Refuge The Sin #2

Refuge The Sin #2❰BOOKS❯ ✸ Refuge The Sin #2 Author A.I. Nasser – The small town of Refuge is the perfect hideaway for Patrick Lahm and the Freys Nestled in the heart of Maine and miles away from the Kurtain Motel Refuge promises both tranuility and ease of mind The The small town of Refuge is the perfect hideaway for Patrick Lahm and the Freys Nestled in the heart of Maine and miles away from the Kurtain Motel Refuge promises both tranuility and ease of mind The mundane routine of working in the local post office and buying groceries is all Patrick could hope for For the first time in his life things are finally looking up But one can only escape from his sins for so long Occasional nightmares visions of the dead and a priest hell bound on confessions leave the survivors feeling that it Refuge The PDF/EPUB ² is only a matter of time before the darkness catches up With Jimmy by his side Patrick watches as the walls of reality crumble around him and he uickly realizes that there can be no rest for the sinful No matter how far they run. I try to express only my most honest opinion in a spoiler free way Unfortunately there is still always a risk of slight spoilers despite my best efforts If you feel something in my review is a spoiler please let me know Thank youPatrick Jimmy and Tara now live in a place called Refuge where they try to move on with there lives But Patrick is having nightmares and see those that have died everywhere Meanwhile the rest of them remain at the motel fighting for there lives Seems as though none of them will be freeI read the first book of this series uite a long time ago and it took me a while to remember character and things that happened in the last book Honestly not my favorite I'm glad it was short The ending happened so fast that I almost missed it and I was halfway through before things got even a little interesting It wasn't awful but I've had better Still deciding whether I'm going to finish the series 25 stars Review REFUGE by A I NasserTHE SIN #2In my review of the first in this trilogy KURTAIN MOTEL I raved about how enjoyable and imaginative a story it is REFUGE keeps the bar high Those of our characters who escaped the Kurtain Motel find asylum and a settled home in Refuge Maine a seemingly pleasant small community where everything is just fine Or is it?? With Rev Clancy and his constant confession harping he makes Sinclair Lewis's Reverend Dr Elmer Gantry look like an angel and the commencement of unending revelations protagonist Patrick Lahm and his cohorts remain on the edge of destruction REFUGE continues the same heart in mouth thrill ride of KURTAIN MOTEL I received this book as a gift from the publisher Audiobook edition Refuge is the second of three books in The Sin series and continues the story from Kurtain Motel Patrick Lahm manages to escape from the Kurtain Motel and finds himself in the Town of Refuge While he believes he is free and clear of the horrors he left behind things begin to go south for him He sees people in town that he clearly remembers seeing being killed at the motel Things just don't add up Along with Jimmy Frey who also escaped the motel with his mother or so we are led to believe Patrick seeks answers and a way to escape from Refuge As the story progresses secrets are revealed and we are soon taken on a wild ride with Patrick and Jimmy as they attempt their escapeI strongly suggest that you read this series in order Otherwise there will be too much confusion Refuge is every bit as creepy as Kurtain Motel and I can't wait to begin the final chapter of this series Patrick Jimmy and his mom barely escaped the Kurtain Motel with their lives and went on the run from the Sin eater They found a tiny town called Refuge and it seemed perfect for them But nothing is as it seems and Patrick's normal life is about to come crashing down again Now this was some seriously twisty read The plot was awesome We start with seeing Patrick having a good life He is working in the Post Office and life is good but the priest gives him the creeps and seems to be obsessed with getting people to confess Something about this seems very familiar to Patrick but he isn't sure what Meanwhile we get glimpses back into the Kurtain Motel Initially this is a little confusing but it starts to come together and you find your mind blown I really didn't see that comingAgain we have the same characters with others thrown in but this time it felt like we got debt to them and got to know them a little better They were developed and I was able to become invested in them Plus I liked getting to know Jimmy I was also so happy to see Patrick live a good happy life He has grown on me and I was rooting for him In all this was an awesome read I loved the setting and how mysterious and intriguing Refuge and the people were The twist was great too and I can not wait to see what happens next Thom Bowers did a better job with this one because the majority of the story revolves around Patrick and Jimmy He brought the characters and atmosphere to life and knows how to tell a creepy tale I was voluntarily provided this audiobook for free from the author narrator or publisher This in no way affected nor influenced my thoughts I really enjoyed the second installment of The Sin series I felt it did a good job at further explaining what was going on while also throwing in some twists the caught me completely by surprise It did a good job of pulling me into the story and made it difficult to put down I have already bought #3 and plan on reading it over the next couple of days Now the reason for only 4 stars instead of 5 This book continues the story of the first in a different setting and scenario; however dedicates chapters to expounding on the situation in the first book Some of this was necessary for the shaping of the story line but a decent amount of it could have been included in the first without changing how the story unfolds I felt that these chapters made the book feel like a part 2 of the first rather than a book 2 in the series Plus these 'flashback' chapters actually reuire you to remember the first book situation like you are currently reading the first book and make it difficult to follow at times Bottom line it feels like it would be better suited as a part 2 of the first rather than book 2 in the series but still a good uniue story that makes you want to keep reading This is book number two in the series It is a fast read with a continued storyline with interesting characters The characters are well described and continue to draw you into the story Jommy and his Mom barely escape the motel with Patrick and settle in the town of Refuge It feels like a abnormal town nothing seems right This book gets twisted and you have to read or listen to it to see how it turns out You have a Priest that gives the characters the creeps Give this book time and it comes together and will maintain your interest The narration is great Enjoy this book as I did Make sure you read this book after Kurtain Motel Actually pretty closely after since the story continues and if you don't keep the characters fresh in your head this book can be a bit confusing I'm excited to see where this trilogy goes so I will be reading Purgatory promptly so I can keep everything fresh I enjoy the characters but without reading Kurtain Motel there is no character building with just this book You definitely need the first book It was a uick read and it had some interesting elements but I felt like there were some missed opportunities for such as Cameron Also the Rev Clancy character just felt very one dimensional The writing was interesting enough for me to finish and want to read book 3 but I liked the first book better What a freakin' rollar coaster If you liked the first book just wait until you read this bad boy it's written so well you feel like your enjoying a thriller movie rather than a novel Things are starting to fall into place for this series I'm glad I kept reading and the ending of this 2nd book has me excited to continue onto the 3rd There was definitely character development that I felt was lacking in the 1st book I'm liking this as I continue the series