A Ruined Land The End of the Civil War

A Ruined Land The End of the Civil War[EPUB] ✵ A Ruined Land The End of the Civil War By Michael Golay – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk This fascinating social history thru Golay's expert use of sources brings to life a time in America's past that promised so much but delivered so little expecially to former slaves Publishers Weekly A This fascinating social history thru Golay's Land The PDF/EPUB À expert use of sources brings to life a time in America's past that promised so much but delivered so little expecially to former slaves Publishers Weekly A tautly woven narrative history Lively readable Kirkus In a fascinating approach that allows the voices of those touched by the Civil War to speak for themselves Golay shows the impact of victory defeat on the ordinary Americans who both influenced events were caught up in them Using illuminating new material much previously unpublished he takes a uniue perspective by interweaving personal histories of A Ruined PDF or soldiers civilians with the larger events of the Civil War Among the events of this bitter conflict he illuminates the impact of Sherman's march thru Georgia the Carolinas the despair caused by Lincoln's assassination the st bitter weeks of armistice the immediate chaotic postwar life in a devastated South the promise of freedom for slaves Letters diaries other literary remains of those who experienced the war give a vivid panoramic look at the effects of the struggle at the efforts of both sides to work toward a solution to problems where effective answers were elusiveList of IllustrationsAuthor's Ruined Land The Kindle Ø NoteTime Line Cast of CharactersWar RevolutionHoney HillThe Laws of War The Sherman Lands The End of the WarThe Smoky March The Shell of RebellionBooth His Crime Something Like Ruined Land The End of ePUB ô PeaceExile ReturnCrime Punishment AbsolutionFallow Neglected LandsCoda NotesBibliographyIndex. This being an advanced uncorrected proof there are no ISBN numbers nor a cover imageGolay author of other books about the American Civil War covers here the period from Sherman's march until the end of Reconstruction from the perspectives of both sides North and South white and black None of his sources are the memoirs of people at the very highest levels of society His sources are the letters and diaries of secondary figures ranging from Jubal Early a Confederate officer and his wife to a simple black serviceman in the Union army All in all he follows twenty one individuals relating their experiences during war's end and aftermathPersonally despite a listing of his 'cast of character' at the front of the book I found keeping track of everyone difficult Looking at the list wasn't worth the effort and enough sense was conveyed to carry me through but sometimes I'd be brought up short to discover that what I thought was a Southern aristocrat was really a Northern teacher This criticism or admission of laziness aside this book is a worthy supplement to the usual studies based on the experiences of those famous Golay's subject is the conclusion of the War Between the States particularly as it affected individuals living and working in the Sea Islands of South Carolina Golay is remarkably event handed and shows deep sympathy both for liberated slaves and the missionaries from New England who attempted to aid them and whites for whom the war was ultimately a disaster Golay also provides insight into the failures of the missionaries and also of the Freedman's Bureau In the first case due to the unwillingness of the New Englanders to reach the Gullah peoples on Gullah terms and in the second through political barriers erected principally by President Andrew Johnson The work can at times be plodding and tends to get caught up in larger war theater issues but overall does a fine job looking at early Reconstruction at the ground level