Teriel (The Warriors Stone) The Lightstone Chronicles, Book 1

Teriel (The Warriors Stone) The Lightstone Chronicles, Book 1 Book 1 Of The Lightstone Chronicles For A Thousand Years, The Acan Empire Has Ruthlessly Dominated The Land, Its Black Power Assured By Cruel Sorcerers And Merciless Assassins In The Midst Of The Darkness, A Glimmer Of Hope Is About To Appear In The Most Unlikely Of Places Deep In The Caves Under Mount Horgathe Destiny Has Chosen A 15 Year Old Slave, Born And Raised In A Mine, To Fight For His People S Freedom The Young Man S Name Is Teriel. Enjoyable, but not involvingIt started with the usual bullied hero with some talents, then it explores the idea of hope and the price of freedom, but it lacks the heartfelt moments that would enhance the tragedy and plot What could have been a big struggle felt tame and
Not terribleThe main character basically goes around getting killed, then miraculously brought back to life He s dense, stupid, and always getting beat up, while supposedly having a magic gem making him a super warrior The story wasn t bad, but the main character is so dumb I don
Loved it I thought this was a great book It had action, romance and magic Who needs anything else Eagerly anticipating the next book. Great StoryThe Magic was very well developed The Assassin was an intriguing character The romance will keep you wondering,,, a lot of fun