Kiya and the God of Chaos

Kiya and the God of Chaos BOOKS Kiya And The God Of Chaos Philippa Bower Kiya And The God Of Chaos Is Set In Ancient Egypt In An Alternative Universe Where The Immortal Gods Are Real The Heroine Is A Beautiful Theban Temple Dancer Named Kiya She Has The Rare Ability To Sense The Presence Of Gods And Becomes Involved In An Epic Struggle With Seth, The God Of Chaos, With Whom She Has An Unexpected Connection , Kiya S Travels Take Her The Length Of Egypt, The Minotaur S Maze In Crete And The Molloch Gold Mine In Nubia From Poor Peasant Girl To Positions Of Power And Privilege, She Learns That Money Does Not Bring Happiness She Finds Love But Loses It Again She Matures From A Young Girl To A Brave And Compassionate Woman, Who Is Instrumental In Saving Egypt In The Final Battle With Seth. Fast moving FantasyThis is not a genre I normally read but I got hooked fairly easily It is a fast paced novel and the action is constant There is not a boring moment in the whole of this epic book.