No Longer a Stranger

No Longer a Stranger[Epub] ❧ No Longer a Stranger By Joan Johnston – Joan Johnston sweeps readers back to the untamed American West in a tale of powerful emotions and breathtaking action 1865 The Civil War was over but new dangers lay in wait across the open frontier D Joan Johnston sweeps readers back to the untamed American West in a tale of powerful emotions and breathtaking action The Civil War was over but new dangers lay in wait across the open frontier Disguised as a boy in buckskins pretty Rebecca Hunter wasn't afraid of any enemy who might cross her path in the Rocky Mountains She vowed never to belong to any manuntil she met city bred Christopher Kincaid the stranger she rescued from a fierce band of Sioux All too uickly she learned how powerful an attraction can be between a man and a No Longer ePUB ô woman No Indian ambush could scar Kincaid as deeply as the tragic loss and broken heart he suffered in the war Now being nursed back to health by Reb in an isolated mountain cabin he found himself coming alive with a powerful desire for her But how could he know that his mission for the government would jeopardize his chances of winning Reb's heart bring down the wrath of a renegade Sioux chief and test the lengths he'd be willing to go to convince this passionate woman to stay beside him for all time. I'd give it 45 rating if I could One of the best historical romance I've ever read Typical Johnston I ended up interested in Morning Dove and Adam at the end of the book than I did in Reb and Kincaid DNF'd at 34% I wanted to like this book really This was my first try at historical fiction romance it’s honestly just a romance book set in the Wild West but okay because I heard it was good But #1 and #3 just led this book review into full on rant mode So if you'd like a long review for only the first 34% of this novel here you go 1 To begin this book has the most ridiculous and honestly the stupidest paragraph I have ever read in any novel ever It’s so utterly ridiculous I bookmarked it It is referring to the obvious animosity between the Native Americans and the settlers in the West at the time It reads “Those horrible deaths among others over the winter were evidence that a state of undeclared war existed with the Indians – at least undeclared on the white man’s part” pg 39 ARE YOU KIDDING ME What were they just planning on taking over the Native’s land and just expected them to be cool about it? That war was declared in everything but writing The fact that the next page and a half goes over the historical aspect of this paragraph does not negate this claim nor make this claim any less stupid 2 This book has the most abhorrent case of love at first sight that I have ever seen She raises the gun to shoot Kincaid and suddenly she’s caught up in him Ugh3 In the cabin after Adam and Reb “rescue” Kincaid Kincaid is unconscious on the bed and Reb is staring at him in the creepiest way possible And if staring at his naked body wasn’t enough well then how about this line – “She dropped the hand and leaned across the stranger to check his other hand her firm breast brushing lightly across his naked chest She tried to ignore the exciting sensation that resulted” pg 64 Are we actually supposed to be okay with this? Are we supposed to applaud Reb for literally sexually enjoying herself with an unconscious person that she doesn’t know? In any other book the idea of Character A sexually enjoying hisherself with unconscious Character B would be considered rape y Here it’s supposed to be I don’t even know romantic? What? 4 Reb is supposedly a beautiful girl yet for some reason Kincaid fully believes she is a boy As far as I can make sense if it this does not add up Yes I get it she has short hair and wears a buckskin that hides some of her figure but seeing as how the books stresses that she has ample assets you’d think that a man with any sort of background on females would notice something is a little strange with this “boy” 5 Reb does not correct Kincaid for thinking she’s a boy In fact she goes along with it Supposedly Reb is supposed to be this strong female character that can do everything a woman can do and everything a man can do If she was so strong she could reveal that she’s a woman and would show Kincaid that she’s boss But no she just lets herself get overpowered and underestimated by this guy Fantastic 6 Then there is the “fever delirious Kincaid” almost sex scene Not only is Kincaid delirious and imagining everything and Reb just goes along with it enjoying herself she finds out that Kincaid has a dead wife AND THEN SHE CONTINUES GOING ALONG WITH HIS FEVERED SEX DREAMS KNOWING THAT HE BELIEVES SHE IS HER DEAD WIFEHow is this supposed to be okay in any sense of the word? Sure Reb realizes what she’s done wrong and then tries to stop it – 2 PAGES LATER And also we are supposed to buy that Kincaid – fever delirious Kincaid – is somehow doing this even though he is both feverish and injured and is saying stuff like “Breasts like ripe fruits belly so firm one day to grow large with my seed” pg 96 Apparently when he has a fever Kincaid becomes some sort of sex driven poet Which for some reason I am just not believing fits his married soldier background Plus I can’t just ignore the fact that what he just said was one of the weirdest things that anyone has ever said Going back to Reb just casually going along with having Kincaid think that she is his dead wife which is morally wrong and still going along with it after Kincaid talks like the #1 Creeper of the Year when she snaps out of it – whatever “it” is for some bizarre reason she blames Kincaid for it which transitions nicely to my next point7 Reb has the worst temper of any character in any book that I have ever read She gets mad about practically everything storms off comes back with a plan to change the source of her rage and then it happens all over again She disrespects authority that authority being her father and literally uses her dead mother as an excuse to get her way Charming girl 8 That’s not to say Kincaid is very likable either Altogether both of the main characters are unlikeable and I very much want Adam to come back as he is the only character I like I like the writing style of this book Usually that would warrant a two star rating but seeing as how two stars is listed as “it was okay” on Goodreads and there are things that are not MORALLY okay in this novel I am going to give it a 125 star rating Joan Johnston is one gifted storyteller No Longer A Stranger is wonderful Reb saves Kincaid from the danger of being killed by the Sioux but at what price? Kincaid awakens to realize he is being treated by a young boy up in a mountainous cabin Was it this young boy who shot him to actually save him from a worst fate? Who can he trust? Who can Reb trust? Fast paced and a twist that changes everything Reb ever knew I don't really get the other reviewers that said this book was only good for the first half I thought that the action went prett much even keel throughout I was however expecting another chapter after the last paragraph I guess that there is probably a seuel? its about a sheltered girl who learns dome harsh facts about her life falls in love and learns to trust the world and people around her I really liked the story line Even though I didn't think I was gonna like a book that was not set to the present time I really enjoyed reading it I loved loved loved the characters This novel is a stand alone novel and is very good Character development is very good The author is able to pull a mix of emotions from the reader with some reveals Per the author this novel is one of her first For a first attempt this is over the top good So glad she remained true to her talent keeping the 'sex' between characters secondary to the plot Enjoyed the story of Kincaid and Reb It also introduced Morning Dove to us Confusing too much going onOne of my favorite authors but a terrible book Too much going on Hard to follow Random twists etc pointless

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  • No Longer a Stranger
  • Joan Johnston
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  • 16 February 2016
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