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Disco Deathtrap❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Disco Deathtrap Author Cameron Roubique – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk It's New Year's Eve 1980 and the students of DeAngelo High School are lacing up their skates for the All Night New Year's Eve Lock In at the Rollerville Roller Disco Some of them just want to skate an It's New Year's Eve and the students of DeAngelo High School are lacing up their skates for the All Night New Year's Eve Lock In at the Rollerville Roller Disco Some of them just want to skate and dance the night away to the pounding disco music Some want to pull a few pranks and have a few laughs For others like Dan Parsons tonight is a chance to move on and forget about his ex girlfriend maybe even flirt with Denise that cute girl behind the snack counter It seems like nothing can go wrong But there's a massive blizzard raging outside thick snow and ice are piling up against all the doors There are those rumors that Rollerville was built over part of the old graveyard next door and someone out there is watching Also a strange homeless man in the parking lot says that tonight will be the start of the so called Year of BloodA night of skating and fun is about to turn into a night of violence and bloody mayhem Slasher fans rejoice old school horror is back. CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE To see a video review click HERE To read a uick written review scroll onAfter reading and loving KILL RIVER and KILL RIVER 2 I had high hopes for DISCO DEATHTRAP Roubiue's sopho novel I wasn't disappointed DEATHTRAP proved to be just as entertaining as Cameron's other books if not so This book is darker bloodier and even intense I'd say the KILL RIVER books are better rounded when it comes to characters and plot but this was pure fun through and through Highly recommendedOVERALL 45 STARS 40 Stars Old School Horror at its BestVideo Review group of teenagers locked all night inside a roller skating rink built over occupied graves what could possibly go wrong? As you may be able to guess from the synopsis this author is a huge fan of 1980s slasher movies Filled with plenty of gore and teenage carnage Disco Deathtrap reads like the book version of one of those classic horror films While this is a newer publication this novel takes full advantage of readers' nostalgia for old school horror Set at the end of the disco era the story incorporates so many fun elements of that time period The soundtrack in this novel was perfect with references to the Bee Gees classic hit Stayin' Alive and other popular disco songsThe novel follows a lot of different teenagers which meant there were a lot of people and names to remember While this was a bit overwhelming at first having a large number of characters in a horror story tends to result in a high body countDespite the ages of the characters this is definitely an adult horror novel As one should expect from a slasher this one was incredibly gruesome and bloody Seriously there was SO much blood The book contained some very disgusting stomach churning scenes which of course I thoroughly enjoyed Written for pure entertainment this is the kind of horror story that doesn't take itself too seriously Some of the scenes were a bit ridiculous and over the top in the best possible way Fast paced intense and action packed I flew through this story in just a few sittings because I simply could not put it down I would highly recommend this novel to any horror buffs particularly anyone who shares the author's love of classic slasher moviesI received a copy of this book from the author Release Date September 26 2018 Genre Slasher Horror Actual Rating 4 starsAnother nostalgic 80's horror slasher novel from Cameron Roubiue I first started reading his books because I was in the mood for horror and the cover for Kill River caught my eye Then I read it fell in love with the way he transported me back to the 80's where horror was it it's prime and have been anxious for since Disco Deathtrap is NOT Kill River If you choose to read this in hopes that it will be a replica of that book you will be disappointed Sure his writing is the same I feel like he writes like a mature version of RL Stine and the characters and their actions are similar to those in the former books but the story is MUCH different This book is much gory The killer is revealed in a shocking twist whereas readers didn't really know who the killer was in Kill River and favorite character we were rooting on may or may not be story survivors A couple of the kills in this book had me saying Aw Man Try not to be too disappointed if you feel this way too That being said I'm personally glad it's not an exact replica of Kill River because honestly it would get old after a while We as readers want to see different things from authors and Cameron SLAYS both series Disco Deathtrap is truly everything an 80's horror fan is looking for in a novel I truly hope Cameron continues to write these books because he has made a fan out of me If you are a genuine horror fan one that enjoys slasher novels with lots of blood and gore you won't want to miss this one Cameron is a uniue and talented author that is easily becoming one of my favorites in the genre After four students from DeAngelo High are killed in a drunk driving accident an English teacher and a gym teacher team up to organize an all night lock in at Rollerville Roller Disco on New Year's Eve 1980 to prevent losing of their students Sadly they would've been safer anywhere other than Rollerville which is rumoured to have been built over a cemetery With a blizzard piling snow against all the emergency exits and a chain on the front door there is nowhere to run once the slaughter beginsI'm a huge fan of '80s slashers and I'm always looking for books that have a similar plot and style to the movies that I love Disco Deathtrap perfectly captures that '80s slasher feeling and reads like a VHS horror flick you rented from Blockbuster I enjoyed every minute of it and can't remember the last time I had this much fun reading I had been in a bit of a reading slump before I started Disco Deathtrap and I'm so happy that it brought me out of itOther