The Angel of Grove Street

The Angel of Grove Street PDF Epub The Angel Of Grove Street Author Don H Miller This Story Is Primarily About Darcy And Elizabeth, But Also Includes Much About Elizabeth S Sisters, Kitty, Mary, And Lydia Georgiana Darcy And Col Fitzwilliam Are Also Featured In The Story, As Well As Some Characters Introduced In Earlier Books Darcy First Meets Elizabeth At The Beginning Of The Book When She Is 22 And Visits Pemberley Prior To The Start Of This Story, Mr Bennet Died While Looking For Lydia, Who Had Eloped With Wickham Thus, Longbourn Has Been Lost To The Bennet Family Through The Entail On The Estate The Sisters, Except For Jane, Who Has Married, Are Living With Relatives Elizabeth Now Lives In London With Her Uncle And Aunt Gardiner, Who Are Successful Merchants And Has Come To Love The Varied Life There In Which She Helps Her Uncle And Aunt In Their Businesses, Volunteers At The Aunt S Favorite Charity, And Sings At Times In Her Aunt And Uncle S Caf To Win Elizabeth, Darcy Must Overlook The Fact That She Is Now Essentially Living As The Daughter Of A Merchant, And Elizabeth, Who Has So Taken To Her Active And Fulfilling Life In London, Must Decide If She Is Willing To Leave It For The Sedentary Life Of The Mistress Of A Country Estate Further, Darcy Is Not The Only One Who Comes To Believe Elizabeth May Be The Perfect Wife In Addition To Their Story, Lydia, Who Had Completely Disappeared For Two Years, Returns With Quite A Tale To Tell, And Mary Finds Love In An Unexpected Place. 2.5 rounded up to 3 starsThis doesn t have a bad premise, but the writing kind of gets in its own way with a LOT of redundancy and unnecessary information Many of the characters are frankly beyond belief, starting with the heroine Here s the way it starts Elizabeth Bennet has been well known to the servants of Pemberley and many of the tenants around Lambton through her trips there with her father, and then her aunt, for years Mr Bennet and the now deceased Mr Darcy had been good friends In addition, because she has spent a great deal of time in London singing at her uncle s bookstore pastry shop coffeehouse teahouse concert hall, Elizabeth is known and admired by many in the ton She and Darcy meet at Pemberley when she arrives to seek the doctor who runs a clinic there.The story suffers from an Elizabeth Bennet who is insufferably perfect She s a lethal wielder of knives She s an accurate diagnostician and healer when there isn t a doctor handy She s fluent in several languages and an able bookkeeper She s beaut
Perfection has one grave defect it is apt to be dull W Somerset MaughamThe tone of this story was way off canon So, for the purists be forewarned Also, those who have an aversion to OOC out of character behavior this is a warning for you also These are not your Austen characters, other than in name only I do not know one character that was true to canon So there read at your own discretion It was a long story however, it was clean She s kind of a walking poem, she s this perfect beauty but at the same time very deep, very smart Johnny DeppThis Elizabeth was described as a paragon of every accomplishment and virtue known to women, and a few of men She was perfect in everything, superior intellect, classic education, singing, playing of instruments, composing music and lyrics, languages, knowledge of medical procedures, etc In fact, there were a few skills described at the beginning of the story that never appeared again, along with the coachman keeping watch over her Now that would have been a scene to develop What was the benefit of pointing those out and never providing an opportunity for her to use said skill Or the coachman for that matter I was really look
In this variation the Bennett sisters are without their father years before the story begins Lydia is missing Jane is married and out of the picture Mrs Bennett lives with her Dad The story is the tale of Lizzy, Kitty, and Mary Kitt
The Angel of Grove Street A Novel of the Darcys and BennetsDelightful story about our favorite couple Darcy and Elizabeth The relationship between the elder Darcy and Bennet confused both Darcy and Elizabeth until Dr Stewart handed Elizabeth the letter written for her Elizabeth had been at Pemberley many times, but Darcy was always at school Mr George Darcy was fascinated by Elizabeth s mental abilities, wit, education, and kindness to all she met Being her godfather, Mr Darcy started a fund for her early in her life that allowed her to give Kitty and Mary each a dowry and have quite a bit left over for herself Darcy was amazed that all of his servants knew and loved her, and she them Darcy was fascinated by Elizabeth but his duty and honour prohibited a relationship with her or so he thought However forces were against him, but when he finally decided to ask her to marry him, Elizabeth refused and left Pemberley the next morning with Lydia Yes Lydia reappeared as Mrs Lydia Martin and not Mrs Lydia Wickham Long story, but really good because Lydia s life changed dramatically after wicked Wickham left her with the ship s captain, Mr Martin Lydia wanted revenge for what Wickham had done especially for the death of her father At eighteen she becomes a rich widow and an asset to her Uncle Gardiner s business Elizabeth also refused another marriage offer from Lord Daniel
Disclaimer I did not finish this book It was utterly unreadable Anyone who got through it I salute you I made it through about 25% reading then to 50% by skimming and then I said No My problem with this book is simple While written by an author I have enjoyed in the past this title seems to have been written by a teenager or it is an authors first attempt at prose Some one said Write it don t say it Meaning there should be prose than dialog in a book This reads like a play without stage direction Almost every scene is merely dialog And that might be okay but the dialog is terrible I have pulled some excepts which you can see on the full review They appear to be written by someone who never heard a conversation let alone a Regency conversation Here is my version Person 1 Have you know Susan long Person 2 Yes we ve been friends for years Here is the book s versionPerson 1 Have you know Susan long Person 2 Yes we ve been friends for years Susan was born to a viscount and her mother was from trade Her father took to drink and she was raised by her grandmother when her grandmother died their house was sold to pay the creditors and Susan went into service where she served as governess to the Earl of Markey His third son fro
Not one for meI am surprised I actually managed to get so far into this book I am guessing that this author has a vivid imagination, as he certainly let it run away here It is littered with Americanisms and quite a few mistakes The idea of Elizabeth fighting with swords and singing in publi
An intimidating ElizabethA very different variation, in that the basic story of PP is no where to be found Jane is married to a doctor from the start and is only referenced Mr Bennett is gone, the family is scattered, Elizabeth hasn t even met Darcy yet, and Mary and Kitty are well behaved and talented Elizabeth is portrayed as a kind of wonder woman she s a highly educated child prodigy, educates her sisters, runs a charity, sings, helps her uncle run his business, composes music, writes a travel journal, etc WOW How can anyone measure up For my tastes, she s way too perfect and almost manically busy This is Lizzy on steroids, and even she doesn t think she has time to be in love with Darcy or anyone.This book was well written except for a large amount of editing mistakes, and a lot of repetition of dialogue I enjoyed reading it, but was
So badNo subtlety No sense No sensibility Three elopement is the most likely thing to keep the Bennett women from missing well, yet all the author harps on about is that they are not of the ton, and the elopement is bandied about out loud and with strangers Discussions are stilted and
Wonderful Yet another enjoyable to read and wonderful variation inspired by author Jane Austen s classic Pride and Prejudice by Don H Miller. It almost didn t happenLeave it to Mr MIller to find yet another twist on the love story of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy.