Naomis Choice

Naomis Choice[Epub] ➞ Naomis Choice By Claire Sanders – What makes a man a gentleman Naomi Sullivan is sure it’s a handsome face an exciting career and impeccable manners Rancher Ethan Garrett has different ideas but wonders if Naomi will change her mind What makes a man a gentleman Naomi Sullivan is sure it’s a handsome face an exciting career and impeccable manners Rancher Ethan Garrett has different ideas but wonders if Naomi will change her mind before she’s swept off her feetNaomi has a difficult choice to make Should she give her heart to the dashing Cavalry officer or the ordinary cowboy who lives next door. This is a historical Western romance with many references to the Mexican war with Texas A young woman has left her father's house after the widower remarried a woman with four children who treated Naomi as a servant I take it that wasn't the only choice made after Naomi took to the stagecoach heading out to frontier land However sadly this book from Instafreebie was badly formatted with lines broken and numbers through the words so that it often made no sense and was very hard on the eyes I just wasn't able to keep reading Moral check your formatting The author sent me this e ARC and this is an unbiased review Your copy may be an improvement and you may conseuently enjoy the story than I did Naomi’s Choice is set in the mid to late 19th century in Central Texas This book by Claire Sanders is an historical western romance I loved the language of the time the manners and morals and the expressions of distance in terms of hours and days rather than milesNaomi’s mother passed away and when her father uickly remarried a woman with four young children who better to act as nanny cook and housekeeper than Naomi uickly tiring of being taken for granted in her unappreciated roles Naomi accepts her maternal grandmother’s invitation to visit Grandmother Ruth is kind but in my mind not particularly protective preferring for Naomi to learn the hard way what happens to an innocent young girl who accepts flattery as gentlemanly conductEthan owns the ranch next to Ruth’s He has obviously been raised with manners which sometimes get in the way of expressing his true wishes Ethan is uickly smitten with Naomi but shies away from being so forward as to ask to court Naomi He sometimes made me want to smack him upside the head and tell him to get on with it Unfortunately his rival for Naomi’s hand is a cad an officer at the local army post who soon reveals his true character or lack thereof Will Naomi’s reputation survive the attentions of Bret? Will Naomi see Bret’s true nature and intentions in time?I loved the character development in this book and also the environment of the time from wicked ice storms to the dirt that attaches itself to everyone Christmas with its simple gifts for children and expressions of faith through song is lovely The fact that unwanted groping of women is something that the women of almost two centuries ago felt powerless to defend against and in fact is blamed on the women rather than the attacker continues today is cause for serious consternation This is a character driven novella mostly sweet but at times filled with angst There is a wonderful HEA at the end and I found the story completely satisfying in every respect Claire Sanders is an author I enjoy and will continue to follow Naomi Sullivan has traveled from San Antonio to Loma Verde to visit her grandmother and perhaps to stay with her permanently Her mother is dead her father has remarried and Naomi is frankly tired of being an unpaid housekeeper and governess for her new stepmother's four children from her first marriageOn the stagecoach just outside Loma Verde they pick up Ethan Garrett whose horse turned up lame He's clean and polite but relatively rough dressed and not as polished as Lucas her former beau whom her stepmother ordered offSoon after when they arrive in Loma Verde she meets Lt Bret Anderson a cavalry officer who is handsome tall and as polished and smooth as a girl can imagineGuess where this is goingNevertheless it's moderately well handled and I don't regret the time i spent reading it Sanders is a little simplistic and a bit heavy handed but I basically like her main characters and her general assumption that most people are decent and inclined to be kind The Christian imagery and language is familiar and comfortable for me especially when one of my favorite hymns is uoted but that will be unwelcome or just less comfortable for some readersEnjoyable for what it isI received a free electronic copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy from the publisherI am so glad that this was a short book any longer and I would have stopped reading it The blurb talks about Naomi having to make a choice but there really are no choices hereI really do not enjoy old time Westerns they bore me to tears and this one was no exceptionAlso just a comment about the place where I got this book this is the second time that I have numbers disrupting the sentences and this is worse than the last oneThe writing was alright not a whole lot of detail but enough to keep it from being just talk The cover isn’t one that would catch my eye and the pace was alright for a short book that can be finished in a day but like I said I’m not a fan of Westerns and I was just bored reading it Luckily it was short enough that I didn’t get the feeling that I was forcing myself to read itI would recommend this to this who enjoy old time WesternsThank you for reading my review Sam Naomi leaves the bustling city and the home of her father who has remarried after her mother died She moves to the wide open spaces of Texas to live with her grandmother on a ranch Due to the neglect of her father and inexperience with men she falls for a soldier whose intentions are less than honorableThen she meets Ethan a bachelor who she thinks is an ordinary cowboy but turns out to be much The author has woven a beautiful Christian love story that touched my heart as I read each chapter The author's easy writing style carried the story along at a steady pace The characters were well developed and I found myself drawn to Naomi as she leaned who her true love really was I look forward to reading from this author As the title implies Naomi must make a choice the dashing cavalry officer on the unassuming cowboy from a neighboring ranch? While the officer woos her his motives do not have Naomi's best interest in mind Could she be an officer's wife or is it all it seems? Set in late 19th Texas the backdrop is perfect for this story The harsh weather and living conditions along with the property etiuette for a young woman of the time make the story interesting Well worth the read