The Southern Comfort Christmas (Windy City Romance, #5)

The Southern Comfort Christmas (Windy City Romance, #5)❮Read❯ ➸ The Southern Comfort Christmas (Windy City Romance, #5) ➻ Author Barbara Lohr – A Christmas wedding becomes chaos for Harper and Cameron in this heartwarming romance a seuel to Finding Southern Comfort Families can’t agree about the Chicago ceremony and Harper’s heart sure is A Christmas wedding becomes chaos for Harper and Cameron in this heartwarming romance a seuel to Finding Southern Comfort Families can’t agree about the Chicago ceremony and Harper’s heart sure isn’t in it Her mother’s wedding gown isn’t the only thing that doesn’t fit The impending celebration frustrates the Savannah couple as they’re swept into a frantic The Southern Kindle - Christmas wedding countdown When Cameron’s sidelined by a broken ankle his little girl Bella reverts to bad habits Only in each other’s arms can the bride and groom find comfort while around them the planning threatens to become a second Civil WarCameron’s family refuses to travel to the “frozen hinterlands” and Harper’s glorious wedding day frays further Frozen pipes and water damage cause a change in plans But even when the ceremony is moved to Cameron’s Savannah mansion his family might be a no showHarper’s friend Julep suggests a solution and Cameron’s mama reluctantly agrees to handle the menu When the dreaded chicken becomes jambalaya hope is on the horizon A trip to Bleubelle’s provides the dress of Harper’s dreams and everything seems to finally be falling into place But not uite and that’s the fun of this continuing southern saga. I love reading Christmas books anytime of the year but when I get to read them at the holiday season they are just that much special Add in a wedding and a get a giggly and excited If you have read any of the other books in this series yea if not don't worry there are enough caught you up notes from this author that you are not left outThis book is all about Harper and Cameron's wedding and of course if they are there you know Bella is as well The wedding is set to take place at one of the busiest times of the year Christmas time Throw in Cameron getting hurt Harper trying to do to much and Bella acting out Well typical to much to do in to little time Wonderful read that will call me back for re reading year after year BeautifulHow do you help plan a wedding in Chicago at Christmas from Savannah still try to keep customers happy This ius a wonderful wedding for Harper Cameron little Bella The Southern Comfort Christmas A Heartwarming Christmas Romance by Barbara Lohr is book number six in the Windy City romance series This is Harper Kirkpatrick and Cameron Bennett's Christmas wedding storyPlanning any wedding can be stressful and chaotic As their wedding date gets closer Harper and Cameron discover having a Christmas wedding is even stressful Well lets throw in family issues Cameron breaks his ankle Bella is acting up at school and wedding arrangements that have to be changed to add to the stress they already are experiencing How will Cameron and Harper handle all these situations and still get their dream wedding?I enjoyed getting reacuainted with Harper Cameron and Bella This is a heartfelt story where two people in love find a way to handle the wedding stress difficulties that life throws at them and begin the healing process with family issuesThis story is a wonderful addition to the Windy City series The author has a way of making you feel a part of the story The characters feel like your friendsI voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book The Southern Comfort Christmas part of the Windy City Romance series can be read as a standalone I do recommend at least reading Finding Southern Comfort first as that's where Cameron and Harper's love story first began While not a prereuisite for reading this book reading that one first will provide some background about their relationship and how they metI like reading follow ups about characters from previous books to catch up with what's going on in their lives In this case Cameron and Harper are planning their wedding but when things go awry they need to figure out other options while dealing with work and family issues I loved seeing how Cameron and Harper have grown as a couple Even through the ups and downs they manage to find a way to make things workFans of Barbara Lohr's other books will definitely want to read this one I also recommend it to anyone who enjoys a charming romance with delightful characters If you haven't read Finding Southern Comfort yet please don't let that stop you from reading this one You'll still be able to enjoy the story and the charactersA copy was provided in exchange for an honest review A Southern Comfort Christmas by Barbara Lohr is a follow up to Finding Southern Comfort which I read a year or so ago and enjoyed In this installment Harper is trying to get her decorating business off the ground by helping persnickety Southern women with decorating themes for the holidays Of course they don't like her ideas and she is desperately seeking ways to please Then Cameron comes home with a fractured ankle there is nothing but trouble with the wedding plans and Bella Cameron's daughter is falling back into her not eating issues again while she tries to fit in at her new school So how was your day A Southern Comfort was great especially if you are someone like me who likes to check back with characters after their story ends It's also a good book as a standalone but much better if you read Finding Southern Comfort It's also a perfect Christmas holiday story I do think it works better if you read the first book in the series even though it has all the elements of a good book I received an ARC of this book This review is freely given Reading this book brought back so many memories of my own Christmas wedding and the invitation for Murphy's Law to be activated when your plate is already overloaded with things that have to be done before the big deadline The Southern Comfort Christmas perfectly describes the bringing together of two families from different backgrounds difficult relatives and last minutes surprises I felt all of Harper's frustration and wondered how Cameron could keep his cool in the midst of the turmoil With 2020 hindsight one forgets the unpleasant or frustrating problems that arose before the wedding and you only remember the things that resulted in two families bonding with each other This delightful story touches the heart and makes one laugh out loud but also brings a tear when rifts are breached and healing takes place I received a copy of this book as a gift and this is my honest and voluntary review A Southern Comfort Christmas by Barbara Lohr is book five in the series and follows on from Finding Southern Comfort Barbara writes what she does best and that is heartwarming fun and loving romances and who doesn’t love a beautiful christmas story thrown in as well This heartfelt story of two people in love trying to work through healing the stress of a wedding and all that life has thrown at them Barbara always makes you feel like you are part of the story as her attention to details breathes life into each character and placeI thoroughly enjoyed reading this book as I do with all Barbara’s work After living in the south for a number of years I have to say this story captures the very essence of the genteel Southern ladies and runs with it Harper and Cameron are truly fun and love each other sometimes than life itself Their journey to get to their wedding and HEA? Priceless OMG there are some super funny scenes ones that made me cringe because they are just so perfect and ones that will make you sniffle they are just so cute Combining Chicago and Savannah expectations and sensibilities is definitely worth the read Harper Cameron and BellaHarper finds the love of her life in of all places the mansion she was hired to be catwoman for a birthday party that was actually a bachelor party She gets hired a few days later to be the nanny to 4 year old Bella who she adores Now a little over a year later they are planning their Christmas wedding How did they get here? What could possibly go wrong with only a month to go before the wedding? Oh my sugga you are going to have to read this great book by Barbara Lohr to find out This is the first book in the series that I have read so I probably didn't get as much out of it as those who have faithfully followed the series I found the main characters likeable the story itself was charming filled with family and friends holiday cheer and the excitement of a Christmas wedding as well as a surprise or two While I don't mind sexy scenes I did notice there seemed to be an extraordinary amount of them in relation to the storyline

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