Kleine Geschichten für Weiberfeinde

Kleine Geschichten für Weiberfeinde❰Reading❯ ➿ Kleine Geschichten für Weiberfeinde Author Patricia Highsmith – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Long out of print this Highsmith classic resurfaces with a vengeance The great revival of interest in Patricia Highsmith continues with the publication of this legendary cultish short story collection Long out of print this Highsmith classic resurfaces with a vengeance The great revival of Kleine Geschichten eBook ✓ interest in Patricia Highsmith continues with the publication of this legendary cultish short story collection With an eerie simplicity of style Highsmith turns our next door neighbors into sadistic psychopaths lying in wait among white picket fences and manicured lawns In the darkly satiric often mordantly hilarious sketches that make up 'Little Tales of Misogyny' Highsmith upsets our conventional notions of female character revealing the devastating power of these once familiar creatures The Dancer The Female Novelist The Prude who destroy both themselves and the men around them This work attests to Highsmith's reputation as the poet of apprehension Graham Greene. 35 StarsIf Aesop was abused by a mean alcoholic mother and then jilted and heartbroken by the true love of his life I think he would have written this book of short tales rather than his famous fables This is a collection of tiny stories written by famed psychological noir writer and alleged cynic woman hater and misanthrope Patricia Highsmith Each story focuses on a different vixen that everyone loves to hate golddiggers prudes whores perfectionists mother in laws and even an unlucky cave woman She was simple minded and never lost her temper She had been clubbed over the head so many times her brain was addled It was not necessary to club Oona to have her but that was the custom and Oona barely troubled to dodge to protect herself And one of the best stories is the one about a man who is horrified to discover that his wife has transformed into an unstoppable baby making machine I got a kick out of this collection really because of the style of writing tongue in cheek and detached while at the same time sad sarcastic and satirical as if the tragic outcomes for these women were somehow inevitable and entirely justified And I agree with Goodreader Andy Seven it would be cool to see a companion collection about men everyone hates Little Tales of MisanthropyIf you ever feel out of sorts with the world yes the whole world then this would be an ideal read In what feel like cathartic vignettes which ditch any sense of PC ness Highsmith takes aim at people for while her stories are titled after a female character role The Couette The Victim The Breeder The Prude The Perfectionist amongst others men don't come off any better being weak or bullies or foolish or just plain mean In my favourite story called 'The Fully Licensed Whore or The Wife' which kind of tells you all you need to know of Highsmith's state of mind Sarah pulls off the perfect murder but I'm not going to tell how So these are full of a black and nasty humour little gems of malice and malevolence that had me sniggering throughout 355 These were all really fun twisted little stories or in some cases vignettes a few stories are only three pages long Reading this entire collection in pretty much one sitting did get uite repetitive however since most stories ended the exact same way Also not all stories seemed to be about misogyny specifically some were about misanthropy in general in my opinion If you're a fan of the dark humour and subtle terror of Roald Dahl's or Shirley Jackson's shorter fiction and like your stories bite sized I'd definitely recommend this collection just beware that most stories follow a very similar pattern I was saving this collection for a rainy day and yesterday – day 1 of a nasty unexpected sinus infection – was exactly when I needed to read this weird little book I still have said blitzkrieg infection so please don't expect too much from this reviewThis book is very short as are the individual stories contained therein As for the misogyny of the title it puts me in mind of Virginia Woolf's ponderings in A Room Of One's Own when she was asked to speak about women and fiction Does that mean women and the fiction that's written about them or the fiction that women read or the fiction they write or a combination of all of these or something else altogether?Similarly even after reading this book I have no idea if saying that these are little tales of misogyny means that the author hates women and has written stories to reflect that hatred or if these are simply tales about misogyny And if it's that last one are these stories that celebrate misogyny or that merely reflect it? Or could they be both?And how is all of this complicated by the fact that the author in uestion is not only a woman herself but one who was at least bisexual and possibly best described as a lesbian?I probably wouldn't be able to figure all