CopShock: Surviving Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

CopShock: Surviving Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)Reading CopShock Surviving Posttraumatic Stress Disorder PTSD Author Allen R Kates Nightmares, Flashbacks, Anger, Concentration Problems, Emotional Detachment, Avoidance Of People And Places These Are Some Of The Signs Of PTSD As Many As One In Three Cops May Suffer From PTSD, A Condition That Could Lead To Depression, Suicidal Thoughts, Addictions, Eating Disorders As Well As Job And Family Conflict CopShock Prepares Police Officers For The Aftermath Of Horrific Trauma, Helps Families Understand PTSD S Effect On Their Loved Ones, Tells True Stories Of Officers Men And Women With PTSD, And Offers Over 200 Support Sources.In The Second Edition Of This Much Praised Book On Police Trauma Survival, Almost 50 Percent Of CopShock Has Been Expanded, Revised And Updated With New Material, Including Self Tests For PTSD, Anxiety, Stress, Panic Disorder, Depression, And Resiliency, As Well As Information On Treatment Centers.The New Chapters Include Stories About Police Officers And Firefighters On 9 11 Trying To Save Survivors From The Burning World Trade Center Towers And Stories About Police Dispatchers And Police Wives Who Suffer From Vicarious Trauma, But Are Often Ignored Because They Did Not Witness The Critical Incident Firsthand In Another New Chapter, The Second Edition Investigates How Police Officers Can Develop Resiliency To Horrific Events To Help Prevent PTSD Stories From The First Edition Of CopShock Are Also Included, As They Have Become Sacred To Many Readers These Are Stories About Police Officers Trying To Cope With PTSD As A Result Of Brutal Assaults, Shootings, Death Investigations, Previous Careers As Combat Soldiers, Terrorism, And Even PTSD As A Result Of Not Shooting.Law Enforcement Officers Throughout The United States, Canada, And 8other Countries Have Used This Book In Their Peer Support Programs, Police Academies, And Post Trauma Units Psychologists, Psychiatrists, First Responders, Police And Support Organizations Recommend The Book To Their Patients And Members.Since The Publication Of CopShock S First Edition In 1999, The Book Has Been Reviewed And Praised Around The World The AE Television Network Produced A Documentary Based On CopShock That Is Shown Today In Police Academies And Peer Support Groups.In This New Second Edition, Published On September 11th To Commemorate The Attack On America, CopShock Will Help Many Police Officers, Firefighters, First Responders, And War Veterans Cope With The Damaging Effects Of PTSD. Good book Extremely graphic and not for the faint of heart Mr Kates gives civilians a deeper understanding of how horrific a 1st Responders job can be and shows causes of PTSD I only wish we could see stories of actual healing from PTSD in this book. CopShock 2nd Edition, 2008 Surviving Posttraumatic Stress Disorder PTSD by Allen R Kates was a real eye opener for me It follows the lives of police officers and police dispatchers and soldiers who became cops involved in severely traumatic events, and shows how sometimes they cannot cope It shows them at their worst, and then describes how they manage to become mentally and emotionally healthy again The book has 2 amazing chapters on 9 11, and stories about cops trying to deal emotionally with assaults, drugs, shootings, being blown up by bombs, and the symptoms of Post traumatic Stress Disorder, including flashbacks, anger, nightmares, and concentration problems, to name just a few.

But the book also describes what to do before a traumatic event, and especially what to do afterwards, during the first 24 hours and then the days and weeks that follow PTSD can be controlled, managed and even cured The author includes a chapter about Resiliency, and the techniques that not only police officers can learn, but anybody affected by trauma can learn and apply.

At the end of the book are specific resources for PTSD or trauma sufferers such as how to find treatment centers, and help for alcohol and drug addiction, eating disorders, the overuse of ana
CopShock 2nd Ed is a book I wish had been written 20 years ago, when I needed it the most I was especially anxious to see if women police officers were included in the book, as too often women are forgotten when discussing cops To my relief, the first chapter told the story of a female cop in New York City who was attacked and severely injured As a result, she developed PTSD, at a time that not much help was available But she survived, and learned to deal with her symptoms And survival is what matters The book goes on to tell stories of police officers in different situations, showing how they fell into despair, but found their way back to reality, and what mental health tools they used to recover.

The book also includes police dispatchers, another forgotten group of responders, and the pain and trauma they experience PTSD can be cured, and this book shows the way As well as many cop stories of hope and encou
CopShock the second edition is what I read is an excellent book I found myself going through it and underlining phrases and using a highlighter As I m somebody with PTSD, I needed somebody to explain it well, and illustrate it in stories Best of all, the author shows how to prevent PTSD, how to deal with the symptoms if you should get it, and even the best therapies for getting rid of it.There are so many chapters that hit home being shot, cut by a blade, beaten, attacked It even shows the repercussions from being blown up by a terrorist bomb There are amazing chapters on cops and firefighters who managed to get out of the WTC burning buildings alive, and what they had to do to heal from the trauma on 9 11 There s a chapter on how to learn resiliency, which are techniques for getting over the trauma or combatting them The author even tells you what you need to do before a trauma event and afterwards There are self tests for PTSD and anxiety, and a whole
Every officer AND their significant other s should read this book at the start of their career and refer to it throughout their career I wish I had known sooner what to look for and I could have saved our children some heartache of disappointment and hurt I love my husband and with proper support and support plans in place our officers can be protected We train
Fascinating read and very informative The stories while graphic put this disorder into a real world prospective. A must read for anyone who is close to or loves a person who is in law enforcement Read it and believe it. Suggested by Larry Lourde of Saint Patrick s Catholic Church. A good look at PTSD and some of its repurcussions Provides a list of resources for those seeking support.

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