday book I have never seen one like it before The story opens with the sea families preparing for the holiday by decorating their caves and yards Christian and Mary turtle are putting up their tree and lights getting ready for Christmas Jacob and Jeremiah starfish are decorating for Hanukkah with their menorah At the playground the friends begin to bicker about which is better Christmas or Hanukkah and which yields the most gifts a very important topic with children As you can imagine nothing is resolved and the fuming kids go home Arriving home they immediately vent their anger to their parents The wise turtle and starfish parents arrange a meeting at each other’s houses to learn about the meanings of their very different celebrations The young sea creatures learn many valuable lessons and respect for one another’s faith This book impressed me on many levels First of all children of both the Jewish and Christian faith can enjoy it and gain understanding about beliefs and traditions unlike theirs This is the one thing I feel makes it one of a kind I was amazed that from the very beginning Ms Mancini shares the foundation of each faith’s holiday celebration in one sentence Throughout the book there is the Star of David and a cross to find I appreciated there was no Santa Claus mentioned as I believe that takes away from our celebration of Christ’s birth especially in the mind of a young child I also applaud her for tackling the subject of kids overwhelming focus on receiving gifts The sea parents help the children realize that presents are not what they celebrate and their true gifts are much greater The parents are once again emphasized as those giving direction and wisdom to the youngsters Of course as with all of the author’s books prayer is a central part of the story This book took me back to my 2nd grade year I had a dear friend which I am still in touch with that was Jewish She belonged to my Bluebirds group too I see now our mothers were wise women as we had a Christmas and Hanukkah party at separate times It made our holiday celebrations very natural though unalike Yes I was focused on gifts and remember asking my mother if I could convert to Judaism as I was sure 8 days of festiveness would yield loot than just one I shared this recently with my dear friend 50 years later and we both had a good laugh I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author The opinions stated are my own God's Gift is about learning what Christmas and Hanukkah are really about Christian and Jacob have the wrong ideal about Christmas They both learn what the true meaning is Teaching them to treat others as God treats us love Loved the book Great for Sunday school class also The kids will love the well illustrated book by Dan Sharp and the wonderful story lesson by Lee Ann Mancini Ages Pre school to age 6 God's Gift is written by Lee Ann Mancini and is part of the award winning Adventures of the Sea Kids series It's the Christmas season and the Sea Kids are helping their families get ready for Christmas Christian helps his father put lights on the tree and decorate the manger with Baby Jesus Jacob helps his father prepare for Hanukkah They put a giant menorah in their yard and light candles each dayThe next day while playing at the coralhood playground Christian and Jacob get into an argument over who gets the most gifts When the children get home they uestion their parents about getting gifts Christian and Jacob's mothers take the children to each others homes to teach them the difference between Christmas and Hanukkah Even though they celebrate the Christmas season differently they celebrate for the same reason They learn that Christmas is about God sending Jesus as a gift The lighting of the menorah reminds us of miracle of light given to the Jews from God The children learn that Christmas is not about gifts under the tree or gifts on each day of Hanukkah they learn the true meaning of ChristmasThe is a wonderful Christmas story for children that teaches the true gifts from God The book is a shiny hard cover book with shiny brightly colored pages The story is perfect for a story to be read to a young child or for a young reader to read The story is a great way to teach children about difference that each family celebrates as well as to help them learn Christmas is not just about getting giftsLike the other book in the Adventure of the Sea Kids this book has hidden objects in the pictures for those reading it to find This is a great way to interact with children while reading and discussing the story The pictures also contain brightly colored sea creatures to help teach children about sea animalsThe author has written an award winning series that helps children learn the Gospel of Jesus Christ and build a relationship with Jesus This series is great but this Christmas story is absolutely wonderful This is a series that would be great for every family with children to have With this book part of the proceed is being donated to Christian children's charities The author Lee Ann Mancini holds a bachelor of Religious Studies a Master of Christian Studies and is an Adjunct Professor as well as a wife and mother Dan Sharp the illustrator is an artist with over thirty years illustrating