The Brave and The Bold, volume 1 - Lords of Luck

The Brave and The Bold, volume 1 - Lords of Luck[Epub] ❦ The Brave and The Bold, volume 1 - Lords of Luck Author Mark Waid – The Brave and the Bold Los señores de la suertePublicada originalmente en los números 1 a 6 de The Brave and and The PDF ´ the Bold Los señores de la suertePublicada originalmente en los números a de. I must say that this volume was a pleasant surprise Mark Waid does a good job with a story that could have been a mess But the story holds up through the test of time and George Perez's art also looks uite decentSo Brave and Bold is supposed to be a team up sort of story It starts with a dead man that ends up being multiple dead men but the mystery deeps when its the same dead man Batman and Green lantern decide to try and figure out who is behind this It leads to some time traveling villains who have stolen the book of Destiny Now this is the only part I had a small uibble with Destiny is one of the Endless from Sandman stories and is a Cosmic level entity so I found it hard to believe some random asses managed to steal his book But that minor plot point aside I enjoyed this taleFeaturing a diverse cast of characters from Supergirl and Lobo this was a pretty good Lobo considering most of Lobo's comics are utter shit to the Legion of Superheroes The adventures span entire galaxies and timelines The Fatal Five are also a good villainous group that is thrown into this story With so many different permutations the chances for this story going off the rails was high But mark Waid does a good job of delivering a fun and adventurous tale with some pretty good humor thrown in it worked surprisingly well and I enjoyed this book Perez's art style works well and is actually pretty good If you like a grand adventure throughout various times and galaxies featuring a large cast of heroes then you will appreciate this story Well this was a real funny rollercoasting guided tour of the DC Universe by WaidPérez ultimate dream team a fantastic duo making comics just for the sake of making them and a perfect starting point for new readers like this old Marvel Zombie introducing with semplicity tons of charactersLoved the storyline an amazing mix of superheroes sci fi time travel and mistery and the Silver Age vibe when comics were just fun heroes were flying around saving worlds respecting themselves and joining forces uickly to save the dayWaid is a Maestro of inter character dialogue writing George Pérez's hyper detailed artworks were just over the top and Supergirl's team up with Green Lantern and Lobo made me laugh to tears so much that I'm just going to re read this graphic novel as soon as I've done with this reviewE P I C Good I may not like everything Mark Waid writes but I got to give it to him the man knows how to write good dialogue between characters So the story here is Green Lantern is flying through space when he stumbles upon a dead human body floating in space; so he calls to Batman to help they look into it and the story goes from a murder mystery to a Cosmic adventure Like I said earlier the dialogue between characters is just so good its what I liked so much about JLA Year One where the dialogue between characters feels so organic and real Artwork by George Pérez was also a nice treat in this The story flows pretty well for the most part I liked how it was a mystery story for the first chunk of it but it did start to drag on a bit towards the end luckily it ended before it out stayed its welcome There are a lot of characters in this one book throughout the story we have different paring ups which again work well with the good dialogue; it does get a bit overwhelming though with the large ensemble I mean we have Batman Green Lantern Supergirl Blue Beetle Lobo which all worked well; but the you get The Legion of Super Heroes Adam Strange etc and it starts to get a bit too much but again it ends before it can get too convoluted In the end this was a fun mysterycosmic adventure I'm a big fan of George Perez's art and I believe he assisted with the plotting I really liked this run both for the stories the dialog and the artEDITChanging to 5 stars I'm gonna go buy this and read it again I miss it Forgive me BBUPDATEChapter TwoChapter 4 I'm a sucker for this Supergirl incarnation With Lobo Finished again Good fun Supergirl and Lobo a highlight And what happens to Batman You'd probably enjoy it if you knew DC Comics history but I enjoyed it just fine not being an expert 35 starsThis is not a must read but it was still fun It has that Saturday morning cartoon kind of feel to it You know just one big adventure story without all the angst and emotional undertones It's also something that someone with little to no knowledge of DC characters could read and enjoy Remember when comic books used to be fun and nobody whined about their emotional issues because they were too busy flying fighting aliens and saving the worldWell so does Mark Waid and that means we get a collection of great team ups big epic stories and 1000 little bits of DC history all done with beautiful George Perez artThe SupergirlLobo story is particularly fun and I generally hate Lobo Despite the reboot of this old concept the book sets up for a fantastic series of reading ahead Well that was a fun way to get a lot of new to me characters in at once An enjoyable dive in to the DC universe featuring a makeshift unlikely team of Batman Green Lantern Supergirl Blue Beetle The Legion of Superheroes and surprisingly LoboA rather good set up and high stakes are enough to entice any reader in a comic and this does it relatively well It's not 100% perfect but it kept me uite interested in finding out how they would resolve the situationWith a book that can tell the reader all of history and the reader can use it to manipulate the flow of events EG Avoid incoming attacks it's a pretty overused but interesting plot device and it's put to rather good use in this novel However The greatest downfall of this comic is the villains The Lords of Luck who are rather generic and boring Their ultimate plot is very basic prolong a war very original On top of that the final fight seems rushed and uneventful With so much of a build up it's a little disappointed and it left me just thinking to myself Is that it And with a sudden unexplained inclusion of a rip off of Marvel's Fantastic Four right at the end who have never to my knowledge ever been seen or mentioned prior in the DC Universe this just makes the conclusion really well stupid Especially considering they're the universe's only hope against the Lords of LuckA good build up but a disappointing conclusion The book just couldn't settle down and tell the story It was all Wow Gee Wowie Zowie Here's something even bigger than the last page which we'll bring to you before we play the previous story out I mean something significant happens to Batman no spoiler but it's completely undone within 4 pages of his arc throughout maybe 10 15 pages in the book but those 10 15 pages are telling other characters' stories It's freaking ridiculous and a waste of my time I expected a lot than this from Mark Waid This candy assed crud was straight from the 1980s and the reason why I didn't get into DC comics until about 5 years ago