Elephant's Story

Elephant's Story[PDF / Epub] ☆ Elephant's Story Author Harriet Blackford – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk The newest elephant in the herd is adorably small and wrinkly with floppy ears and a most extraordinary nose Though she’s a baby it isn’t long before she’s charging around her mother flapping th The newest elephant in the herd is adorably small and wrinkly with floppy ears and a most extraordinary nose Though she’s a baby it isn’t long before she’s charging around her mother flapping those big ears to frighten the birds learning to control her trunk playing with other calvesand charming children everywhere This is non fiction at its freshest—filled with valuable information presented through a dramatic exciting and memorably illustrated story Kids will love watching this infant grow up surrounded by a loving family that’s always there to protect her At the same time young readers will find out important facts about this endangered species how the herd behaves why they may one day disappear and what different kinds of elephants live around the world   . This is a seemingly documentary style children's picture book depicting a young elephant and its family grazing in the African wilderness It describes a mother elephant protecting its young making sure it receives the love and resources it needs for survival The animals' emotions are captured through a series of body language communications Colorful illustrations offer a nearly realistic vision of the animals and their surroundings An epilogue further discusses the living rituals of the classic African elephantBook was classified as juvenile fictioneasy at my local library but it could have easily been placed in non fiction call number 590sRecommended for animal enthusiasts Grades 2 up The simple warm and fuzzy illustrations add to the charm of this picture book Elephant's Story accomplishes two things calms and comforts children with its emphasis on a mother's love a family's protection and care and shows children that an elephant herd is a close knit family The author's end notes teach kids about the elephant's status as an endangered species and give many facts about the three kinds of elephants The notes appropriate for ages 6 8 speak to a slightly older audience than the text of the book doesfor pre k through grade 1 Fact based fiction this could go in non fiction too but will get use as a picture book The illustrations are by Manya Stojic who has a wonderful way with animals Kids will like seeing how the adults elephants all relations of the baby care for her and how she in turn learns to watch out for her new sibling This is a great fictional story to read to the students when discussing elephants The story is a great lesson to students that they must care for their family and always be there for them while providing an overview of an elephants life I absolutely love the paintings as the illustrators because I feel it ties in nicely with the text Beautiful story Elephant's Story provides basic nonfiction information geared towards preschoolers about elephants in a story about a baby elephant We learned elephants live in matrilineal groups as baby elephant's mother grandmother are mentioned which was slightly confusing to GH who asked if grandpa was there I said yes he was This is a nice story about a baby elephant and its experiences as it grows up It's a great way to teach a little bit about the life cycle habitat and behaviors of elephants without being too obvious or boring The bright illustrations are interesting and not overwhelming I liked the author's note at the end that offers inforamtion about these majestic creatures A great nonfiction storytime book about a baby elephant's life I really liked the colors in the simple pictures and the mostly two page spreads make it a great storytime book It presents just enough information for a preschool storytime This book gently explores the bonds between a mother elephant and her child and the sibling bond between a big sister elephant and a baby Elephant relationships can be very similar to those of humans Nice little story but I felt let down that elephant nursing was never mentioned especially considering that's an important part of a new elephant's life cycle and experience

Elephant's Story Kindle ¿ Hardcover
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Elephant's Story
  • Harriet Blackford
  • English
  • 06 April 2015
  • 9781905417759