slasher novels I've read have had one dimensional stereotypical characters but Cameron Roubiue spends a lot of time introducing and fleshing out the large cast of characters before the action starts so I really cared about them when bad things started to happen Another pet peeve of mine is when novels have a lot of characters and they're too similar and it's hard to tell them apart but each character in Disco Deathtrap has enough uniue characteristics to easily differentiate them from each otherObviously since I'm a slasher fan I'm also a huge fan of gore and Disco Deathtrap has TONS of blood and guts There's also a real '80s feel with lots of references to songs playing at the roller rink fashion etcIf you're a fan of '80s slashers definitely check this one out I can't wait to read his other books Kill River and the seuel Kill River 2 Hopefully Cameron Roubiue will be writing Year of Blood books like he mentions in the Afterword of Disco Deathtrap Solid 425 stars for me I’m a huge fan of Roubiue’s Kill River series and Disco Deathtrap didn’t disappoint either I found this one less grounded than Kill River but still a ton of fun I saw the twist coming from a mile away unfortunately but that still didn’t stop me from audibly gasping when it turns up in the plot Initially I felt that the story was moving a bit too slow but once it gets going it really gets going and doesn’t stop until the very end If you’re a fan of the goriest slashers this book is for you I found it super uncomfortable in some parts Cameron has a great knack for describing some gnarly stuff and there were a couple of times I just had to stop reading for the night because it was pretty heavy All in all a great time There’s just something about these 80s themed slashers that make me so nostalgicI have 2 main issues with the book hence the 425 rating1 There is an abrupt shift in writing uality when the Year of Blood section starts It almost feels to me like Cameron wrote this part of the book first and then penned what is actually at the beginning of the book I have no way of knowing if that’s the case but that shift was very apparent to me It clears itself up after that first Year of Blood section but it’s weird and took me out of the story a bit 2 There’s a overturned school bus wide plot hole with who the killer is and their ability to be in than one place at once Their abilities also border on the supernatural at times for a book that has no real supernatural elements Those are minor complaints for just how fun the book was though I was not looking forward to writing thisSo this is definitely not an easy review to write Cameron Roubiue's first book Kill River is without a doubt my favorite horror novel ever I've read a lot of horror novels most have been terrible others have been good but when I read Kill River everything in it just clicked Characters that felt like real normal people you have no idea the books I've read where the characters talk and behave so unrealistically dynamic chase scenes and struggles with the killer said killer was mysterious and menacing and ominous a uniue setting and two of the most likable characters Cyndi and Stacy that I've seen in any horror novel Cameron took the classic slasher story and made it his own while staying true to it in a very humble way that thoroughly thrilled and entertained me and it worked so smoothly in my eyes that I treasure that book and started to look forward to from this talented author As soon as Cameron's second book came out I had to have it A good cover art not as good as Kill River's but a much better title it's just so catchy and good The story started out good and continued as such as I expected it would setting up the characters the location the ambiance Sure there were drawbacks the two main characters Dan who I saw as obnoxious and whiny and Denise who was just bland and boring and creepy in being an adult trying to hook up with a kid especially when compared to Kill River's Cyndi and Stacy and also the overuse of the animosity between Dan and his ex girlfriend Mary Anne it was the most recurring plotline for the first half of the book which only added to the annoying traits of them both But there were many other characters who were interesting with their own interactions and personalities and kept me invested and this book also has a lot of character variety in terms of personalities ethnicities and even body types how many times do you see say chubby people in horror stories? This book had one and they were one of the most likable characters and being a “minority” myself I always appreciate that sort of variety in general but especially in horror The story reached a high note during a certain chapter in which had to be the best end of a chapter Cameron had written at that point it flowed like a charm I was thrilled I knew I was in for a great slasher experience now similar to the 1980 slasher movie Prom Night only better And then the next chapter came in and I was crestfallen I was completely taken by surprise in the worst possible way To me the story had reached a high point and then immediately afterwards and very abruptly it took a very steep nosedive and it was so jarring I won't spoil exactly what happened at least not in this review but the events that transpired after that brilliant chapter end set up a very dour and sour tone for me the thrill and the excitement was all gone and they stayed gone till the book ended it just never recovered and it made it a chore to continue reading It did not help that the action and chase scenes lacked the dynamic thrill that Kill River's ones had I guess partially because the location of the killings the roller disco was a surprisingly small building and bizarrely it had no windows at all so it limited the action Also the deaths were not thrilling or engaging or shocking because 99% of them were basically the exact same thing there was a distinct lack variety in that regard with the exception of one single death every other one is basically the exact same But the biggest negative I have with this book is the killer who's a gigantic step backwards from Kill River's hulking mysterious menace Not only is it extremely easy to figure out who the killer is from early on this killer was also very well this