Bare Bones Conversations on Terror with Stephen King

Bare Bones Conversations on Terror with Stephen King[PDF / Epub] ☁ Bare Bones Conversations on Terror with Stephen King Author Tim Underwood – In this revealing and varied collection of interviews Stephen King talks about his life family films and in particular about his macabre novels of the unknown that have made him so well knownMy soul m In this Conversations on ePUB ☆ revealing and varied collection of interviews Stephen King talks about his life family films and in particular about his macabre novels Bare Bones ePUB ô of the unknown that have made him so well knownMy soul must be very black indeed observes King virtuoso of horror fiction but these Bones Conversations on PDF Ë odd interviews do not lay bare his soul They do however reveal some interesting things about his insomnia and persistent fears he hates Bones Conversations on Terror with PDF/EPUB ² darkness his literary sources work habits he writes two hours a day seven days a week and how his scary novels are linked to his childhood insecurities and feelings of inadeuacy The interviews conducted by various journalists over the Bones Conversations on Terror with PDF/EPUB ² past decade originally ran in media ranging from Penthouse to the Balti Sun Shrugging off critics who dismiss his work as derivative King explains his fascination with the horrific and calls himself a good writer not a great one His comments on his novels and their movie adaptations are often astute as when he interprets Carrie as a parable of women's consciousness or pans Stanley Kubrick's frigid direction of The Shining. Absolutely loved this King's responses were witty clever and sometimes just down right hilarious A few interviews were a tad repetitive and you could tell SK was tired of the repetitiveness by some of his responses ha but overall just a wonderful book into the mind of one of the best horror writers It's a bunch of early Stephen King interviews let's be honest you're not picking this up unless you're already a fanI see uite a few reviews mention a lot of repetition in the interviews I didn't really feel there was You get the obvious ones come up a few times what did you think of Kubrick's Shining? What scares Stephen King? Where do you get your idea from? but no than two or three times over the 28 articles compiled here he must be fucking sick of the Shining uestion by now I bet he wished he'd just said he'd loved it The guy is super interesting and to have these interviews compiled from so early in his career is amazing He says in one interview that he knows something big is going to happen to him because he can't just have ALL the success and we all know what happened a few years laterThere are spoilers for a few of his early works notably Firestarter Salem's Lot and The Shining possibly the Dead Zone too but since I haven't read it I don't know how much it spoils Man they should make one of these books every 5 10 years I'd buy them immediatelyThe actual material in the book is an easy five stars for me The only thing holding this back as a book is that there could've been some background or context given to the compiled articles They're group into 3 6 articles under vague chapter headings and they go straight in with no introduction You can't have everything I guess This was an amazing book but only for those who are a bit fascinated with Stephen King These are a collection of interviews with King which not only talk about his books writing habits but also the movies made from his works and his many influences There were a lot of surprises and I think that often I found myself very intrigued by his spiritual journey Loved it A series of interviews from various venues and peopleVery humorous I learned a lot from the master of horror The way he answer? So clever and hilarious at times Very realistic Don't read this if you don't like KING and there are couple of spoilers too The reason it took me forever to finished this book is too many TBR list lol I've been one of Mr King's Constant Readers for going on twenty count them 20 years now Aside from Danse Macabre and On Writing both of which are non fictions about the horror genre and writing respectively I haven't read much about Mr King on a personal level This book was a fantastic insight into one of my long term heroes idols and all around most favoritest people and writers in the whole wide worldIt was such a treat to hear King's own voice which is eerily much like the underlying voices in his novels oh yeah and listen to his thoughts on everything from marriage to writing to being a father a rocker and a dabbler in politics The most striking thing for me about these interviews are his incredible and sometimes incredibly wicked sense of humour something maybe we don't think of when the image of an iconic horror writer comes to mind He's surprisingly normal and a really funny guy I would love to sit down and have coffee with him one day just to chatI also found it interesting and with a twinge of synchronicity that Mr King and I share many of the same fears Like me Mr King sleeps with the lights on needs to be covered with an appropriately weighted blanket even in the summer for protection if he's to sleep through the night and spends much of his waking moments imagining the very worst things that can happen Where we differ is that he has the discipline to write 6 pages of whatever every single day and I uite simply don't But I should I totally totally shouldThis was a fabulous book and has given me even respect and admiration for this man who has been one of the few constants in my travelling life He's the bee's knees and always will be This is a collection of interviews with Stephen King regarding various horror related topics Stephen King is one of the most interesting interview subject on these topics that there is I very much enjoyed the interviews especially the two interviews which also featured Peter Straub The only issue bringing the overall score down is the repetition of some of the subject matter among the interviews These interviews were conducted during the early part of King's career by a variety of different interviewers As such the repetition was inevitable though it still took away from my enjoyment of the book as a whole Still recommended for King fans or those interested in the history of horror fiction Eclectic range of early interviews with the masterHighlights the chummy chats with Peter Straub A book full of interviews with Stephen King? What’s not to love King’s responses were witty and interesting I learned some things about him and his books that I didn’t know before He talks a lot about Carrie movie adaptations his thoughts on Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining and his radio station There were some responses that made me cringeone about the dreaded “The Wedding Gig” from Skeleton Crew and another about him wanting to make a modern Hansel and Gretel The interviews took place from 1979 1987 his thought space and language at that time definitely showed I found this at a library sale and had to bring it home I never heard of such a thing a collection of Stephen King interviews all combined in one book When I got home I gobbled up the first 6070 pages right away I was thinking that it is a shame with things like the internet there is no need to list recent interviews in a newer bind up I wanted to read what he had to say on similar things now not just back in the 80s all the interviews in her were conducted between 1979 and 1986 I was really into it and then I slowed down And slowed down And almost stop reading The last 30 pages took me 2 weeks I think I had to make a point to pick it up again and finally finishWhat happened were 2 things it was just too much As much as I loved the concept at first my emotion on that turned around I would love to read another memoir written by him but this interview structure got really tiresome really uickly I suddenly remembered that I have a bit of a reluctance to know too much about famous people I like for their art since usually you learn something about them at some point that is the opposite of appealing I thought I would bee good with Stephen King about that since I have read On Writing and a few interviews here and there Still some of his statements were a bitsilly The second problem was how much the interviews started to sound like repetitions of each other I get that interviewers and the public with that are interested in certain things and therefor certain uestions keep coming up again I blame that on the editors to not pick and choose better especially when he talks about his film adaptations I felt like I was reading the same thing over and over and overStill I will be giving 3 stars By the end I was extremely fed up with it at the beginning I uite loved it so I let it boil down somewhere in the middle This is very much just for fans why would anybody else want to read this? And it is clearly even for the very extreme fan who can bear to read the same thing almost endlessly A must read for Stephen King fans a collection of interviews from the 70's and 80's gives great insights into his writings his process his thinking his fears How did I not know about this gem? Perhaps I read it long ago and forgot about it It also has a couple of co interviews with his pal Peter Straub Enjoy

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