Green Arrow: Year One

Green Arrow: Year One☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Green Arrow: Year One By Andy Diggle ❤ – Green Arrow Año unoPublicado originalmente en los números 1 a 6 de Green Arrow Year One de septiembre a noviembre de 2007 Oliver ueen es un frívolo playboy al ue no le importa nada ni nadie aparent Green Arrow Año unoPublicado originalmente en los números a de Green Arrow Year One de septiembre a noviembre de Oliver ueen es un frívolo playboy al ue no le importa nada ni nadie aparentemente ni siuiera él mismo Pero cuando es traicionado y abandonado en medio de la jungla en una isla averigua ue realmente hay algo ue le importa ¡la justicia Armado solamente con un arco Green Arrow: MOBI :¿ y unas flechas hechas a mano ueen lucha por sobrevivir en un nuevo y cruel territorio mientras combate a los violentos traficantes de droga responsables de su situaciónMore fun comics núm Publicado originalmente en noviembre de Cuando la muerte hace acto de presencia en el Club de Historia Green Arrow y Speedy maestros arueros del siglo deben detener al asesino de tocayos de personalidades famosas. Re Read 2014 I read this for the 1st time about 5 years ago and thought it was amazing So I re read it this yearjust to make sureSince the tv show started uite a few people have asked me to recommend a good Green Arrow comic book And this was the only one I could think to point them towardsShame on you New 52Anyway I got a little nervous when I realized it had been a while since I had actually read this one What if I was remembering it wrong? What if it sucked?Long story short I bought itand read it again Turns out I was for once rightThis is still the best Green Arrow title that I've ever read and it's one of the rare books that stands the test of timeIf you're looking for a well written origin story about Oliver ueen look no further This is the definitive Green Arrow Original review 2009 Honestly this is really the first time I've really read anything about Green Arrow so I can't compare it to anything else but I really enjoyed this one In fact I think this is one of the better origin stories that I've read I'd recommend it to anyone who loves to read comics Apparently there are two methods on how to survive if you find yourself marooned on an island1 Go almost crazy from loneliness and start talking to a volleyball2 Teach yourself to be a master archer using the bow and arrows you cobble togetherThe first alternative will get you an Oscar nomination while the second will enable you to become a superhero with your own TV showWealthy Oliver ueen is a feckless thrill seeking playboy After embarrassing himself with a drunken incident at a charity auction Oliver decides to lay low by taking a business trip on his yacht Unfortunately things don’t go uite as planned and he ends up washed ashore on an island In order to eat Oliver makes a bow out material he scavenges from a deserted village and becomes a hunter But when he discovers a gang of criminals using the island for heroin production Oliver finds himself taking a stand for the first time in his privileged lifeThis was a great comic that updated the Green Arrow origins while still being a highly enjoyable story by itself A spoiled billionaire becoming a socially conscious crime fighter isn’t the most believable character on paper but Andy Diggle and Jock do a great job of establishing pre island Oliver as a bored guy seeking something bigger than himself so that the transition flows naturally The story is just gritty and violent enough to have some heft but not so overwhelming that it makes it less funThis was obviously a big influence on the CW series Arrow in tone and the way that the island changes Oliver The show named a prominent character ‘Diggle’ as a nod towards the comic’s writer Any fan of the TV series looking to read Green Arrow’s comic adventures would probably find this one a very satisfying read even though there are significant plot differences between the two 55 stars Introduction Alright so I have been reading “Batman” and “Superman” comic books from DC Comics so far but I have yet to read comic books from other superheroes like “Flash” “Green Lantern” and “Wonder Woman” But now I finally got the chance to check out another DC superhero that I have not read about at all and that is “Green Arrow” Now I have been watching the “Arrow” TV series for a while now and I had always wanted to read about “Green Arrow” as a character So when I heard so many good things about a comic book called “Green Arrow Year One” I just had to check it out and man was I blown away by this awesome comic book What is this story about? Oliver ueen was a rich playboy who was always spoiled and seemed to only care about what he wanted rather than what others wanted But when Oliver’s friend Hackett ended up betraying him and throwing him out of the boat to die Oliver manages to survive by ending up on an abandoned island It was there that Oliver starts to realize his true potential in life while slowly becoming the famous GREEN ARROW What I loved about this story Andy Diggle’s writing Oh my goodness I will be honest here I have never read any of Andy Diggle’s works on comic books before so this comic book is not only my first introduction to Green Arrow but also my first introduction to Andy Diggle’s works and his writing on “Green Arrow Year One” has definitely blown me away I loved the way that Andy Diggle wrote the action seuences as they were truly intense and I was literally on the edge of my seat seeing if Oliver manages to survive against a group of violent and cruel drug lords who are trying to kill Oliver in order to keep their plans a secret I also loved the way that Andy Diggle developed Oliver’s character as Oliver started out as a spoiled brat who did not care about anyone but himself But when Oliver’s life is in great danger and he sees a group of people on the island being enslaved by the drug lords it was then that we start seeing Oliver grow as a character and having him realize the true potential inside himself by becoming the hero for the people I also loved the fact that Oliver was portrayed as being a laid back yet assertive and courageous character especially during his time on the island and I really felt the growth that Oliver went through on his adventures