children's booksI received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through the BookCrashcom book review program which reuires an honest though not necessarily positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s CFR Title 16 Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” I want to thank the author publisher and Book Crash for giving me this wonderful book Sea turtles Christian and his sister Mary are at the coralhood because it's underwater instead of neighborhood playground with their starfish friends Jacob and his brother Jeremiah They start out having an animated conversation about their anticipation for their respective upcoming holiday festivities Christian and Mary are from a Christian home while Jacob and Jeremiah are Jewish but the conversation uickly turns heated Before long all the kids are arguing about who has the better celebration and who gets presents each yearThe fight is broken up and all the kids go home that night to vent to their parents about what was said by the other children Shocked that their children could be so off the mark on understanding the true meaning of the holiday season all the parents are inspired to bring the kids together for a lesson in the real reason for the season Jacob and Jeremiah's parents invite Christian and Mary to their Hanukkah celebrations to hear the stories behind the reason for the menorah prayers and ceremonies Likewise Christian and Mary's folks invite Jacob and Jeremiah over to hear the Nativity story and observe the tree decorating tradition Through observing the religious traditions of their friends the sea turtles and the starfish all learn that it's not about the presents at all Presents are nice but they're just meant to be symbolic The true purpose is remembering to honor each person with love generosity compassion and charity Once again author Lee Ann Mancini nails it with her now trademark techniue of using a charming underwater world of relatable young characters to teach timeless lessons in morals and values that will surely set little readers on the right path toward growing up to be beautiful stand up people of admirable character In this timely holiday addition Mancini reminds readers to remember not to be all consumed with counting presents but to instead take time to humbly acknowledge appreciate and honor the family friends and blessings already around you on a daily basis The fact that this story right from page 1 offers inclusive illustrations and storyline featuring both Christian crosses Christmas trees and Jewish Star Of David dreidel yarmulke or kippah references makes this a wonderful gift idea for those who observe either Christmas OR Hannukah Readers who have been following this series from the start will get a kick out of seeing past featured Sea Kids such as Freddy Octopus from Fast Freddy and Melissa Blowfish from What A Bragger in the background of a few of the illustrations Also look for the artwork by the front door of Jacob's house and you'll see it's the cover art from I'm Not Afraid Sea Kids #3 FTC Disclaimer BookCrashcom GLM Publishing kindly provided me with a complimentary copy of this book with a reuest that I might check it out and share my thoughts The opinions above are entirely my own Just in time for the holiday season Lee Ann Mancini has released a new book in the Adventures of the Sea Kids Series This book focuses on the celebrations of both Christmas and Hanukkah as two young sea creatures learn the value of both days Christian the sea turtle and his family celebrate Christmas They decorate with lights a Christmas tree and baby Jesus in a manger His friend Jacob the star fish helps his family decorate for Hanukkah by putting up lights and the menorah After an argument at the playground one day about which holiday was the most important and which provided the most gifts their parents decided to get together to show them what each holiday represented and the importance of celebrating it In the end they both recognize that the holidays are about God and His gifts to us and that is why we give gifts to each other This hardback book is very brightly illustrated with beautiful pictures and details My daughter and I enjoyed the story but I felt like the explanations were a bit shallow and very basic There is not much detail about either holiday The only explanation for Hanukkah is that A long time ago there was only enough oil in the lamp for one night but the oil lasted for eight days God gave us the miracle of light There is no background information as to why there wasn't enough oil or details about what happened In regards to Christmas this is the explanation given It is about the gift from God of His one and only Son Jesus Christ our Messiah But again nothing to tell why we needed a Messiah or that this was fulfillment of prophecy of long ago Personally I just felt like it was lacking something I suppose this book is probably written for younger children so maybe that is all they can handle My children are a little older now 9 11 but they still enjoy reading these books and I would have liked to see just a little informationThe main focus of the book is that these holidays are not about the gifts we get it is about loving each other and recognizing