Tumbleweeds❮EPUB❯ ✾ Tumbleweeds ✹ Author Louis Psaltiras – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk This book is out of printIn 1960 an alien object crashes from space to a remote rural farm in a sparsely populated town of Yarrawonga Australia Strange and macabre unexplained incidents begin occurrin This book is out of printIn an alien object crashes from space to a remote rural farm in a sparsely populated town of Yarrawonga Australia Strange and macabre unexplained incidents begin occurring amongst the town’s population— murders humans undergoing alien mutations and zombie attacks are freuent then the incidents abruptly stop Decades later the macabre murders and alien mutations resurface The Pappas siblings Olivia a forensic coroner; Daniel a physics professor; and Addison a law enforcement officer begin to investigate They suspect an alien conspiracy involving innocuous looking Tumbleweeds Is the alien object the catalyst for all this evil Or is this part of an invasion involving a sophisticated alien race Who will believe Olivia Daniel and Addison Who will stop this evil Government super powers are alerted around the world to do battle against the annihilation of the human race. I have really gotta start being selective about these random kindle freebies I seem to download I mean sometimes they do turn out to be pleasant surprises but odds are heavily against it This one is a shining example of a prototypical kindle freebieit has a decent description even a decent cover but then the execution is just dramatically lackluster And it’s tough because the author has obviously tried but it just screams jejune really amateurish writing that alternates between overdone scenery descriptions and overtly elaborate graphic violence both with a delivery either too flat even for Australians or too clunky liberally but clumsily garnished with vocabulary builder words which would normally be fun but here they fit about as naturally as tutus on construction workers Occasionally redundant even and always out of place The plot is actually ok a variation on extraterrestrial contact via the ancient alien path and the Australian setting is an added bonus but the narrative struggles to accommodate all that the author tries to cram into itmilitary action aliens genetic experiments global domination creature features of too many creatures angry aliens murders possessions varied agendas science science fiction aliensit’s all much too much Maybe in a different able set of mitts this would have been good but here it seems that the author just misjudged his skills and overwhelmed himself sad as it is to rip someone’s labor of love apart There’s also a decent amount of cussing which provides a mildly entertaining juxtaposition to some of the randomly utilized archaisms and is about as necessary I’m no prude swear away is story needs it but here it’s just another example of thechallenging writing In fact good to the lastlike Folgers of books even the very last sentence the very last word seems misused Yes ok I’m a word nerdbut then again aren’t you? You’re reading them right now They enable us to communicate thoughts coherently cohesively cogently also enabling a penchant for alliteration Even elegantly if possible That’s one of the bare minimums books should offer And this one doesn’t So Tumbleweeds is just a lot of words that wasted a lot of time had to speed read some of it just to get to the end Main lesson is basically to try sticking to major or at least known publishers which usually implies some sort of uality control or at minimum be diligent about looking up freebies prior to downloads I will be totally honest with you I am at a complete loss how to explain this story Definitely science fiction because aliens are involved The one problem I had is that it is so totally unbelievable that I couldn't take it seriously Even when I know it's sci fi a complete fantasy I wanted to think what would I do if this happened? How would I react? When the story is so ridiculous that you can't even understand half of what is going on I have a hard time getting through itI had a hard time with this book At first it seemed interesting but the further I read I became less and less interested Graphic gory scenes that could have been eliminated because they were simply not necessary there was so much of it Creatures that no mind could make sense ofSorry but I can't think of any reason to recommend this story at all Incredibly poorly editedMisspellings constant run on sentences stilted dialogue time jumping all over the place Good grief It has a good idea and plot but needs SO MUCH WORK Story uite a uniue look at first contact Gives way to a possible expansion of this authors multiverseLanguage Moderate Nothing the kids won't hear on television and a lot less these daysNotes Needed another edit for grammar sentence structure and a few things that as an American retired lecturer in literature I would point out as needs a bit of tightening in some areasOverall uite a good book I find myself looking forward to the authors next publication Weird scientific pronouncements that make no sense for characters or scenes; strange fascination of characters in covering up pivotal events to protect jobsreputations Plus the myriad of editing issues inconsistency unlikely scenarios etc already pointed out in other reviews A nugget of an interesting idea fleshed out without structure and poorly edited If the editing wasn't so poor I would've guessed that the book was written by AI Hackneyed simplistic and dullWhat troubled me about this story was the use of the English language There are a smattering of 4 and 5 syllable words that are misused throughout the book I believe that the editor was lazy or just terrible in hisher jobDon’t bother with this book if you are a grammar nazi