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Liebe heute❮Download❯ ✤ Liebe heute Author Maxim Biller – Following the appearance of two stories in The New Yorker German author playwright and journalist Maxim Biller makes his English language debut with a collection of remarkable and beautifully wrought Following the appearance of two stories in The New Yorker German author playwright and journalist Maxim Biller makes his English language debut with a collection of remarkable and beautifully wrought short stories Love TodayThese twenty seven exuisite vignettes reveal the frustration longing and loneliness of human intimacy and love in the twenty first century A moment of dialogue between two people seated in an empty bar in Baghdad at Seven Thirty evokes fragility helplessness and regret The childhood friends who meet accidentally throughout the years in Ziggy Stardust are alternately drawn toward and repulsed from each other; and the fleeting text messages exchanged in The Maserati Years change everything between two lovers in an instant Collectively the result is romantic voyeuristic and deeply movingAlready a force in contemporary German literature Maxim Biller has received praise from critics and readers alike throughout Europe for his perceptive enchanting prose and the hauntingly familiar emotions his stories can provoke Love Today introduces a new and gifted writing talent and an accomplished international literary voice. As with nearly every other book of short stories I've tried to read since graduating college where this sort of reading was reuired I did not get through this whole collection Every story simply made me and frustrated with its lack of coherent plot or recognizable ending That might be my biggest issue with short stories as a genre most writers don't know how to write with a complete story arc The medium is so short that they never hit a proper climax or if they do they don't give any attention to the denouementApart from these issues my main trouble with Biller's collection of stories is the fact that they all hit the same emotional notetone a feeling of being slightly lost unfinished and unfulfilled with a touch of melancholy To compel a reader to move through an entire collection of short stories the themes or topics of the stories can remain similar for cohesion but the emotions conjured by them cannot particularly if they are negative feelings At least for this reader Maxim Biller’s Love Today dissects the inner workings of romantic relationships specifically focusing on the ending of relationships or on those that ended before they even begun Biller deftly explores the dynamics of breaking up when you’re not sure you want to breaking up when you’re not sure you want to but you have to mental illness and depression jealousy and politics and the recreation of past experiences while rebounding With a melancholic tone throughout Biller negotiates compatibility with initial raw attraction urging the reader to consider whether these aspects are mutually exclusive in relationships or if these attributes cannot successfully exist alone While the characters in the stories of Love Today are fairly diverse with different backgrounds and European nationalities the pervasive brooding tone limits the messages of these tales to a singular pessimistic conclusion on the topic of love I dare say that this book isn't necessarily about how LOVE is today but or less how crazy relationships have become between people Mostly due to a couple's physical relationship Where is the love I know there are billions of different types of love but I could not find barely any in this book I think it also bothered me that all of the short stories were from the male perspective I kept wanting to hear what the intriguing female character's thoughts were and that was about when each story would end tooWell written though I give Biller that I really love how Biller portrayed emotions in this book without actually describing emotions Just from the scene the simple thoughts the actions and interactions of the characters I felt a connection and I could feel what they were feeling Some stories were heart wrenching Some disturbing A few were confusing and at least one was just plain weird I was looking for a book about down and dirty love the twists and feelings and complications not the fairytale naive romantic type And this book delivered It gave the perspective of modern love between people who are confused and lost on their own but still craving one another Not a happy book not for those who want happily ever after love stories but in my opinion it's real the common love story For those who are eternal optimists think of it as stories about people in relationships who obviously haven't found the one yet and they are still struggling on the path toward finding their soul mate Anyway it's a fun and a fast read This is my favorite book a very well written collection of short stories about dysfunctional relationships the kind of book I will read over and over again Biller is a genius who appears to trully understands woman particularly nutty women who talk to themselves and are constantly struggling with some inner battle an inner battle with no immediate resolution I particularly enjoyed the short story In Bed with Sheikh Yassin The tales honest portrayal of our ability to decieve ourselves in order to avoid resolving a conflict as a means of survival really hits home for me Just like life there are no fairytale endings here I have an aversion to fairytale endingsinsert hand gesture for Natalie's benefit maybe im just twerkin cos it's been raining in manhattan but i think this is the most accurate depiction of purgatory yet published 5000 3 page long vignettes about malaise and boring people 'No No No' conversations everywhere sometimes people are uiet and listless because they were gangraped by serbs; mostly they are just uiet and listless about an art or weits going to be cold its going to be gray and its going to last you the rest of your life groundhog day soundclip from shai hulud song I'm not one for the short punchy distant narrator I like my characters fully fleshed and I prefer stories that unravel slowly and in many pages That said Love Today delivers such a pressure pot of excellence that it has remained memorable to me a year and a half after I first read it Moreover he does urban people with urban concerns so well and with such a sense of depth that I never suspect them to be shallow twits as I suspect most characters in a New York based New Yorker story to be Sorry but it's true Gah thank goodness for those Germans and their vision of urbanity Reading Love Today one can't help but wonder what kind of love life the author Mazin Biller has had The book is a collection of short stories about love All 27 of them are short sad and depressing If this book was true indication of love todaythen our species would be in serious trouble This is like reading Sex and the City in Germany Twenty seven short depressing stories of unreuited love unconnected love suicide and people moving through their lives as if in a fog Yuck Recommended in Oprah Magazine What were they thinking Satirical and fascinating A great set of short stories and anecdotes detailing the way love is in various forms Not exactly a work that will set your heart a flutter and restore your faith in the big L word but a great read nonetheless

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