Fortress Plant

Fortress Plant➹ [Download] ➵ Fortress Plant By Dale Walters ➼ – The survival of plants on our planet is nothing short of miraculous They are virtually stationary packages of food providing sustenance for a vast array of organisms ranging from bacteria and fungi th The survival of plants on our planet is nothing short of miraculous They are virtually stationary packages of food providing sustenance for a vast array of organisms ranging from bacteria and fungi through to insects and even other plants But plants are master survivors having coped with changing environments and evolving predators over much of the history of life on earth They have surveillance systems and defences that would put most modern armies to shame They need to have a formidable armoury because their enemies have sophisticated weaponry of their own In this often hostile world battles are fought daily often to the death These battles are not trivial they matter because life on this fragile planet of ours depends on plants In this book Dale Walters takes readers on a journey through these battlefields exploring how predators try to fool plants' surveillance systems and if they manage to do so how they gain access to the nourishment they reuire Incredibly successful attackers can manipulate plant function in order to suppress any attempt by the plant to mount defensive action while at the same time ensuring a steady supply of food for their own survival Walters shows how plants respond to such attacks the defences they use and how the attacked plant can communicate its plight to its neighbours These skirmishes represent the latest stage in an unending evolutionary war between plants and organisms that feed on them These battles might be on a micro scale but they are every bit as fierce complicated and fascinating as the battles between animal predators and prey. Many years ago now I studied Botany at Edinburgh University and am always interested to read books about plant sciencePublished this year and subtitled How to survive when everything wants to eat you this is a fascinating look into the world of plant defences The author is Emeritus Professor of Plant Pathology at Scotland's Rural College in Edinburgh and investigates various aspects of how plants try to prevent insects from eating them and pathogens from attacking them Using lots of fascinating examples from botanical research the book examines how plants identify potential attackers and how they use physical defences including spines and chemical defences including poisons and enzymes to defeat their enemies It also looks at the 'arms race' between plants and their enemies and how many insects and pathogens adapt methods of overcoming the plant defencesIt's easy to think of plants as passive and perhaps uninteresting and this book demonstrates that this is far from the case The book aims to present the topic in a popular science format though readers with some background in botany or horticulture will get the greatest benefit from it Dale Walters makes use of an amusing fortress metaphor the plant is the fortress and bacteria fungi insects vegetarians etc are the invaders to explore the large variety of methods stationary plants use to defend themselves from everything that want to eat them This book is divided into chapters on recognizing the enemy alerting the plant of imminent invasion call to arms the weapons of war the variety of chemical compounds used to deterdestroy invaders aid from plant friends and the never ending evolving arms race between plants and their enemies This book is written with the intelligent intersted reader in mind not everything is over explained or simplified and there is a fair amount of botany and biochemistry involved However I do not believe that there is anything particularly difficult to understand in this book provided the reader is paying attention and not expecting to breeze through the book I found this book very interesting with a lovely writing style juicy science stuff and no irrelevant biographical side tangents The multitude of photographs were also very useful 25 stars

Fortress Plant MOBI ¿ Hardcover
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Fortress Plant
  • Dale Walters
  • 14 June 2016
  • 9780198745600