Slaves of Dark Haven 3

Slaves of Dark Haven 3 Reading Slaves Of Dark Haven 3 Marian Wilder Welcome To Dark Haven Finishing School For Young Ladies , Read The Old Sign Beneath The Inscription, Presented Like A Rather Frightening Crest, Was A Hand Painted Picture Of A Riding Crop And A School Cane, Crossed Like A Pair Of Fencing Swords From The Book To Dee, The Whole Thing Suddenly Seemed To Be Happening In Slow Motion She Watched As The Guard Moved To One Side Of The Frame, And Began To Haul On The Rope Her Arms Began To Raise She Staggered Forward As They Were Drawn Higher, Mesmerised By The Dreamlike Absurdity Of The Entire Scenario This Was Like A Scene From One Of Those Old Arabian Nights Movies She Had Watched On Saturday Mornings All Those Years Ago The One Where The Damsel In Distress Ends Up Bound And At The Mercy Of The Evil Overseer Her Mind Told Her This Couldn T Be Real It Was Too Ridiculous How Could She Suddenly Find Herself Starring In One Of Those Movies Movies That Had Stirred Her Imagination In Such Strange Ways Oh, How She Had Stared At Those Beautiful Heroines As They Struggled In Their Bonds How She Had Gasped At Their Labours As They Recoiled From The Terrifying Whips Of Their Tormentors They Had Seemed So Helpless So Vulnerable They Had Seemed So Striking, So So Sexy So Turned On Welcome To Dark Haven Where Nothing Is As It First Seems This Is Book 3 Of The Slaves Of Dark Haven Series These Tales Are Intended For Mature Readers Only 18 As They Contain Themes Of A Sexual Nature You Have Been Warned This is a 3 book series.Should be read in order.All three of my reviews have been posted.Book 4 explores another womanIn Dark Haven.Monica, Sharon s roommate, is moved to The Correctional facility for trying to escape.Monica is punished by a severe flogging inFront of curious and excited spectators.Crudely displayed like a piece of meat forTheir inspection and enjoyment.Monica is entering into slave trainin
its got Ann Marie Rabbitte in it Enough said.