Out of Nowhere (The Immortal Vagabond Healer Book 1)

Out of Nowhere (The Immortal Vagabond Healer Book 1) Read Out Of Nowhere The Immortal Vagabond Healer Book 1 Author Patrick LeClerc Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk An Urban Fantasy, Pacy, Funny And Compelling To The Last Page Healer Sean Danet Is Immortal A Fact He Has Cloaked For Centuries, Behind Enemy Lines And Now A Paramedic S Uniform Having Forgotten Most Of His Distant Past, He Has Finally Found Peace And Love But There Are Some Things You Cannot Escape, However Much Distance You Put Behind You When Sean Heals The Wrong Man, He Uncovers A Lethal Enemy Who Holds All The Cards And This Time He Can T Run It S Time To Stand And Fight, For Himself, For His Friends, For The Woman He Loves It S Time, Finally, For Sean To Face His Past And Choose A Future A Story Of Love, Of Battle And Of Facing Your True Self When There S Nowhere Left To Hide. This is one of the SPFBO finalists for 2018 I picked this up as a judge for SPFBO and it s certainly not my usual read as this is very much urban fantasy sci fi mixed with a sarcastic main character called Sean who works on an Ambulance.Sean is our main character of the book and the story follows him as he has a secret ability to be able to heal other people who have injuries The job as an ambulance medic is clearly a great disguise for him as he is able to use his ability and not get rumbled, but it also means he s a bit of a loner and is only really friends with his work partner Monique aka Nique.Sean is not only able to heal he s also able to live for a long time He s loved many lives but it s tough to be alone through all that time and he has only a bleary recollection of his younger past In terms of story I certainly felt like it was a fun one, but it wasn t necessarily to my personal taste I prefer magic by far than this, but it was good to see the quick wit of the characters.The pacing was fairly fast throughout and easy to get through.For criticisms, I think it s personal taste and also verbal content of the characters which is very focused on racism and homophobic comments There are a lot of points where two characters are stressed and they make a dumb joke aka say something highly offen
I haven t read this book yet but it is one of ten finalists chosen from 300 entries to the 4th annual Self Published Fantasy Blog Off competition, so the chances are that it is pretty good Check out this year s finalists I ll come right out and say that Patrick LeClerc s urban fantasy Out of Nowhere was not a book I enjoyed Although LeClerc is a skilled writer and there are a few aspects of the book I liked, there were several narrative decisions and character depictions that ranged from questionable to frustrating and offensive.The story is a first person account of Sean, a military veteran who now works as a paramedic in an urban Massachusetts town Sean has the power to telekinetically heal injuries, which also allows him to live for untold centuries without aging past his thirty year old appearance Sean hides his magical ability from the public so as not to be singled out but still secretly heals others in small doses during his work shifts One of the aspects of the story I enjoyed was the authenticity of the narrator during Sean s paramedic chapters The medical terminology and workplace slang felt realistic This isn t a surprise, as I learned in the author s bio that LeClerc shares many of the same traits as Sean This also gave me the sense that this book serves as a wish fu
I used to watch a show called Lost Girl about a succubus embroiled in a complicated Fae world She had a human sidekick and lots of sex It was an all right show, watched because, at the time, there simply were not that many fantasy shows on television Game of Thrones hadn t blown the doors off of the possibility yet Patrick LeClerc s Out of Nowhere reminds me of Lost Girl, not so much in its themes, though it too is urban, paranormal romance, but because it is neither good nor particularly bad It s a solid piece of writing that feels like the urban fantasy equivalent of a James Patterson novel it s easy to read but I ve already forgotten about most of its characters and plot in fact I just had to look up what the main character s name despite finishing the book yesterday Out of Nowhere is about Sean Danet, a man who can heal at a touch, and who is subsequently immortal He can t heal himself, so how he can retain immortality is but one of many plot holes never explained He can heal others so that their cells regenerate, and so has a cat of indeterminate age, but is unable to heal even a hangnail in regards to his own Sean works as a paramedic, where he can use his powers without drawing too much attentio
