Losing His Wife

Losing His Wife Read Losing His Wife Author K.T Morrison Thomashillier.co.uk This Book Collects The Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, And Tenth Novelettes In The Losing His Wife Series It Contains Stuffed, Advent, New Year, And Live Free Pete And Jess Mapplethorpe Have Been Married For Seven Years Now They Ve Got Two Wonderful Little Boys And An Irish Setter Everyone That Knows Them Would Say They Are The Nicest Couple You D Want To Meet Well, They Might Say That Pete Can Be A Bit Of A Jerk Sometimes But Jess Regional Grade Three Teacher Of The Year, Three Years Running Pretty, Polite, Sensitive, Kind And Thoughtful It Must Have Been Black Magic That Brought Them Together Behind Closed Doors Everyone Would Be Shocked At What Goes On They D Never Believe The Dirty Things That Sweet Jess Might Do Or Say Pete Doesn T Think He Has What It Takes To Please His Beautiful Wife And They Fantasize About Larger Men Taking Her And Making Her Happy She S Just Starting To Discover Herself At Thirty Five She Wants To Make Up For Lost Time They Ve Found A Handsome, Well Built Young Man To Play Along It S Better Than They Even Imagined Now That They Ve Started Will She Be Able To Stop What If She Doesn T Want To Her Husband Loves Enduring Distressing Levels Of Humiliation And She S Finding A Crazy Pleasure Now In Delivering It This Book Contains Quite Graphic Descriptions Of Sex And Humiliation Between Two Consenting And Loving Married Folks , And Is For Adults. I have a lot of respect for what Morrison accomplishes in this book In the first two books which were each collections of three short novellas Morrison told an adventurous, erotic story of Pete and Jess and Tyler Jess, the innocent grade school teacher Pete, the cuckold who encourages her to take a lover and humiliate him and Tyler, the bad boy colleague who Jess picks The complications are that Tyler ends up living with the couple, and Jess falls far harder for Tyler than anyone anticipated Morrison s challenge was to bring the story to a close in a way that was satisfying but also true to what had gone before.In doing so, characters evolve and not always in ways that make us uncomfortable Jess seems self centered than in the previous volumes, as she decides to grab for what she s been missing Tyler is fleshed out, too, in ways that are perhaps generic, yet in keeping with the previous chapters Pete is the most compelling character of the three as he recognizes that saving his marriage will require him to be than he s previously been For Pete to miraculously grow a pair would be
While this book was well written and I have no issues on that side, it was just very depressing The series does wrap up with this book and you may or may not like how it s resolved I just didn t like Jess any Once she took the Florida trip, I was done with her characterdidn t care for her POV any In fact I skimmed her part when she was there But really, that was just the last straw to where the whole series had been heading.especially this book Overall the series was a g