Soul Catcher John Decker Series Book 1

Soul Catcher John Decker Series Book 1➽ [Reading] ➿ Soul Catcher John Decker Series Book 1 By Anthony M. Strong ➲ – The thrilling preuel to What Vengeance Comes A murdered billionaire A priceless statue A reclusive cult In New York City Homicide Detective John Decker arrives at a brutal crime scene A man has been t The John Decker Series Book MOBI :¿ thrilling preuel to John Decker ePUB ↠ What Vengeance Comes A murdered billionaire A priceless statue A reclusive cult In New York City Homicide Soul Catcher Kindle - Detective John Decker arrives at a brutal crime scene A man has been tortured and murdered in his own house a sprawling Catcher John Decker ePUB ´ mansion on the Upper East Side But this is no ordinary home invasion Nothing has been taken and there appears to be Catcher John Decker Series Book PDF or no motive Until beautiful Egyptologist Emma Wilson shows up Catcher John Decker Series Book PDF or with an enigmatic letter penned by the victim Soon Decker is thrust into a shadowy world of ancient beliefs fanatical cults and the uest for a priceless artifact – a rare statue of the Egyptian god Anubis Now with their lives in grave danger Decker and Emma must solve the mystery of the statue and stay one step ahead of a cult with one thing on their minds the return of their god and the judgment of all mankind Soul Catcher is part of the John Decker series of novels however each book is a standalone story and does not reuire you to have read the other books in the series. Soul Catcher a preuel novella in the John Decker series by Anthony M Strong gives you an interesting glimpse into the life of our hero prior to the events in What Vengeance Comes One of the nice things about this series is that you don't necessarily have to read these books in order you can enjoy any one of them at any time without having read prior booksThis particular book had everything I enjoy a fast pace Egyptian artifacts an ancient evil cult and great settings and characters I really like John Decker and have enjoyed his character in each of the books Because he runs into such strange and supernatural things in each outing every book is uniue and just a bit differentI would highly recommend this book and series to anyone who loves non stop action adventure mysteries suspense and police procedurals with a bit of the supernatural thrown in for good measure I thought the book started out pretty well then it started getting wierd I kept reading it because it looked like I'd be done in 30 minutes and I can't cut the grass today because it's raining The god of the underworld Anubis is set to revisit the world in sync with the coming return of some unknown comet The characters include an archeologist some cops the cult that worships Anubis and some others I guess the comet was getting close when the wierdness was at its heightIt was interesting at first but I'm sure you can find other books to enjoy Pretty goodA little too Hollywood predictable for me A dead body brings a jaded cop to the scene and the investigation brings him to a pretty archeologist who might be next if he doesn't protect her It's only the preuel so maybe something substantive is ahead is ahead I enjoyed this mystery very much I loved John Decker he was smart and caring Anthony M Strong pulls you into the story and doesn't let go until you have finished I am looking forward to reading of this series a great book with a great story line could not wait till I could start on the next one Great storyCouldn't stop reading grabbed my attention and didn't let go A uick moving story with a supernatural twist Glad I tried it I love this I can't wait for I will be also leaving a review on Goodreads And letting everyone know about itSo i gave it a 5 Stars Loved this book Curses Egyptian mythology adventure and even a little romance I've read the other books in the John Decker series and I really enjoyed this one which is a preuel Gave me a bit of insight into the main characters' past before he went back to his home town in Louisiana and became sheriff I read this in one night as I couldn't put it down Good action and story Looking forward to the next in the series Write faster Mr Strong “They will kill anyone who gets in their way”I really enjoyed this compelling novella once again Anthony M Strong has crafted an intense thriller that has Detective John Decker facing off against a particularly ruthless foe and it’s a strong addition to the series I generally approach preuels with caution it’s sometimes hard for me to let go of ways the main characters’ lives evolve in successive novels and start over with a blank slate but it was the exact opposite with Soul Catcher Having learned to trust Decker’s intuition and tenacity when I read What Vengeance Comes and Cold Sanctuary I found myself getting disturbed by the statue of Anubis based simply on the fact that he was disturbed by it Rich with vivid detail that doesn’t weigh the narrative down with unnecessary bulk this book maintains it’s uick pace and kept me entertained long after my coffee had gone coldPlease note that I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book Very good book I thoroughly enjoyed reading it I want to get the first and last book of this series I never would have believed that I read it cause I'm not a big fan of the arts but this kept my interest all the way thru read it in one day I received a complimentary copy of this bookThanks Anthony Strong that was great