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Dark Angel❴Read❵ ➭ Dark Angel Author L.J. Smith – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Love was never so scaryThe Night World is all around us a secret society of vampires werewolves witches and creatures of darkness They're beautiful and deadly and it's so easy to fall in loveGillian i Love was never so scaryThe Night World is all around us a secret society of vampires werewolves witches and creatures of darkness They're beautiful and deadly and it's so easy to fall in loveGillian is about to dieThen He appears Angel and becomes her secret protector She must give him absolute trust and obedience He makes her the most sensational girl in the school She's ecstatic Until he starts to draw her into the darkness of the Night WorldGood Angel or bad Angel And will Gillian live to find out. 25 stars It was decent but could've been better I liked the concept I haven't read something like it before I didn't like how the ending was so rushed but the book did keep me hooked The writing style was mediocre and simple but flowed well Though it definitely was not my favourite thing in the world I'll be reading the rest of this seriesinstagram | blog | goodreads This one was a little better than the previous books Enjoyable even but still not great I really like this one For sure one of my favorite books from the Night World 4 StarsGreat story but the romance or lack of disappointed me Then I was a bit freaked out that Gillain cousin tries to convince her that he is her soul mates EwwwAmong some of my favorites Outstanding literary work The characters are well developed interesting The liked characters are likable and the hated are unlikable The writing is captivating enough to keep you interested until the end and leave you wanting It has a fairly original or uniuely well developed plot The pretense and romance were well balanced and done with properly distributed amounts of hints behaviors and chemistry Not so much predictable if at all Overall loved it I recommend reading Full Disclosure I participate in reviews with NetGalley Author Review Reuests Publisher Reuests and Book Tours An e copy was provided to me by NetGalley andor the Author andor the publishers No payment was received by me in exchange for this review There was not any obligation to write a positive review All opinions expressed here are entirely mine and may not necessarily agree with those of the author the book's publisher and publicist or the readers of this review This disclosure is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising Continuing the intrigue of Night World If your a fan of Vampire Diaries you will love this Although all the stories are different they are all connected The fun part is trying to figure it out Enjoy the read Night World #4 Dark Angel by L J SmithAt first Dark Angel doesn't seem like a typical Night World book Gillian Lennox is a normal teenager; someone that many teen girls could probably relate too She's not one of the popular crowd but instead is a shy outcast Her two goals in life are somewhat superficial she wants to be popular and she wants David Blackburn to love her But then who wasn't superficial when they were a teen Gillian's introduction to the Night World comes when she has a near death experience On her way home from school she goes into the snowy woods after she thinks she hears a child crying Instead she falls into a creek and hypothermia sets in But she's rescued by Angel a celestial being who guides Gillian back to the road But Angel turns out to be than just a lifesaver as he starts to help Gillian fulfill her goals He whispers the secrets of popularity in her ear helping a shy girl transform into a vivacious butterfly But as Gillian's status increases at school she starts to become suspicious of her guardian angelwho is he really And what does he want with DavidThe Night World connection in this book is tenuous but it does make sense After all in a world populated with werewolves vampires and other supernatural creatures it's natural that spirits would exist as well So far Gillian is probably the most identifiable of all the protagonists in the Night World books as she's your everyday teenage girl who finds out that there's a secret worldand she's part of it How many of us have wished for that I know I have For me Dark Angel is a solid chapter in the Night World series but it doesn't really stand out but then it isn't bad either It's a good story of growth 35 23 May 2019Dark Angel is book 4 in the Night World seriesI liked how Ash also shows up in this book if only for a bit And we see the good side of himThe last few chapters really got me feeling bad for Angel The fourth entry in LJ Smith's Night World series about a secret world of vampires witches and shape shifters that exists alongside the human one Dark Angel follows the story of Gillian Lennox a seemingly ordinary high school junior When a brush with death leads her to Angel a beautiful otherworldly being Gillian suddenly finds everything she's ever wanted a new appearance popularity a romance with cute senior David Blackburn within her reach She also discovers that she is a witch gifted with extraordinary powers But as Angel begins to ask her to do harmful and dangerous things Gillian begins to wonder if he's everything he claimsGenerally considered the weakest in the series I have read reviews that describe Dark Angel as boring and rather pedestrian But while there is certainly a healthy dose of teen cliches to be found here from the popular mean girls to the loyal but geeky true friend Smith does fairly well with a worn formula communicating Gillian's sense of loneliness and her desperate longing to belong There's got to be someplace I belong something I'm meant to do that's different Because I don't fit in this world in this life And if there isn't something I'd rather be dead I imagine that Gillian's feelings will resonate with many teens just as the fantasy of suddenly becoming popular will seem very familiar to themThe real weakness of Dark Angel is not the teen melodrama which any reasonable reader would expect from a series devoted to the idea of forbidden supernatural love as a pathway to redemption and healing No the chief trouble with this entry in the series is that it feels disconnected from the other books and one sees very little of the Night World itself There is one cameo appearance by Ash Redfern of Secret Vampire and Daughters of Darkness as well as some brief interaction with a young witch named Melusine But other than that this could be a free standing novel which is something of a disappointment given the care that Smith has taken to build up her world in the first three books The Night WorldDark AngelL J Smith Gillian Lennox didn’t mean to die that dayPlotGillian is a sixteen year old girl whom is practically invisible to everyone around her except her best friend AmyOne day on her way home from school she hears a child crying in the snow drenched woods so Gillian heads in to try and find this child but then she slips and falls into an ice cold river and diesUntil she is brought back by an Angel who wants to be called AngelGillian now alive and a Guardian Angel whispering in her ear things begin to changeShe has two goals in life1 get David Blackburn to fall in love with her2 got go to a party usually for the popularsAngel says he can make these things happenWhat I LikedI liked that unlike the other books in the Night World so far the female lead knows nothing of her heritage and the enemy uses it to try and turn her badThis is a switch up from the guy is good and wants to protect herWhat I Didn’t LikeGillian is rather shallow she believes pretty popular people get everything have great lives so she wants to be one it’s eughOverallThis is one of the better booksRather enjoyable Read it it one sitting 45 This book was tough to get through The beginning was exciting and eventuality for the first couple of chapters But then the book just didn’t go anywhere The next couple chapters were just about Gillian gaining popularity and getting noticed And then chapters after that And then it got to the point where I almost put the book down and was going to consider it a DNF BUT I’m glad I didn’t The ending was almost worth the drawn out boring middle The last 4 5 chapters were exciting again The story picked up and things were starting to come together and uestions were getting answered Unfortunately to me it just felt rushed and like a last ditch effort to finish the book and tie up the ends

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