FirstbornPDF Epub Firstborn Tosca Lee From New York Times Bestselling Author Tosca Lee Comes The Much Anticipated, Fast Paced Sequel To The Progeny About The Powerful Descendants Of The Most Notorious Female Serial Killer Of All Time.All At Once, She Remembers The Memories Audra Had Erased Have Returned And Now She Knows Why She Did It To Save Her Daughter.Now She Must Find Her Archenemy, The Historian, And Put An End To The Centuries Old Progeny Scion War Once And For All But First She Has To Rescue Her Husband, Luka, Who Is Being Held Prisoner By The Scions, All While On The Run From The Law And Struggling With Her Growing Powers And Their Painful Side Effects.But When A Bitter Betrayal Stalls Her Plans, Audra Doesn T Know Who To Trust With The Help Of A Heretic Monk, Her Progeny Friends, And The Hacker, Jester, Audra Fights To Defeat The Scions And Find A Way To Save Other Progeny In The Process The Final Confrontation With Her Surprising Nemesis Will Put Her Powers To The Ultimate Test. Not a huge fan of this cover It s a little TOO busy in my opinion I much prefer the cover for book one.After I finished book one The Progeny last year I wanted to cry over the cliffhanger we were left with Now finally a year later we have book two And I LOVED it Not as much as book one, but it was still a phenomenal follow up conclusion to this series Again we have the same fantastic writing Crazy breakneck pace about this in a minute Twists and turns Great main characters and an excellent array of secondary characters So what not 5 Stars This one had a little less meat if you will The pace was SO fast it was RUN RUN RUN for the entire book I missed the history and background the first book had Everything from the characters, the history, even the romance between Audra and Luka seemed to take a backseat to the action That certainly wasn t a bad thing per se, just made this one slightly less preferable to the first.That said this one was st
Full review now posted Original review can be found at Booknest.It s always fun to find a duology They are one of the uncommon story forms, and I think that s sad It s an under appreciated method of storytelling, and I m excited to seem of them being written I didn t know going into The Progeny that it was the first of a duology, so that was a pleasant surprise Firstborn was actually enjoyable and faster paced than its predecessor, which was a surprise.Again, Lee s work was better than I expected As with the first book of this duology, it took me a little while to get into, or in this case back into, the story Once again, I failed to connect with the characters until almost midway into the book There is a memory sequence around the middle of the story that made the main characters feel much real And once I did connect thanks to this memory sequence, I was invested until the end Like, read the last two hundred pages in a couple of hours without blinking levels of invested.Even though I did end up really enjoying this duology, I still didn t love it And the main reason for that is that I believe this story would actually work better as a movie Which is weird for me to say, since I almost always prefer books to movies But I feel like the plot and the action would ve just been successfully communicated through film than through the written word.That be
I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.So, I m a big fan of Tosca Lee, and loved the first book in the series, The Progeny, was very good This second book was kind of disappointing I don t know if it was the time between the first volume and this one, but I felt lost for most of the book Aside from a few surprises, it felt like I was stuck in a game of World of Warcraft running, running, running, talk a few minutes, running, runn
I can t tell you how excited I was to finally get my hands on a copy of this book There were so many questions left by the first book that I just needed to be answered And boy was this one a whirlwind of a story The settings and clothing were once again beautifully laid out And the pacing of this book, holy cow, you could never stop to breathe The action, and hits, just kept on coming I struggled a bit with the pacing because of that At points, the continues running got repetitive and frustrating I wanted to learn things and get to know the characters but it never felt like I did I wanted to make connections that never felt fully flushed out Everything felt surface level While the story did get rounded out there were still some ends that I wanted to be wrapped up, or just further information on It all felt so open ended And I guess to some extent that is what life is, but here it left me a little bereft All
While this is a sequel, Tosca Lee has included a great recap of The Progeny at the beginning of this book so it could be read as a standalone though I think the story is so complex and fantastical that readers will get much out of it if they ve read The Progeny first And, because of those complexities, I really appreciated the recap even though I read the first book Great way to kick start my memory and get all the players in place in my mind.A fast paced thriller with so many twists and turns I m still a bit breathless Including a couple of sucker punch moments towards the end Lee has created an intriguing underworld a community in constant dan
I really enjoyed the character, Audra Ellison, in this book There were some unexpected things happen in this book for me some good and some not so good I think that made this book so much better This set of book has some magic and great characters and
Tosca Lee has done it again This sequel to The Progeny is just as fast paced and thrilling as its predecessor, and the surprises and revelations keep coming If you haven t read The Progeny yet, I strongly suggest you do so before picking this one up If, like me, it s been over a year since you read The Progeny, never fear Firstborn provides a succinct recap that will put you straight back into the story, and then picks up right where The Progeny left off.There is very little I can say about this novel without giving spoilers, and if you ve already read The Progeny, chances are you need no convincing to pick this book up But for those who aren t familiar with the basic premise of this novel, here s the low down The Countess Elizabeth B thory 1560 1614 has gone down in history as the most prolific serial killer of all time she s a real person, by the way, and although the precise number of victims is debated, the highest number cited in her trial was 650 The premise of this novel is that the descendants of her victims banded together to form the Scion of the Dispossessed, and for every one of B thory s descendants known as a Progeny , a Hunter is assigned whose sole job it is to kill that descendant.But wait there s Progeny have heightened powers of persuasion and are savants If they make eye contact with someone, they can proje
Seek and you will find Firstborn By Tosca LeeBook two of the continuing saga of Audra, Luka and the whole gang Traveling from country to country, running to save their lives at times and seeking answers as they go Many plots and twists unravel as Audra s memory slowly returns How can they really keep going and survive the journey, and how can they trust anyone The first book in the series was called The Progeny , and I wondered how could the story be even better in the second book I loved the book Firstborn The story is a very good story and keeps the reader on the edge of their seat and you will lose sleep until the book is completed The main character was well developed in the first book The Progeny , the development of the supporting characters was even broadened in Firstborn.Tosca Lee keeps churni
For four hundred years this entire thing has been about making wrongs right, and taking revenge and saying who s better and who deserves what for being innocent or guilty Looking for a diary to prove who s wrong The entire things is wrong Tosca Lee, FirstbornAfter two weeks, I was finally able to get my hands on a copy of this It sucks that the first book is a paperback, and the sequel is a hardback and the covers don t match at all but I couldn t wait any longer I also read this one pretty fast but not as fast as The Progeny As much as I enjoyed this book, it left me with questions that weren t really answered by the end of this book Another hangover Will there be a book three The sequel centres on Audra Ellison Emily Porter discovering the secret that she gave up everything for It is basically a continuation of the last book wherein Audra is searching and attempting to save Luka as well as finding and killing the Historian to end an age old war between the Progeny and the Scions.I loved this book enough to give it a 4 out of 5 stars Tosca Lee never failed in keeping me on the edge of my seat While reading through this, it felt emot
My rating is 4.5 The only deduction I have is for a few places where the flow was a little off due to, I think, editing Audra is back, and she s on the run Luka has been captured Some of her friends are dead She s no longer sure who is on her side and who isn t But she finally knows why she had her memory erased and she s willing to fight to keep that reason safe.But the Historian has Luka, the man she loves, and she will fight for him, too In fact, she s going to fight for all the Progeny, but not the way everyone expects She s going to end the battle between Progeny and Scions once and for all or die trying.This was a rollercoaster ride from the first page to the end, and I felt like I was in one of the underground clubs, dancing away my cares to the beat of this book Like the first book, this one kept me reading in spite of other obligations I finished it in just two days And, like the first, I think I ll be re reading it in