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Made in America EPUB Made In America Jamie Deschain Nature Oh.My.GOSH Grant Oliver Sebastian Huffman.He S A Billionaire Playboy With A Filthy Mouth, And The Equipment To Back It Up.From TMZ To E Online, He S The Talk Of The Town, But This Time It S Not Because Of The Women, The Money, Or The Hard Body That Seems To Come Naturally To Guys Like Him.He S In Trouble Big Trouble.And All Because Of A Waitress That Couldn T Leave Well Enough Alone.Raven YoungShe S A Spunky English Gal Trying To Make Her Way In The City That Never Sleeps.A Tattooed Beauty With A Zest For Life, Raven Doesn T Put Up With Anybody S Crap Not From Her Job, Not From Her Roommate, And Certainly Not From A Guy Like Grant He Thinks That With All His Money He Can Just Get Away With What He Did Surprise, Motherf Er BUZZFEED Grant Huffman Offered His Waitress A Tip, And You Won T Believe What Happened Next When Worlds Collide, It S Doubtful At Best That These Two Will Be Able To Resist Their Libidos, But Not Everything Is All About That Bass.Grant S Got A Secret, Raven S Got Issues, And When The Girl With The Sass Finds Out About The Guy With The Cash, She Ll Also Discover The Answer To The Age Old Question What S Love Got To Do With It Answer Everything Made In America Is A Stand Alone Novel Made In America Is Pretty Hot Made In America Could Have A Sequel, If You Really Want One 4.75 complicated starsWhere do i start First of all, I know Jamie Deschain to be such a great, funny and kind man, a real hugger LOL well, he ll know what I mean so this one goes out to youand THANK YOU for sharing this beautifully complicated love storyand I am sorry it fucking took me this long to get thereso I ll cherish it It s hard to get the words together right now BUT I ll just say that I went on a journey of finding love when you least expect it, when it s not the most favorable time for either of themand yet they can t fight it, at first it s the opposites attract kinda thing and its awkward two totally different worlds collide into a twist of unexpected emotions, when a billionaire Grant Oliver Sebastian Huffman sets foot in a sport bar and eyes a waitress Raven, one snarky message will stir up such a comotion setting them both into each other s inevitable paths The chances, the time they spend in each other s company, the get to know part and the connection they feel and that neither of them ca
COPY provided by the author Jamie Deschain in exchange for the honest review Raven Young is a British woman travelled to NYC to live the dream, going to school there, but quickly realised college wasn t for her and she s been working at a minimum wage job ever since, surviving on tips from her customers On her shift one day Raven has the unfortunate task of having to deal with two good looking men in suits, who blatantly ogle her, and one of them makes crude remarks about her fun bags So when the bill comes and the men leave her an unflattering tip about her tattoos Raven takes to social media posting the tip which goes viral landing billionaire Grant Huffman in a PR nightmare.Grant Huffman didn t realise the Sassy feisty waitress would post his tip on the bill but when she demands a public and personal apology he complies, what he didn t expect is the attraction they both share towards each other In a spur of the moment decision to keep this woman within his reach Grant offers her a job as his PA Raven takes the job and the sparks begin to fly but she s dead set on not sleeping with her new boss, but flirting is ok Their flirting turns into foreplay as the two take turns pushing the other s buttons, wearing each other down until they give in and succumb to the sexual attraction they feel towards each other But their past hurts and Grant s hidden secret
3.5 starsWie cool, bin erst jetzt draufgekommen, dass diese Erotic Romance von einem Mann geschrieben wurde D I just really intended to take a peek at the first few pages of this book before planning to go through it sometime later But that prologue got meso I ended up reading the entire thing on an early Saturday morning.This was a really nice surprise to kick off my weekend The title and the blurb did not prepare me enough for this story Although there were some points that were a bit extreme Grant fired his current assistant so that he can give Raven a job and there relationship started off a bit quickly for my taste Not to mention that Grant was a tad douche
I have read a similar plot before but that didn t stop me from enjoying this book I love reading about hot sex and Grant Raven definitely have that When they meet at the restaurant Raven waitresses at, it was very sexist Starting with Grant s employee, Alan, calling her breasts fun bags , it just goes downhill from there Grant, on the other hand, has Raven in his office soliciting and giving apologies and realizes he doesn t want to lose track of her so he hires her as his assistantafter firing his current assistan
GOSH I just devoured this book Raven and Grant are hot hot hot Things start out horribly wrong but after an apology and a spark this love story takes off But there is a secret that could have it all tumbling down Come and read it to find out how it ends If you enjoy a sassy mouthed woman who is not afraid of
Life has a way of kicking you down and when you least expect it, picking you back up.It takes a special kind of woman to bring a man to his knees, to change his perspective on things and return him to the man he used to be.It takes an amazi
Raven and Grant forever The love story between them evolved and transpired and is still going on , I hope For a guy to write a romance novel that was as top notch as this , just gave all the good sexy feels and hotness 3.5

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