How to Be an Indian in the 21st Century

How to Be an Indian in the 21st Century[PDF / Epub] ✅ How to Be an Indian in the 21st Century Author Louis V. Clark – In deceptively simple prose and verse Louis V Two Shoes Clark III shares his life story from childhood on the Rez through school and into the working world and ultimately as an elder grandfather and p In Be an Indian in PDF/EPUB or deceptively simple prose and verse Louis V Be an eBook ↠ Two Shoes Clark III shares his life story from childhood How to Kindle - on the Rez through school and into the working world and ultimately as an elder grandfather and published poet to Be an Kindle Ô How to Be an Indian in the st Century explores Clark’s deeply personal and profound take on a wide to Be an Indian in Epub / range of subjects from schoolyard bullying to workplace racism to falling in love Warm plainspoken and wryly funny Clark’s is a uniue voice talking frankly about a culture’s struggle to to Be an Indian in Epub / maintain its heritage His poetic storytelling style matches the rhythm of the life he recounts what he calls the heartbeat of my nation. Louis Clark's writing is fun friendly and real His poetry and stories are based on his own experiences and bring you into his world Earlier tonight I had the privilege of hearing him speak about this book and he is just as engaging personable and funny in person As another reviewer stated this book is enjoyable whether you like poetry or not A uniue and fast read I was looking for from this book than I got It ends up reading like a poetry reading where one poem leads into the next into the next where there is not much distinction between narration and poem It was difficult to parse out If I were to sit and watch him perform the same material I think I would give it a higher rating Thanks to the publisher for granting me an eARC through Edelweiss I don't read a lot of poetry collections but this one was worth it Many of the poems involve rhyming and that may turn some people off but I thought the wording choices that he used were so clever He really managed to paint vivid pictures with his poetry I went to go see the author speak at my local library and he did a great job talking about his childhood growing up as an Indian I wish that I had read the collection AFTER hearing him speak because then I probably could have read the poems with his voice in mind I am not a connoisseur of poetry so I can not claim that any of it is great But the originality of the way the author tells his story is what pulled me in This is not my first collection of poetry I've delved into or the first time the writing stood out as different I really liked reading this memoir Louis V Clark III grew up on the Oneida Reservation near Green Bay during the 1960s His memoir of what it's like growing up on the Rez is told in poetry and prose Important contribution to our local and national culture This is one of my new favorite books I couldn't put it down Review to come This book is the viewpoint of a contemporary Indian expressed through his poetry Author Louis V Clark III aka Two Shoes is a half white half Oneida who grew up on the reservation near Green Bay Wisconsin and still lives in the areaSeemingly a state highway worker by day Clark advanced his education and developed his poetry at night The soul of poetry is not rhymes and measure but art of transmitting the poet’s thoughts and feelings through the written word “How To Be An Indian In The 21st Century” possess that soul The reader comes to appreciate Clark’s world view his memories of his Catholic school his resentment of his treatment by white society and his identity as an Indian of the 21st Century but not the Indian of popular culure Though “I didn’t have a pony I only had a cat My father didn’t wear a loinclothI never smoked pipe Or Burned someone at the stake” he was beaten up in first grade discriminated on the job and would always be treated differently because of his raceIntroductions set the context for the poems While some of them are a cry from a different culture others are just plain entertaining stories that could arise in any neighborhood I recommend the little boy’s fantasies depicted in “There’s a Dinosaur in My Room” and the comic mayhem of “There’s a Mouse in the House”This work may in turn pick at our conscience broaden our mind spark some irritation and get a few laughs It is can be read uickly or savored slowly Read it set it aside and when it calls to you return to the poems that keep resurfacing in your mind I did receive a free copy of this book without the obligation to post a review I'll be honest I got this book as a review book through LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review If I had read closely enough and seen that this book contained poetry I would not have chosen it I am glad that I didn't read closely because I thoroughly enjoyed this book of poetry and prose telling the story of being Native American in our modern world While I enjoyed learning about the life of the author this book made me do something that all good books do think I had not considered what it would be like in Clark's situation There are no reservations near me and very few Indians so my knowledge is scant I now have much to think about and consider An added bonus is that Clark's poetry really made me smile than once This book is thoroughly enjoyable whether you like poetry or not Louis V Clark's collection of poems presents an honest in depth autobiography of the challenges experienced on the reservation blended with the joy he found in his family His transitions between each poem sometimes detailed others in single sentences weaves his story and brings the reader into each subseuent poem through curiosity Many of his poems rhymed and his free verse is compelling I received this book as a LibraryThing Early Reviewer Clark Two Shoes is an Oneida poet who in this volume shares not only his poetry but also personal narratives about his upbringing on the Oneida reservation in Wisconsin His poems are whimsical funny poignant sad and biting and all reflect his personality and his lived experiences I enjoyed this collection immensely and also the list of what he believes at the end of the book He is a testament to the power of a good teacher to have a lifelong impact

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