What We Remember

What We RememberRead What We Remember By Michael Thomas Ford Capitalsoftworks.co.uk James McCloud, A Seattle District Attorney, Gets An Early Morning Phone Call From His Sister, Celeste, Announcing That Their Father S Body Has Been Found Police Officer Daniel McCloud Disappeared Years Ago, But A Bigger Bombshell Is In Store Evidence From The Body Proves That He Was Murdered. Michael Thomas Ford is a great writer and this is a great book I was hooked from the beginning and it just got better and better.The story is a murder mystery at its core, but also explores family dynamics in a way that most mysteries do not The plot structure was unusual it s laid out with varying points of view and time jumps these are two things that usually annoy me to no end, but here the techniques were used to enhance and propel the s
What a ride So many turns Exciting to the end Best entertainment. Audible It pains me a lot to rate this book under 4 stars yes, because in spite of my personal issues with the story, I can t complain about the writing style but for me What We Remember is probably the weakest novel I read until now by Michael Thomas Ford, BTW, one of my favourite authors.I find also difficult to explain WHY this one is less satisfying for me For the first time, while reading MTF, I have been torn between my objective and subjective liking disliking and accompanying contradictions Ah the plot The mystery here is not your typical one I d say that it s rather a family drama The reader has to deal with skeletons in the closet a lot of family s secrets The most intriguing part of the mystery for me is always a mental process, the investigating part, a game of cat and mouse, the way HOW a case has been solved There is no actually any investigation here We have a district attorney as a main suspect, we have his girl friend, a counsellor, we have a family of a murdered sheriff BTW, the main suspect is also his son , but we don t have any investigation This mystery could have been solved 8 years ago If the family members would have talked to each other We have, as always, a great character development But on the contrary to his other books, I couldn t find ANYONE, not EVEN a single character to care about
Excellent Michael Thomas Ford is an excellent writer and one of my favourite authors So it isn t surprising that I liked this Each MTF book is so different from gentle family stories, to longer emotional sagas, to good old romances and now to this murder mystery overflowing with suspense.I was gripped by the story from the first page and thank goodness I had a day off so I could let myself be taken off into the story and soak up the tension and the intense nature of some of the characters I love a good mystery but this wasn t just good, it was weighty A brilliant and weighty mystery with twists, turns and surprises which I couldn t have seen coming.Daniel McCloud was believed to have committed suicide in 1983 but his body was never found Now in 1991 his body has been found buried in a trunk and he was murdered Daniel left behind a wife and three children but this isn t a close and loving family Each family member has their own struggles and issues with the past Celeste the oldest is married to Nate the sheriff a
A departure from Ford s usual fare, which isn t a bad thing We have great writing, a tight plot, and believable characters as usual in a Ford novel The chapters switch back and forth, past and present, which may put some people off There are also quite a few characters, and we get to see parts of the story from ALL of their points of view, which also may put people off a lot of head hopping Neither of these devices bothered me My only gripe not enough to make me not like
Who killed Sheriff Daniel McCloud That s the premise behind this intriguing novel that explores the complex relationships between husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, and mothers and children More than a murder mystery, this character s
This murder mystery that is also a portrait of a family in small town New York is marred by constant flitting between times Normally, this isn t a problem but the chapters are so short, any narrative impetus is lost. This book really annoyed me I don t really know why I finished it I guess I had never read the author before and I love Steve Walker, the artist who does his covers, though I will agree that neither of the covers had anything whatsoever to do with the book The book had so many problems I found myself constantly gritting my teeth, and though it did become ever so slightly readable at the end, it never got good or even okay.Several problems 1 No likeable characters.2 No rational decisions from the characters.3 In a book sold to gay men, we get She found the sweet tender bud hidden among the warm folds and began to massage it while she fantasized about the man in the pictures 4 I took a writing class once and the teacher explained how to draw someone in and make them think Your character gets a phone call from someone they dislike inviting them to a party They say yes through gritted teeth The reader knows they don t want to go but the caller doesn t, the reader gets the inside view, and they get to use their mind to work out that she doesn t really want to go This exact situation happens in this book but is of course followed by the sister explaining to the reader that she didn t want to go Well we k
I ve read and enjoyed Michael Thomas Ford s previous novels which largely focused on gay life immersed in a variety of dramatic and comedic situations With What We Remember , he scores points for moving out of his comfort zone with what could best be described as a murder mystery wrapped in a backwoods family drama For me, it possibly could have earned a five star if not for a couple of glaring problems Without providing spoilers, let s just say those problems invol
Good read As with all of Ford s novels, the characters are real, like people you meet every day The murder mystery adds a twist that drives the novel and keeps the reader on her toes Not as believable as some of his novels, but still a really good one that I recommend highly

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  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • What We Remember
  • Michael Thomas Ford
  • English
  • 27 January 2017
  • 9780758218513