The Christmas Club

The Christmas Club✾ [EPUB] ✶ The Christmas Club By Barbara Hinske ❦ – Verna Lind expects Christmas of 1952 to be the best holiday she’s had since the war ended But as she’s leaving the bank a frigid wind off Lake Erie catches her hard earned Christmas club savings w Verna Lind expects Christmas of to be the best holiday she’s had since the The Christmas Kindle - war ended But as she’s leaving the bank a frigid wind off Lake Erie catches her hard earned Christmas club savings whisking the bills into the busy streets of downtown Cleveland and devastating her plans Strangers come to her aid though no one anticipates the power of their chance encounter or the seeds of happiness Verna’s lost money will sow From Barbara Hinske best selling author of the Rosemont series comes this heartwarming Christmas tale celebrating the generosity of the human spirit and the irresistible pull of love — an instant holiday classic for admirers of It’s a Wonderful Life and The Gift of the Magi. Pay it forward Random acts of kindness We all know what those sayings mean but in 1952 no one used those phrases The Christmas Club is a novella by Barbara Hinske Set in Cleveland it features Vera Lind a bakery owner who has scrimped and saved all of her Christmas Club money to buy gifts As she leaves the bank she slips and falls A gust of wind scatters her 30 worth of 5 bills about the street More distressed than injured she is assisted by a man and woman who separately witnessed her mishap Edward Fuller and Carol Clarke These Good Samaritans secretly replace her lost money from their own pockets Thus begins a tale of friends and strangers performing unsolicited thoughtful deeds all with 5 bills they found on the streetThe story revolves around Edward and Carol and the interest that was sparked between them that day Somehow they must find a way to connect again Vera seems to have no idea that the money they gave her was not hers nor does she have any inkling how much good her 30 has done for others The writing is simple but heartwarming The characters felt genuine – even their names made them feel like real people out of the 1950s Each little story within the story was predictable certainly but that didn’t matter much There is plenty of sentimentality and romance sprinkled throughout this little saga but isn’t that what we look for in a Christmas novella?4 stars The Christmas Club is the latest story by Barbara Hinske It is 1952 in Cleveland Ohio Verna Lind a baker has all of her Christmas Club money in her purse 30 As she is departing the bank she slips on some ice her purse drops falls open and her money is caught up in the wind Edward Fuller and Carol Clark stop to help Verna The 30 is what Verna has managed to save up during the year to buy present for her family and friends Carol assists Verna into the bank while Edward checks out the money situation The money is has been blown away but Edward and Carol replace it from their own funds for Verna But that 30 in six 5 bills can make a difference to six lives You need to read The Christmas Club to experience the true meaning of ChristmasThe Christmas Club is superbly written It is an engaging novel with great characters It was amazing how she took the separate characters along with their situations and intertwined them It is a sweet delightful Christmas novel that will have you looking at Christmas in a different way a very good way I give The Christmas Club 5 out of 5 stars The Christmas Club is a short story with a big impact Cute premise traditional attitudes predictable storytelling making for a comforting read with which to escape the holiday stresses “Goes to show—never lose faith that God will provide”When an old woman slips on the ice in the winter of 1952 who knows what will happen next? A younger manEdward and a young woman Catherine after helping the older woman out begin to see what small things can do to help the holidays be miraculousIt was a chance notice on Facebook this past weekend that this book had been made into a Hallmark Christmas movie that made me go and find out I’ve actually had it a few years I own a number of Barbara Hinske ebooks and I think it’s time I ready of them Highly Recommended 55 I started reading The Christmas Club around 300 one morning just after I went to bed and was immediately immersed in the story of Verna Edward and others in early 1950s Cleveland and how something as simple as a 500 bill can change someone's life for the better sometimes without that person even knowing itBarbara Hinske has taken a number of people who did not know each other and interwoven their lives together by simple acts of kindness and selfless caring Each life is touched in an honest and pure way that not only allows the receiver to feel better but also warms the soul of the giverThe book is short written in Hinske's usual comfortable style and can easily be read in one or two sittings It is perfect to read while waiting in traffic or at a doctor's office Once you start reading The Christmas Club time will fly and all of a sudden you will be sad to see that you have reached the end of the book that is what happened to meThank you Barbara Hinske for another enjoyable read Only 92 pages long but what that 92 pages contain Story set in the year 1952 Leaving a busy bank with her Christmas Club money of 30 in five dollar bills a woman falls due to the revolving doors Of course the money scatters and blows away Luckily a young man and woman stop to help and though they can't find her money they join together to make sure they give her 30 of their own money All in five dollar bills They did this as she told them her story and they wanted to help her but she didn't realize it was their money that replaced her lost bills The story proceeds with stories behind the five dollar bills which made up her original 30 As each bill is found by different people their stories start to come together A well written story and worth reading 1st reviewLike all of Barbara Hinske's books this one will pull you in from the beginning and stay with you long after the last page I have a paperback of The Christmas Club from Barbara herselflucky me right? I love everything about itthe message the people their stories the spirit of the holiday seasonit is defintiely a must read Congratulations Barbara I cannot recommend this book enough It is one you will want to return to year after year 2nd review updated 8620I just read The Christmas Club again It's not the holiday seasonit's August and we're in the middle of a pandemic Thank you for bringing me happiness; I didn't stop smiling throughout the entire book ❤ This sweet O Henry esue novella was five stars from start to finish I loved seeing the destination of each five dollar bill and how something so simple can have such a huge impact It really brought home how capricious life can be and how important it can be to go where the wind takes you I especially loved that it was set in my home of Cleveland and can see myself reading sharing again and again Barbara Hinske's The Christmas Club is excellent This is the best Christmas story I have read in a long long time One woman's misfortune turns into a blessing for many others Wonderful feel good story This a sweet somewhat predictable story in an O Henry vein Would love to see of the characters and maybe some conflicts here to make it longer but very enjoyable nevertheless Gets one in the real Christmas spirit