killer was utterly infuriating in every imaginable way Nothing about this killer makes any sense whatsoever so let me point out the things that were downright bizarre to me because remember this killer is supposed to be a normal person but then nothing they do is humanly possible They have the strength of Bane from Batman’s rogues gallery; they can see perfectly in the dark; they always wore roller skates and had perfect traction while other characters were slipping and sliding on wet andor uneven surfaces to be made easy prey for the killer the killer just rolled so smoothly that you'd think they were floating; this killer can also even keep up with a motor vehicle on two feet of snow during a blizzard While wearing roller skates Yeah you try pondering how that can possibly work And when the killer's identity is finally revealed the killer's behavior really goes uite over the top in the cheesiest way and their motivation behind the murders had me groaning out loud in frustration and making me think I was watching an inexplicably superpowered version of the villain of a cheap Lifetime Channel movie I just simply could not take this killer seriously at all I expected a slasher villain not a psychotic vapid mix of a tornado and a food processor given superpowers when the plot demands it And to add insult to injury sharp eyed readers will notice something that happens in the book which creates a very significant plot hole; namely put unless the killer also developed intangibility like the character Kitty Pryde from the X Men on top of their already numerous inexplicable superpowers then they should never have been able to commit a single murder in the first place Plainly put the killer ended up ruining the whole bookMost of my reviews here in Goodreads have been very negative just one star What's consistent in them at least in ones where I read than one book from the same author those authors wrote bad books from the very start and continued to do so Cameron didn't As I pointed out at the start of this review Kill River is my personal favorite horror book and I have been a horror fan since the very young age of three I am currently in my mid thirties As such this book was a huge disappointment starting off uite well and then suddenly turning into the complete opposite of everything I liked with Kill River I originally didn’t give this book a rating but I felt I may as well just go ahead and put this in the big pile of one star books as well Everything good about it is rendered obsolete by the second half of the book with a bizarre over the top execution several happenings that make no sense and one of the single worst killers I’ve ever seen in this genre I had to force myself to finish this book and after the excellent Kill River this book was than a letdown It doesn’t even feel like a slasher book it’s over the top gorn porn than anything My apologies to the author for my harsh words but I’ve never been one to sugarcoat things plus I promised to give my honest opinion I just simply prefer when he goes the humble and makes sense route than the over the top and inexplicable route and this book was definitely oriented towards the latter unfortunate for readers like me but at least some people did get enjoyment out of it and support the author and that’s what matters On New Year's Eve 1980 the students of DeAngelo High School attend a lock in at Rollerville Roller Disco in attempt by the school to keep their students safe on this raucous holiday Rollerville was built only the year before next to the Hart Hill Cemeteryand according to somethe contractors didn't build 'next to' the cemetery but on it The living had taken what was once a place of death and made it a place of their own On January 1st 1981 death took it back So begins this thrilling story told from multiple POVs over the course of a disastrous night when a scythe wielding fiend in a black cloak and rotting skull mask begins reaping the disco dancing teens Disco Deathtrap is the perfect slasher story It's full of fun late 70searly 80s throwbacks and it even has its own playlist I have already purchased the rest of Roubiue's work and look forward to reading the Kill River trilogy and Golf Curse which is another book set in the same world as Disco Deathtrap I am officially a huge fan and Roubiue has become an 'automatic buy' author for me On a personal note I read this book as a buddy read with my mom who graduated from high school in 1979 She fully endorses this book loved the characters and the overall feel of it Reading a Cameron Roubiue novel is like reading a slasher film And I love horror films Even the really cheesy ones I picked this up because I enjoyed reading the Kill River series so much this summer and it did not disappoint Disco Deathtrap had all the things that I enjoy in a slasher and I could easily imagine it translated to film First of all I love the setting As someone who grew up in a small town in the 90's our roller rink Rollerama II What happened to the first one? No one knows was a place that I freuently hung out with friends Next I loved that we got some background on the killer and their motive toward the end of the story and that it wasn't what I was expecting at all Finally I liked the variety in the cast We got glimpses into different age ranges and different cliues rather than just sticking with one final girl throughout While the writing wasn't the most consistent the ride was well worth the read 35 stars 375 Fun twisted little tale Well written keeps you interested A tad predictable easy to do though when most everyone is dead ha A little twisted too but in a good way One thing though to all the morons who didnt TAKE OFF YOUR SKATES If someone is chasing me around a roller rink trying to kill me dressed as death I think I would have taken them off ASAP A little unrealistic too one person mowing down that many people and in the end they are a tiny little thing Then again rage is a great motivator Brutally awesome The story was almost like Stranger Things but then it turned into a real slasher The love story along with character build up was perfect even the fight for survival had me so into this book I give it five stars it's worth reading

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