God's gifts to us This story teaches kids to recognize the differences in the way people celebrate the holidays and respect that while sharing God's love with those around us It also encourages practicing a thankful heart And as always the kids will enjoy looking for the hidden pictures on each page which in this book are awesomely doubled because they can look for both the cross and the star of David I would recommend this book and all books in this series which we have enjoyedI was blessed with a complimentary copy of this book from Book Crash and GLM Publishing to review I was not reuired to review the book positively and all opinions are my own God’s Gift by Lee Ann Mancini is the latest book in the Adventures of the Sea Kids series As in the previous books of the series the adorable sea creature kids learn important Christian lessons The story takes place in the coralhood a sea kid neighborhood where the town is decorating the outside of their caves for the upcoming holidays Christian and his sister Mary are excited about Christmas and all the gifts they’ll receive Jacob and his little brother Jeremiah are eager to receive gifts on Hanukkah The sea kids brag about their holidays and disagree on who will get gifts “It’s about the gift from God of His one and only Son Jesus Christ our Messiah” When the parents hear about the disagreement and how their children are solely focused on the presents they’ll get they decide to teach them the true meaning of Christmas and Hanukkah The importance lies in the gifts that God gave long ago—the Messiah to Christians and the miracle of Light to the Jews “God gave us the miracle of light” The language in this hardcover book is easy to read and understand and carries a beautiful message I love how the colorful illustrations fill each page and the adorable sea kids are detailed and fun What a special story bringing respect and wonder to diverse people customs and religions and closing the story with a reminder to readers to say their prayersI’m delighted with this sweet series and the Christian messages each book shares Filled with examples of love understanding acceptance and the Gospel the sea kids guide children toward a common goalAs in all books of the series the reader is prompted to go back and search for the hidden symbols on each page In this book they are the cross and the Jewish star—a purposeful reminder for the reader to recognize the symbols and their meanings What a meaningful and timely gift for a child or caregiver Highly recommended5 Stars Cover LoveTitle LovePublisher GLM Publishing LLCISBN 978 0986360497Pages 32Target Ages 3 8First line The water was chilly in the coralhood that December dayI received a complimentary copy from the publisher via BookCrash “God’s Gift” centers around four sea children Two of the children Christian and Mary celebrate Christmas and the other two Jacob and Jeremiah celebrate Hanukkah Christian and Mary believe they receive presents during Christmas Jacob and Jeremiah are convinced Hanukkah is a time for gifts Will the children come to an agreement? And will they begin to realize that it’s not about the amount of gifts received?Wow This is an absolutely gorgeous book There are brilliantly beautiful illustrations on every single page The book is generously sized at 109 x 86 with each illustration filling each page That’s a ton of eye catching artwork for children and adults to enjoy The book is sturdy and the pages are glossy high ualityThe story of God’s Gift is wonderfully written in kid friendly terms that never talks down to its audience Children will easily understand the concept of God’s Gift – that it’s not all about how many gifts you receive no matter which holiday you celebrate It’s about God’s love for us all The author does an excellent job of explaining the true meanings of Christmas and Hanukkah in a way in which children can relate I enjoyed hearing the retelling of the origins of both holidays As a mother grandmother and caregiver I have no doubt boys and girls of any age will enjoy this charming book too Highly recommended Thanks to Book Crash GLM Publishing and the author for gifting this book to me 5 of 5 Stars Review by Susan Barton God's GiftBy Lee Ann ManciniIllustrated By Dan SharpI love Lee Ann Mancini's children's books When I saw in my email another was available for review I had to take it Just like the others God's Gift has impressed me I expected nothing less God's Gift is a Christmas book that follows two different sea families who celebrate Christmas a little different The book has a wonderful lesson all kids need to learn It's not about the presents we get but about the greatest gift of all that is Jesus who was born on Christmas Day One thing about her books is that they all spread the gospel of Jesus while teaching children to love and accept others I am so thankful to have her books in my children's collection I know if you get them you will be too You can purchase your copy of God's Gift on I rate this book a 55 starsDisclaimer I received a complementary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review I was not reuired to write a positive review All opinions expressed here are true and my own

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