The Wrong Unit

The Wrong UnitThe Wrong Unit Author Rob Dircks The Wrong Unit By Rob Dircks Goodreads The Wrong Unit By Rob Dircks Is Set In A Dystopian Far Future Where Humanity Is Controlled By Core, Or A Computer Overlord S Itr, Or Heyoo As He Iscommonly Referred To By Humans, Is A Loyal Servile Unit Or A Humanoid Robot That Is Charged With Interacting With And Helping Humans On A Day To Day Basis One Day, He Goes In To Get Repaired When His Existence As He Knows It Is Changed ForeverThe Wrong Unit A Novel EBook Rob The Wrong Unit A Novel Kindle Edition By Rob Dircks Download It Once And Read It On Your Kindle Device, PC, Phones Or Tablets Use Features Like Bookmarks, Note Taking And Highlighting While Reading The Wrong Unit A Novel The Wrong Unit A Novel Rob Dircks The Wrong Unit Is Such A Great Ride The Pace Is Fast, The Dialogue Is Smart And Sarcastic And Witty The Sci Fi World Created By Dircks Is New, Imaginative, And So Original The Wrong Unit YouTube This Video Is Unavailable Watch Queue Queue Watch Queue Queue The Wrong Unit Audiobook By Rob Dircks Heyou, The Wrong Unit Of The Title, Is Picked Up By Mistake And Thrust Into An Epic Quest To Save Humanity This Involves A Very Long Walk With A Very Small Child As Heyou Trudges Across The Planet His Empathy For Humans And His Own Sense Of Identity Grows With Each Challenge That He Overcomes The Wrong Unit A Novel Now Available Jose Morgan This Is So Awesome, It Opens Up So Many Possibilities Thank You For Sharing This Information, It Helps A Lot The Wrong Unit Audiobook Quella Reviews The Wrong Unit Audiobook April ,November ,Posted In Books The Wrong Unit Written And Narrated By Rob Dircks Is An Extraordinary Piece Of Science Fiction That Should Be On Most Everyone S To Read Lists The Wrong Unit Free PDF, EPUB And TORRENT All Information About The Book The Wrong Unit Bibliographic Data, Summary, Search For Links To Download An E Book In PDF, EPUB Or Read Online The Wrong Unit Rob Dircks Hftad Priskr Hftad,Skickas Inom Vardagar Kp The Wrong Unit Av Rob Dircks P Bokus The Wrong Unit Scoutbook The Wrong Unit Maintenance Advisory There Will Be A Brief Maintenance Window Starting At AM CDT, Monday, July ,for Scoutbook We Apologize For Any Inconvenience Hi, I m the author I had a blast spending the better part of 2015 2016 writing this tale of AI gone wrong, our shared humanity, and the things we might learn about ourselves 800 years from now, and I m totally proud of it And I hope you enjoy it too The Wrong Unit is a dystopian science fiction read that takes place about 850 years into the future Heyoo Hey you is an Autonomous Servile Unit, a sort of AI in a somewhat human chassis that was meant to be a help on the farm in the area that is controlled by CORE CORE is a computer system that has taken over and holding what humans are left in the world captive and controlling them When Heyoo goes in for repairs he ends up captured by some rebelling humans and transported out of the area that he knows and then finds that it was a case of mistaken identity, he wasn t the robot meant to be captured Along with finding himself in the middle of nowhere Heyoo finds that he was sent with a package , a human infant, to deliver to someone called Iceman Since Heyoo s job has been to serve and protect humans he does everything to keep the young child alive and complete the mission This was a rather lighthearted science fiction read being told from the point of view of an android in the future Heyoo has a rather developed personali
4 stars for the audiobook narrated by the author himself, Rob DircksWell now, this was a fun little story It clocked in at just over 5.5 hours, so it really was quite short, but it packed a punch nonetheless The Wrong Unit takes place about 800 years in the future and is mostly told from the perspective of Heyoo, an Autonomous Servile Unit humanoid robot , who was mistakenly caught up in a small uprising of local humans Before Heyoo really knows what s what, he finds himself shoved into a transporter with a mysterious package strapped to his back, a letter in his hand, and the word bananas mouthed at him at the last minute Moments later, he finds himself in the middle of nowhere, discovers there is a rather new infant in the package and learns that he s on a mission to find The Iceman What follows is
Wow I Absolutely loved this freaking book I cant believe it s all over This story was an amazing journey that sometimes had me on the edge of my seat What s scary is because of all that s currently being done with technology, computers, and Internet, something like what happened in this story could pos
Accuracy 1 starStory 5 starWhat if Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang was a robot assigned to help people after the Robot Uprising And what if the robot, in a classic sitcom case of mistaken identity, became part of the human revolution to thwart the Robot Uprising If that were true, you d have The Wrong Unit, a fast moving screwball comedy that tells of the human resistance to robot world domination from the viewpoint of a robot overlord.In a nearish future, robots have taken over the world ostensibly to better serve and protect people Heyoo hints of Scalzi s characters giving sarcastic names to their interfaces in Old s Man War is an Autonomous Servile Unit with an utter lack of self awareness and no idea of the meaning of the word servile It goes about its existence happily micro managing human affairs, never questioning its mission, draconian methods, or spirit sapping results, all the while keeping up an inner monologue of why humans are rather dim and unappreciative Then Heyoo gets in the middle of the human uprising to regain their freedom and thus b
A quick read Fun, funny, delightful Humans have been imprisoned by an artificial intelligence devoted to keeping them safe and happy They wish to be free The plan Send a a sympathetic service unit named Heyoo think Wall e from the Disney movie of the same name and a child named Wah to awaken the resistance Along the way, child grows to man, robot becomes human, adventures abound Much it learned about life, love and the meaning of family Short chapters most only a few pages long and sna
The audiobook version is read by the author, and I thoroughly enjoyed his narration The story was simple, but well paced and entertaining. My original The Wrong Unit audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.The Wrong Unit by Rob Dircks is set in a dystopian far future where humanity is controlled by Core, or a computer overlord 413s98 itr8, or Heyoo as he is commonly referred to by humans, is a loyal Servile Unit or a humanoid robot that is charged with interacting with and helping humans on a day to day basis One day, he goes in to get repaired when his existence as he knows it is changed forever Instead of day to day tasks of helping humans go about their days, he is thrust onto a journey to deliver a fragile package to a location unknown, with no path or instructions Little does Heyoo know, he s is now wrapped up in a quest to overthrow the computerized overlord that he actually believes to be infallible On this journey, Heyoo s primary goal is to figure out how to get home, but as time passes he begins to wonder if this rebellion may not be such a crazy idea after all.Dircks has delivered a fantastic novel that is charming, thoughtful, both heart wrenc
An enjoyable tale of boy meets robot and off they go on an adventure. The Right Wrong Unit Wow What a hilarious, heart warming, and though provoking story Set in the future, where technology and programs rule humanity, the wrong unit was selected to deliver humanities last hope to gain their freedom This fast paced story follows the journey of the wrong unit, and it s human companion, who it s raised since an infant, to an unknown destination Their journey was filled with many laughs, and heart warming moments watching the unit known as Heyoo learn to care for the human he named Wah I rece