The Lords of Love (Wardington Park: Raptures of Royalty, #2.5)

The Lords of Love (Wardington Park: Raptures of Royalty, #2.5)[Reading] ➼ The Lords of Love (Wardington Park: Raptures of Royalty, #2.5) By Eleanor Meyers – IMPORTANT NOTE This book is a preuel to the Wardington Park series The main purpose of this short story is to answer many uestions about the past Hence you will need to READ FIRST THE FIRST TWO BOOKS IMPORTANT NOTE This book is a preuel to the Wardington Park series The main purpose of this short story is to answer many uestions about The Lords PDF \ the past Hence you will need to read FIRST THE FIRST TWO books IN THE SERIES To Love A Lord of London and The Regards of a Rogue BEFORE READING THIS ONE Before the Duke of Wardington before marriage and before the games of marrying off his three sons and their friends there was simply Lord Martin There's only one sort for a rogue and that's roguesSo when Martin and his friends spot London's newest and most beautiful lady competition is struckMartin intends to use all his charm on Lady Ellen Kay simply to prove who amongst his group fulfills Tirso de Molina's Don Juan But there's another lady distracting his mission an old friend Before she became the ueen of the seasonLady Abigail Irwin has transformed since she was last seen by the beau monde Blossomed into a beauty she now finds gentlemen willing to take her off the marriage market While one man in particular seems the most interested Abigail finds Martin's games to be the most exciting thing to ever happen to her But in the end everyone must make a choice and live with the conseuences Who is Levi's motherWhy does Abigail reign supreme during the rule of Prince RegentWho was Her Grace the Duchess of Wardington The woman whose death led Martin into his depression and back into the debauched life If you're wondered the answers to these uestion then get read to curl up in bed a chair or even a long flight and brace yourself for Lord Martin. The Lords of Love by Eleanor Meyers is the preuel to her new book The Regards of a Rogue This is a story that explains what happened to Abigail when she was young It tells the story of her relationship with Martin and Charles A very good telling which makes me understand what happens in the Regards of a Rogue much better I am glad I was offered an opportunity to read this preuel IT is a clean read and the story flows well I was able to read it in one sitting and I enjoyed the plot and characters We can't have what we think we wantMartin knows what he wants is taken He still longs till another lady steals his mind then heart He knows the secret that keeps him from asking for his loves hand He honors his friendship falls for someone who gets him Reviewed at Historically RomanticUsually the preuel comes before the first story of the series – yet The Lords of Love being placed as the third to read in order story makes sense for it somewhat explains the history of some of the older characters in this ongoing series We know historically that marriage at the level of Dukes Earls and other high raking society does not necessarily involve loving your spouse A love match was truly rare At best most couples tolerated each other and lived somewhat separate livesSo it’s with interest that we get a glimpse back in time to see who the families in the Wardington Park set of series might have loved lost or made a difficult choice for good reasons For me this short read filled in many of the holes in the back stories that lead up to the current romances going on I perhaps should feel badly for some of the men now knowing the past but I feel sadder for the women who never got the chance to make a choice for themselves never got to know the absolute best parts of a marriage which is the love and trust of your partner Of course love can grow under any circumstances but not having the chance to decide your own fate seems so heartless and simply sad Yet this does explain the tensions between Martin and Abigail to this day There are strong emotions there all wrapped up in a wager – it will be interesting to see how it all plays outThe Lords of Love captured my attention as an emotional read that explained much and still left open possibilities for the future This is a very uick read and it seems a book that was written to help clarify uestions and set up the books in the Wardington Park series I liked this book so I'm going to purchase the other books in the series though I've already read one of them The characters in this book are entertaining and I'm anxious to know what happens to them in their futures There are a few places where editing is needed for punctuation but they can easily be overlooked This is a clean book with no language or inappropriate scenes What a delightful read This is the first book I've read by this author so I'm not sure if it was the first place to start reading the series this is part of but even as a standalone story I enjoyed it The author has provided examples of humour history and lots of romance combined with examples of society and family expectations of the time Definitely I will seeking out by this author The Lords of Love Wardington Park Book 25This is the story of Lord Matin the future Duke of Warrington This tell you the story of all the family in this series Meet them when they were young and just fall in love or force to marry Great story A good insight into Martin Abigail Fun read Romance Eleanor Meyers is possibly the best author of this type of fiction Her characters are well rounded Her writing is clean This was an intriguing read A little touch of I am only going to pull the curtain back one third of the way You need to get all three full length books But still I liked it When you loveOkay so reading the other two books I was trying to figure things out But now I understand why the older characters are the way they are It amazing on what people would do for their friendsI truly did like this book Can't wait for the others