Festival Anthology

Festival AnthologyDownload Festival Anthology By Karen Michelle Nutt Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Jairec S Holiday In San Francisco Turned Into A Living Nightmare When He S Attacked By A Chiang Shih, A Chinese Vampire He Has Until The End Of The Moon Festival To Convince Autumn, An Herbalist, To Hand Over The Elixir Of Life Without It He Will Become The White Haired Demon For All Eternity Only Autumn Believes He S Delusional The Elixir Of Life Is A Legend.When A Mysterious Attack Leaves The Victim Drained Of Blood, Autumn Is Forced To Believe Monsters Really Do Exist The Master Chiang Shih Is Raising An Army With The Intent Of Taking Over Chinatown And He Is Determined To Have Jairec And Autumn At His Side. A good book is one that really draws you into the moment, makes you feel what the characters feel and connect with them This book takes that to a whole new level You laugh and you cry You really feel the emotions bone deep until they link to your soul This was an absolutely amazing book and I recom
When I first heard of this book, my first thought was, I wonder how much the story s chiang shih will resemble the original ones Not many non Asians knew about Chinese vampires, so I was curious to read it Then when I got my hands on the book, I was shocked at the differences.Almost nothing resembled the ones I was familiar with Chinese vampires raised from the grave have decaying appearances as corpses and they hop instead of walking Also they are known to be feral and primal, and most lack the ability to speak, unless you were a human in transition They sleep during the day and cannot create fog whatsoever They also find prey by sensing their breathing, meaning if the victims hold their breaths while in hiding, they will remain undetectable until the vampire disappears These vampires are known to have sharp nails that can infect their victims with a scratch, like a zombie Typical weaknesses involve attaching a golden parchment inscribed with runes by a taoist on their foreheads, throwing raw glutinous rice at them, blood of a pure black dog or driving a wooden sword made of wood from a peach tree through their hearts similar to a western vampire s weakness Most of these traits were displayed and there were too many changes to be satisfactory for a Chinese.However, the story itself was also had a romantic touch that reminded you of Twilight , which made up some of the d
Autumn Moon was chosen as a challenge read It was a quick read at only 140 pages But, the story was entertaining Jairec, while on holiday, is attacked by a chiang shih, a Chinese vampire And now he wants to know how he can change back and become human once again He seeks out the help of the Seer who tells him You will find the cure in Chinatown Dr Jin Lei s place Autumn moon is your destiny. The Autumn Moon festival is underway and he s not sure how exactly he ll find this cure.Jairec heads to Chinatown in search of his cure where he meets Dr Autumn Moon his destiny Also in the story, Jairec s brother, Tristan has gotten himself into a bit a trouble While upset and drunk one night, he accidentally invoked Heng, who appeared and promises Tristan power, so no one would bother him and eternal life Now that he s sober, he s not interested Jairec is hilarious as the resistant vampire and Autumn is endearing If you re in the mood for a vamp romance with a twist, you may enjoy
Autumn Moon of San Francisco s Chinatown is just what Jairec Connolly needs to reverse his unwanted transition to a chiang shih, a vampire An untutored sorcerer, Moon must find a cure for her new love, but the clock is ticking.Enjoyed it