This review is part of BookNest.eu s SPFBO 2018 finalist round As such, I received the book for free Originally published at of Nowhere is a good read with solid characters, realistic dialogue, a likeable main character, but also a meandering plot and an antagonist whose name I don t remember three days after finishing the novel and that s the least of my complaints about him Let s dig into it Sean Danet is an immortal paramedic with the ability to heal the wounds and even some diseases of others He s been around for centuries For many of those, he s been a soldier, and rather good at it Not because he enjoys killing, even if he s as skilled a killer as any you ll find, but because where there s a battlefield, there s plenty of wounded Wounded who won t question a miracle, or at least aren t likely to strap Sean to a pyre and light the match up for it.Being a paramedic is similar, and as an added bonus, no one is trying to kill Sean most of the time, anyway That all changes when Sean heals a man during a routine night out, and the man seems to recognise something is off about the paramedic People close to Sean start getting attacked soon after, and
An excellent well written and very enjoyable Nothing fancy and totally out there just an everyday story about an immortal healer warrior coping with his forgotten past and his complicated present.Good choice as a finalist in spfbo2018. Actual rating 3.5 5If you ve ever watched and loved Forever, chances are you ll enjoy Out of Nowhere While not entirely similar, both stories focus on an immortal character working in a medical field Despite long lives, both characters haven t turned cynical They share a dryish sense of humour and need to help others.Sean Danet works as a paramedic He s immortal, and he has a gift a healing power As amazing as his powers might be, they don t make him any money He has to work, and he s chosen a profession where his healing power is useful He uses it discretely and in small doses Unfortunately, during one intervention he heals the wrong man Soon, someone starts to ask questions about Sean and attack his beloved ones That won t do.I liked Sean as a character and POV Despite ages of experience as a soldier, a healer or a witch, he still believes in humans and tries to help them whenever he can He appreciates good food and good company While he probably wouldn t win MasterChef, Sean has strong opinions on cooking I have definite
Out of Nowhere is like one of those in between meal snacks It is fun while it lasts but it is not going to replace your meals anytime soon.Welp, that analogy sucked but the essence of it is still true I had a lot of fun while reading the book It is fast paced, there is enough action to keep you satisfied and it has a good ending But, when I look back at it now after about 3 days of reading it , I feel the same about it as I did when reading the Drood books by Simon Green There isn t that much substance to the story as such like exploring the main character s back story, character development, some kind of conflict etc There are hints but it is not enough I hope that as series progresses, there will be focus on these items too.But, that said, Out of Nowhere is still a fun book to read es
Probably of a 3.5 but closer to that 4 than a 3 I am hoping to get an interview in with the author here shortly for SPFBO.I really enjoyed this book for the most part but I will say that I would not recommend it to my wife or any of my LGBTQ friends I understand that dude talk happens, and being in a stressful situation you need that sense of camaraderie I have several close family members, including my brother, who are cops and I know that the language used is accurate and often used as a way to relieve stress in dangerous situations but that doesn t mean I am comfortable hearing people use anti gay slurs myself and at this point in my life I have made it known that when they are around me that kind of language will elicit a comment so that did make me feel uncomfortable at times.So getting that out of the way I thought that the writing was excellent and I enjoyed the MC and after a slow start the book was action packed While there was a bit of a, there s a secret government consipracy out there , section it was handled with a nuance and in a way
This review first was published on my blog I ve read this book as Fantasy Book Review s judge for SPFBO My rating is not our final score as we act as a team This is only my opinion I gave 3 stars which would be 6 10 for the competition. The sympathetic nervous system is designed to handle a leopard leaping down on you from a tree, not one sending you a note to meet him at sunrise Out of Nowhere is a decent, fast paced urban fantasy which will keep you entertained, but it s not a book that will stay with you for a long time probably It s good but for me it doesn t really stands out in its genre.Sean Danet works as a paramedic, where he can use his skills unnoticed, without having to move around often than necessary Living for hundreds of years teaches a man how to keep a low profile and recognise the signs when it s time to burn the bridges not literally Mostly This time around Sean lives a decent life, is being surrounded by friends like Nique who happens to be gorgeous and sexy and apparently everyone s wet dream and Peter who have his back no matter what, and has a job he loves Things start to go ashtray when one day they are called to attend man who fell and broke his a