The 52-Storey Treehouse

The 52-Storey Treehouse❰PDF❯ ✩ The 52-Storey Treehouse Author Andy Griffiths – ‫اندی و تری سیزده طبقه‌ی دیگر به خانه درختی سی‌و‌نه طبقه‌شان اضافه کرده‌اند حالا یک خانه‌درختی پنجاه‌و‌ ‫اندی و تری سیزده طبقه‌ی دیگر به خانه درختی سی‌و‌نه طبقه‌شان اضافه کرده‌اند حالا یک خانه‌درختی پنجاه‌و‌دو طبقه دارند طبقه‌ی اره‌برقی‌دار، اتاق له کردن هندوانه، اتاق پیتزای خودت را بپز، هویج پرت‌کن موشکی، مسیر مسابقه با اسب‌های چوبی، خانه ی اشباح و کلی چیزهای تازه به خانه‌شان اضافه کرده‌اند کتابی که سفارش گرفته‌اند هنوز تمام نشده The 52-Storey PDF \ تری و اندی منتظرند که آقای غول‌دماغ تماس بگیرد و مهلت تحویل کتاب را یادآوری کند، اما این بار بر خلاف همیشه خبری از آقای غول دماغ نیست بچه ها یک آژانس پیشرفته‌ی کارآگاهی تأسیس می‌کنند تا آقای غول‌دماغ را پیدا کنند همه‌چیز مشکوک است جیل هم به خواب عمیقی فرو رفته ‫داستانی سرشار از نوآوری و خلاقیت نکته‌ی قابل توجه این کتاب تشویق کودک به خوردن سبزیجات است، بدون این که خبری از مستقیم‌گویی یا نصیحت که بچه‌ها از آن بیزارند، در داستان باشد تصاویر هم لطف داستان را بیش‌تر می‌کنند. My 8yo nephew's reviewi love it even though they did'nt use the life size snakes and ladders game with real ladders and real snakes if they have a water melon smashing level then i am going to smash a water melon on caits head I recommend the book the 52 storey tree house It is about two boys called Andy and Terry who live in a 52 storey tree house some of the levels are a watermelon smashing room a chainsaw juggling level a make your own pizza parlour a rocket powered corrupt launcher a giant hair dryer that is so strong it practically blasts the hair right of your head a rocking horse racetrack a haunted house a wave machine a life size snakes and ladders game with real ladders and real snakes a 24 hours a day 7 days a week non stop punch and Judy puppet show a remembering booth to help us remember important stuff we might have forgotten a ninja snail training academy a high tech detevtive agencey which has all the latest high tech detective technology like a complete set of magnifying glasses and a disgisomatic 5000 which has a disguise for every occasion The 52 story treehouses is a very funny book It is written by Andy Griffiths and illustrated by Terry Denton This book is about two boys named Andy and Terry they go on an adventure to find there manager who was kidnaped by vegetables I think this is a good book but it is kind of boring My favorite character is the potato king he is may favorite because he is funny My favorite part of the book is when the potato prince kisses Andy and Terry’s friend and she wakes up scared and doesn’t no what’s going on Like Captain Underpants? Here ya go 4th of a fun series part bookcomic book for slightly reluctant readers Cooper beginning grade 3 So many fabulous references The 52 Storey Treehouse is a fantastic book written by Andy Griffiths and illustrations by Terry Denton It was first published in 2014 The story is about two people called Andy and Terry trying to get along in their 52 storey treehouse They have exciting adventures wherever weird places they goI really thought it was funny when Andy and Terry found a book called “Vegetable Patty” in Mr Big Nose’s office It was hilarious when a caterpillar ate Andy and Terry’s flying fried egg car I liked it when Terry thought everything was enormous – but he was just looking through his magnifying glass Compared to the first two books the storyline is betterThe 52 Storey Treehouse is an amazing book overall I only have one bad thing to say It should probably feature the treehouse a bit I think that the story is good for people aged 8 14 I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars I can’t wait until I read The 65 Storey Treehouse Go and read them now Alexander Ch Yet another seriously silly addition to the Treehouse series the 52 Story Treehouse is a bunch of fun wrapped up in a ton of nonsense Fans of Captain Underpants will adore the antics of Terry and Andy whose treehouse is constrained only by the limits of their creativity The plot in this book revolves around the disappearance of Terry and Andy’s publisher Mr Big Nose and the incredibly detailed illustrations add layers of humor to the story Be prepared once children start reading this series they will be hooked Recommended for comprehensive children’s library collections It's been a long time since I read a treehouse book but I enjoyed it as much as the preuelsThe book revolves around the mystery of Andy and Terry's publisher's strange disappearances and several mysteries sprouting out from this one I liked this concept of connected mysteries a lot Done with the series Not finding these books at all interesting Reading for the kids to complete the series Just found out there is another one coming in Dept 2015 God damn it