What was interesting to me about this comic book were the similarities with the “Arrow” TV series as in both this comic book and the TV series had Oliver stranded on an island and trying to survive while also training to use a bow and arrow which would benefit him GREATLY in the futureJock’s artwork Just like his artwork in “Batman The Black Mirror” Jock has done an astonishing job with the artwork in this comic book I just loved the way that Jock made all the characters look realistic while providing a scratchy look to the characters I especially loved the way that action seuences were drawn as the explosions really glow off the pages and I loved the way that whenever the characters are standing underneath the sun or some kind of light the lights literally glow off the characters providing so much beauty to the image What made me feel uncomfortable about this story For anyone who does not like language and gory violence in a comic book this comic book has some language even though it is not as strong as some comic books I had read over the years and some violence where some characters are shot with arrows and you can see the blood spurting out as the arrows hit the characters Final Thoughts Overall “Green Arrow Year One” is POSITIVELY ABSOLUTELY and SERIOUSLY one “Green Arrow” comic book you have to check out if you are a huge fan of everyone’s favorite arrow toting superhero and if you want to know the origin story of Oliver ueenReview is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog Not a huge Andy Diggle fan Nothing against him he seems awesome just don't love a lot of his work but this was pretty fun So this is the origins of Green Arrow Oh you don't know it? It's almost as famous as Batman or Spider man at this point Especially since Arrow became a hit A lot of what Arrow does is taken from this comic actually So Oliver is a rich prick who plays to much in life What happens? His best buddy backstabs him throws him in the ocean to die and then he ends up on a island He has to learn to survive becoming the Green Arrow in the process and then of course meets his friend again but not in the way you'd expect Good The art is pretty great with some awesome fight scenes and badass posses I also thought Oliver's internal monolog was pretty fun You can tell he's a conflicted guy sometimes but he a liberal tree huger no matter what Bad The storyline isn't epic or brand new everything you expect happens happens and the pacing can be a little slow int he middle Overall a perfect book for people who haven't read many Green Arrow stories It's actually solid no matter what but can't help but feel like been here before Still good stuff solid 35 I'll bump it to a 4 just because I think it's worth reading for any fan of the green arrow himself What a great example of taking a 'third tier' character and reimaging himnow he is one of the hottest DC characters around Should be a 'text book' for other characters Hawkman? I've never been a fan of Green Arrrow's and have only seen the character crop up in big events like Final Crisis a few years back so I didn't know what to expect from the character He's basically just Robin Hood right? Well I was pleasantly surprised Oliver ueen is a rich playboy who lives a directionless life until one day while practicing archery in the Pacific his friend betrays him and leaves him for dead He washes ashore a desert island and hones his skills with a bow and arrow until he realises he's not alone on the island It's a massive grow farm for heroin and the indigenous population have been enslaved by a ruthless Chinese woman called China White I thought the action was really well done Seeing Oliver change over time and develop his look see the things that would go into making him the hero he becomes at the end was cleverly put together by Andy Diggle who made me care about a character I didn't previously know about in the space of just 6 short issues Jock's artwork is great throughout and the Castaway type seuences were excellently rendered Overall Year One is a very decent comic book that does a great job of introducing one of DC's lesser characters The only thing is this came out in 2007 and DC have recently begun rebooting every one of their 52 characters so I guess this was kind of a moot exercise It's still a good read though and worth checking out This is the origin story of Green Arrow and it leaves a much better impression than the godawful TV show right away The basic premise is the same — billionaire playboy gets lost at sea and stranded on an island where he learns to survive and then meets some bad guys and fights them But because it's a comic book and not a live action show there's 100% less Stephen Amell in the mix and of course no BerlantiGuggenheim to turn the story into a cheeseball of horrible writing and plotting Andy Diggle's comic is sharp and gets right to the point it easily reads in one sitting and is entertaining throughout Jock's artwork was kinda meh in this one but it also wasn't terrible and certainly did its job well enoughThanks for the rec Anne That was a fun one Absolutely awesome Great writing that created deep believable characters solid dialog and a conceivable island storyline that wasn't as weird as the show think Lost Ollie's dialog was a bit dorkier than the show but it didn't really bother me There were good uality comic art panels and stunning splash pages that seemed to combine photography and illustration I was glad I checked this out I really have nothing to compare this to I've never read a Green Arrow solo book and I've barely seen him show up in somebody else's book So I'm coming in about as fresh as possible Maybe that's a good thing because I ended up really enjoying this I don't know if it's a fresh take on his origin or a skilled rehash and I don't really care I had fun reading it A uality read from start to finish and an excellent starting point for new readers it's easy to see why Green Arrow Year One is so highly regarded Andy Diggle pens an engaging story that only gets better as things progress Jock brings his uniue art style to the table and colourist David Baron elevates it with some atmospheric colour workI've only read bits of Green Arrow before this but Year One has guaranteed that the character is a future priority on my reading list Recommended