Before the Flood (The Seraph Chronicles Book 4)

Before the Flood (The Seraph Chronicles Book 4)[Download] ✤ Before the Flood (The Seraph Chronicles Book 4) By John Houlihan – The year is 2034 and Britain is a drowning isle after a cataclysmic wave destroyed her cities killing millions raising the sea level by 60 metres and changing the landscape forever The Flood has broug The year is and Britain is a drowning isle after a cataclysmic wave destroyed her cities killing millions raising the sea level by metres and changing the landscape forever The Flood has brought Albion to her knees and now the Devils a Before the eBook  race of malevolent sea creatures haunt her coasts as the survivors retreat inland struggling for their very existence Mankind learns to fear the sea and avoid the water When a mysterious island surfaces off the coast of Wales a small team of British militia under the command of the war weary veteran Sergeant Emma Stokes is dispatched to investigate this new threat But a chance meeting with the mysterious Major Seraph takes them on a dangerous odyssey through this drowned world to the hidden fortress city of Gwaelod which seems to offer new hope in the battle against the creatures Yet as humanity clutches on by its fingertips who are the real enemies in this deadly flooded world. So it's been a while since I marched out on another Seraph adventure I read the other threeabout a year ago? And just happened to think about them the other day Is there I wondered? And after a uick search confirmed that not only was there anotherbut it wasn't a novella It was pretty much a full fledged novel I took this as a nice surprise and hoped it lasted me a bit longerIt didn't slow me down very long though I think I read this over the course of two evenings because Houlihan really excels at writing action that keeps you reading I fell asleep too tired to read but really wanting to know what happened and immediately picked it back up and read through to the endthen realized I have to wait for the next onemaybe for another yeardarnAs a fun pulpy action adventure romp fighting Lovecraftian monstrosities this succeeds It fulfilled what I was looking for a post apocalyptic jaunt with some unfortunate souls and crazy Seraph shenanigans I found Emma Challis and Haines likeable despite their lack of depth action pulp remember? enough that I was invested and then concerned when the final act played out whether they would all live or not Do they? You'll have to read and find out But the tension was there and so were many interesting side charactersWhy the four stars? This book has decent pacing and very good flow I found myself by Emma's side through it all not thrown out by weird syntax or odd phrasing That said there were enough word errors words missing a letter or switched words or broken apart words that should be one word that I did notice Clearly Houlihan has an editor or is a good one himself he wrote an interesting yarn and I really enjoyed it But this was a noticeable issue that threw me off than a couple timesI did enjoy seeing of Seraph's life outside of whatever mission he's engaged in So often with the shorter stories we see little snatches of who he is but he's mostly there for the mission then off disturbing the evils of the world somewhere else just as uickly The interlude with Hettie was funny and the introduction of the archive interesting It hints at other things going on beneath the surface of these stories and got me wondering about just what else Houlihan has going on behind the scenesThis also brings up the one other slightly interesting thing I've noticed about these stories and maybe a spoiler for some I try to keep my reviews spoiler free but if you've never read anything in this series maybe skip this paragraph Like I said I enjoy them I've bought all of them I await the next one But Seraph always seems to know what to do in the end always He's sometimes goaded into making certain decisions but he functions often as the deus ex machina every time Granted he's a powerful guy and definitely there to troll some eldrich horrors while at the same time being courteous occasionally deliberately silly and still very interesting and humanbut I'm never completely in doubt that he won't succeed Maybe that's the intention? Maybe there are times that will be referenced later where he does have trouble and setbacks? Maybe he's the whole reason why there are all of these problems to begin with he caused them? Doubt it but you never knowAnyway I do hope we get the next two stories after this one I want to know about what seems to be going on behind the scenes here With a novel Houlihan delved deeper into the structure of this narrative in a way that I think it really needs and though I would enjoy another short I'm definitely ready to wait for another novel even if it takes a year Another day another post apocalyptic horror novel with a Lovecraftian tinge It’s a genre that continues to expand at a rapid rate so what makes this – the fourth tale in John Houlihan’s Seraph Chronicles series and the first full length novel set in the universe – stand apart from the ever maddening crowd? Well firstly it’s set in a post apocalyptic Britain which is still a relatively uniue setting and nice for a UK based reader to see Even better – it’s not set in or around London Pick up a virtual fistful of post apocalyptic novels set in the UK and I can guarantee a huge percentage will have its characters hiding running and shooting in around and under London and the surrounding areas While I won’t deny that London is an impressive metropolitan area well suited to many stories and genres it does become a bit wearisome when for the umpteenth time it becomes the sole focus of actionBy comparison it’s a breath of fresh air to see that Before The Flood doesn’t take a single step into the UK capital and indeed it’s only referenced a few times The vast majority of action is set in northern Wales and Anglesey an area which I think might be uniue as a setting for this genre – I certainly can’t bring any to mind as of this review It’s obviously an area the author is intimately familiar with as he describes it fondly and very well This makes a refreshing change and allows for a different pace compared to the often claustrophobic fast paced action set in urban environments The haunted wretched marshes and thick primeval forests with little cover mean far less gun blazing set pieces and far running and hiding in an often hostile natural habitat that 21st century humanity often has no affinity forAs for the tale itself – the apocalypse has come as it does this time in the form of climate change In the near distant future the sea levels have raised so high that much of the UK is water logged or complete submerged; only a few outposts like London and Wales remain sheltering the remnants of humanity who are led by a Provisional Government As of this wasn’t inconvenient enough the rising seas were the work of Deep Ones – scaly amphibians who have emerged from the waves and begun to conuer what is left of the UK and the rest of the soggy world Britain prevails but barely so clinging onto what’s left of its domain chiefly through the efforts of militia units led by the few veterans left – veterans like Sergeant Emma Stokes our protagonist The majority of the armed forces are gone – either dead or withdrawn to the highest sections of land left – and the militia is all that remains to bear the brunt of the Deep Ones’ assault Poorly armed and like a rabble than anything with a military bearing Sergeant Stoke’s militia suad is ordered to investigate a troubling new development in the war with the Deep Ones – a mysterious island that has appeared off Angelsey Stokes – a deeply cynical and war weary soldier – realises that this is a suicide mission for her and her charges However a chance meeting with a mysterious Major Seraph – white haired charming an immensely powerful practitioner of magic – soon leads her down a very different path as he co opts her and a few chosen men and women into his own desperate mission Very soon Stokes is drawn into a world of Deep One magic wielders an underground bunker manned by a very prim and proper English Rose librarian and a band of seemingly super human Welsh teenagers who are able to tear apart Deep Ones without apparent effortAs with all of Mr Houlihan’s works this is a very well written and well paced tale that includes a set of well written and pulpy but three dimensional characters not to mention some brilliant action set pieces and a well developed post apocalyptic Britain that begs to be explored in detail The ending alone sets up a world of opportunities for further stories not to mention the mediaeval era Wales that has evolved in the wake of the apocalypse If I had one regret it’s that Major Seraph the thread running through the Seraph Chronicles still doesn’t uite get the development he deserves; I can only hope that the next novel explores his background and motivations in far detail as such a rich character cannot be left alonePick up Before The Flood and devour it then go onto the rest of the Seraph Chronicles You’ll be in for a hell of a ride Surprisingly great readA writer to watch it's got pace action some good characters and fascinating world building I would recommend this to almost anyone Another rattling good read from Houlihan Top notch Good place to start if you're unfamiliar with his work to date I liked the story but I feel that the Seraph himself doesn't make for good story telling He seems too powerful and functions as sort of a Deus ex Machina This spoils tension and disrupts the whole Cthulhu feel