that out even if I were well With my head stuffed up the way it is now there's no chanceAll I know is I burned through this book and wish I were well enough to go to the library to get of Highsmith's storiesThis is one of those passfail books There's no room for neutrality here You'll either eat these stories up like potato chips or you'll be left cold and possibly repulsed by themOr you might do all of the above Because as I mentioned this is a weird weird little book Seventeen short stories seventeen different women the same offence everytime being a womanPatricia Highsmith the famed hater of women or so they say The Talented Ms Highsmith the poet of apprehension thank you Graham Greene and creator of countless literary psychological thrillers In her novels she takes time slowly building the suspense and the tension page by page but some of these stories are only two pages long instead she utilises her skill in observing and dissecting human behaviour with short sharp bursts of insightFrom the story of a cave woman to the stories of the sexually liberated 70's step by step we meet The Prude The Breeder The Victim and The Middle Class Housewife Satirical and dark sketches of obviously real people that are often caustically funnyThe caricatures of women in each incarnation carry the overall theme that a woman can never win can never be in the right that she is doomed to die horribly; even if she lives to old age she'll find that somewhere along the line her essence died yet allowed her body to continueOn the surface you might consider that yes infact Highsmith did hate women and these are nothing than seventeen attacks on the behaviour of those she deemed worthless but it doesn't take much consideration to realise there's so much to these stories It's sad a criticism of men and society that when a female author discusses these crimes against women she is criticised for hating women I was left in a state of awe and admiration these tales are filled with poignancy and tons of black humor yet Highsmith manages to write in an enviably formed and compulsive style So for me when a writer manages to write vignettes of similar lenght and style yet evocate and present so many different voices situations and ideologies it is a clear sign of their talent I can't at all grasp why this wasn't read by people; I'd recommend it to everyone Little Tales of Misogyny is a curious little collection of somewhat macabre short stories Distilled esssence of Patricia Highsmith if you willIs it a collection which encourages or condemns misogyny? Probably neither and these stories are just examples of Patricia Highsmith's extremely dark humour In so far as there is a theme it appears to be a criticism of suburbia and a conventional lifeLittle Tales of Misogyny is a very uick and easy read and for those intrigued by Patricia Highsmith well worth an hour of your time35 I'd had this on my bookshelf for a few years and was looking for something light to read before bed I finished it in a bubble bath which seemed somehow appropriate I'm not sure these are all that memorable and I had that experience again of discomfort and admiration at Highsmith's writing all rolled into one I can't decide if she's brilliant or frustrating perhaps both Misogyny usually means the hatred or dislike of women but in this case Patricia Highsmith is writing short little stories about women she wants you to hate Or maybe they are typical of the types of women everyone loves to hate from the perfectionist to the mother in law to the prude Most of them die lonely deaths or live forgotten lives some get the pleasure of both in only a few pages Their brevity will translate to me not remembering them for long which seems to only be what the author wants of me Okay Highsmith you win 35 stars rounded upUgh women so complicated and much trouble than they're worthThat's why the underrated author Patricia Highsmith gave us this collection of short stories 2 8 pages average about females doing things like daring to work outside the home instead of take care of their family and young ones wearing too much makeup of course they're asking for it gasp We should all be appalled by these vixens ; A great tongue in cheek collection that will make than a few readers uncomfortable with its dark humorFor reviews visit wwwrootsandreadswordpresscom A young man asked a father for his daughter's hand and received it in a box her left handI believe this tiny tome of short stories was supposed to be titled Little Tales for Misogynists originally but it ended up being called Little Tales of Misogyny Pretty self explanatory either way right? With stories titled as The Fully Licensed Whore or The Wife or The Mobile Bed object your friendly neighbourhood misogynist is guaranteed to enjoy this one As for others they might find these stories horrifying or hilarious or both For me personally they were definitely both darkly comical and horrifying Some stories just were way stronger than others

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