The Chosen

The Chosen[BOOKS] ✯ The Chosen ✴ L.J. Smith – Love was never so scaryThe Night World is all around us a secret society of vampires werewolves witches and creatures of darkness They're beautiful and deadly and it's so easy to fall in loveRashel ki Love was never so scaryThe Night World is all around us a secret society of vampires werewolves witches and creatures of darkness They're beautiful and deadly and it's so easy to fall in loveRashel kills vampiresuinn traps human girls and feeds on their bloodHe's a Night World ringleader And her soulmateLove and loathing tear at Rashel's heart Revenge is sweet But love is sweeteruinn's a killer But she can't live without him. 25 stars For this story in particular I actually really loved the protagonist and concept The plot twist was very foreseeable which kind of sucked since the last book had a better one The romance completely ruined the plot line in my eyes and the sudden change in character personalities in both Rashel and uinn was just weird and much too rushed I enjoyed this than the last and would've given a solid three star rating or if not for all the changes that were sort of thrust into the book with no explanation instagram | blog | goodreads what a throwbacki read the night world books when i was really young and i remembered being completely obsessed with this one in particular i was feeling a bit nostalgic so i picked this up it wasn’t great but i had fun with it The fifth installment of LJ Smith's Night World series which features a secret world of vampires witches and shape shifters The Chosen follows the story of teen vampire hunter Rashel Jordan Traumatized in her childhood by the death of her mother at the hands of a vampire Rashel had dedicated her life to hunting the undead But when she faces off against the Night World's ultimate bad boy the vampire uinn something wholly unexpected occurs Is it possible that an ice cold human hating vampire and a lethal vampire slayer could be soulmates? With the revival of the Night World slave trade and the disappearance of young girls from Boston Rashel knows she has to act But will she be able to defeat this unusual enemy?I will confess that the Night World series is something of a guilty pleasure for me It debuted in the mid 1990s while I was working in the children's section of a large bookstore and I picked up the first title Secret Vampire largely out of curiosity I had never read any vampire fiction before and wanted to know what all the fuss was about I discovered an engaging collection of stories compulsively readable and highly entertaining There's plenty of teen cliche here but Smith also creates some wonderful characters and her girls are always smart and strong These books are infinitely preferable in this respect to the recent and much well known Twilight saga which also features the story of supernatural love These are just so fast paced When I first picked up this series I didn’t think they would all be individual stories 24 May 2019The Chosen is book 5 in the Night World seriesThis book is one of my most favourite books of all time I absolutely love the relationship between Rashel and uinn Night WorldThe ChosenL J Smith It happened at Rashel’s birthday party the day she turned five years oldPlotWhen Rashels fifth birthday party her younger brother Timmy her mother and her aunt were killed by a vampire Rashel managed to escape but the vampire swore he’d see her againSince that fateful day Rashel has been out for revenge learning everything she can about the Night World and how to kill vampires; she becomes one of the Night Worlds most feared vampire huntersHer goal to find the vampire that killed her family and get revengeOn a hunting mission he comes across a vampire named uinn and for some reason she can’t bring herself to kill himTo make up for it she heard about vampires taking women and vows to to take them downWhat I LikedThis has to be my favourite of the Night World booksRashel is a strong fearless independent and fantastic at what she does She gets the job doneThe storyline was strong detailedAnd we’re getting of an underlying story which runs throughout the series which is good despite properly not getting the final book anytime soonWhat I Didn’t LikeRashel and uinn insta love Well it wasn’t really they actually spent hardly any time together and suddenly in the last 50? pages it’s suddenly ‘we’re soulmates I love you’Cute but it felt too sudden More slow burn neededOverallEnjoyableFavourite so far 55 I thought this one would my favorite in the series but it was kind of a bad Buffy rip off Rashel is inexplicably strong and somehow manages to live through all of her terrible decisions but I did like the concept of women being collected from clubs for a feast party The end was very satisfying Re readBecause I was in the mood Well this one was the best yet I liked the fact that she was a vampire hunter but fell for a vampire I liked how he was dead against humans but fell for one i liked the ideas used in this one and how they came together I have a feeling I know where the series is going and I look forward to finding out if I'm right Re read

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