Gray Meridian

Gray Meridian Ebook Gray Meridian Author J.T Conroe A Ship Is Sent By A Secretive Intergalactic Foundation To A Remote And Forgotten Planet Under Its Protection Called Hiraxis VIII The Planet Has A Pre Industrial Civilization That Has Long Forgotten Its Origins As A Human Colony The Ship Returns With A Collection Of Ancient Manuscripts One Of The Manuscripts Is A Narrative Of The Life Of A Native Hiraxian And It Tells A Story That Will Shake Both Hiraxian Civilization And The Foundation To Their Cores Following The Violent Abduction Of His Mother While The Narrator Is But A Young Boy Living In A Village On Hiraxis VIII At A Time When It Is Even Primitive, The Boy S Father Places Him Under The Care Of A Mysterious Mountain King And Departs In A Desperate Attempt To Rescue His Wife The Boy, Now A Ward Of The Mountain King, Is Sent On A Journey Of His Own And Discovers A Legacy That Extends Back Thousands Of Years To The Year AD1.999 On Mythical Earth And An Immortal Father This Is The Second Book Of The Secret Meridians It Is A Sequel And Expansion Of Metamorphosis.