れくいえむEPUB By Shizuko G Undercostruction.eu Amazing EPub, By Shizuko G This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book , Essay By Shizuko G Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Nowadays, though, she might write to her brother Take care of yourself, but not Please fight for the country with all your might She had learned how hard her young heart must have been to have written that message over and over without a twinge of pain. A few GR people have this marked down as Young Adult, for whatever reason It s about as Young Adult as Grave of the Fireflies is a children s movie, in that both happen to children and young adults and that s just the way it goes Those who sniff and sneer at the younger audiences of genres, be grateful that these still fairly recent inventions of childhood and young adulthood didn t, in your case, incorporate all the trials and tribulations of firebombs and politics Death has no minimum age Consumption has no minimum age Ideological indoctrination via imperialism and the military industrial complex has no minimum age, and if you can t tell whether I m speaking of Japan or my own country good Even this gun filled landscape of mine has its pockets where children viewed less as a target of mockery and as target practice, but that s a story for another book They ll shout their slogans about its sacredness and a hundred million glorious deaths, just as long as it s the common people whose lives are at stake, but when it s their turn, and the imperial system and the state itself the justification for all their actions come under threat, then there s no reason for them to continue the war. I k
Requiem is a classic I novel, in which the author s own experiences are related in the third person via a fictional alter ego Shizuko G 1929 2014 was sixteen and suffering from tuberculosis when quite by chance she survived the firebombing of Yokohama in May 1945 The same is true of the heroine of this novel, izumi Setsuko, whose experience of the aftermath of the raids is described pp 57 65 Setsuko survives, only to succumb to illness just as the American occupation troops begin to arrive.The novel is cleverly constructed as if to reflect the chaotic dreams of a young woman slipping in and out of consciousness vivid memories rise to the surface and are narrated, then fade with the dawning of another day that Setsuko will have to drag herself through, unable to conceive of surrender.She knew Japan wasn t winning But defeat and surrender weren t the same thing They might be beaten, but they would never surrender They would fight till the last man, woman and child had fallen Wasn t that why, each time there was news of a Glorious
Setsuko verbringt ihre letzten Tage schwerkrank in einem provisorischen Luftschutzbunker in Yokohama und im Fieberwahn rekapituliert sie ihr Leben die Familie, der Nationalismus, die Arbeit in der Fabrik, ihre Schulzeit, das Zusammensein mit der Freundin Naomi, der Tod der Mutter, die Absenz des Vaters Ein Text in Ausrissen, Szenen, Fragmenten und Briefen, die sie mit Naomi austauscht.Das macht den Roman mitunter schwer zu lesen, da die vielen Spr nge den Leser unvermittelt in neue Ereignisse hinein katapultieren, die weder eingef hrt noch erl utert werden Erst im Laufe der Zeit ergibt sich so etwas wie eine koh rente Narration allerdings muss sich das der Leser a
Shizuko Go, Requiem Kodansha International, 1973 One of the review blurbs on the back of Requiem calls it The Japanese counterpart of Anne Frank s diary Actually, Requiem is a much better book than The Diary of a Young Girl Go does a fine job of weaving her main character s dying moments in with recollections of the last year of her life Go gives us no illusions from page one her main character, Setsumo Oizumi, is lying in a bomb shelter close to death, clutching a grey notebook containing letters from her best friend, Naomi Niwa, and the flashbacks alternate between letters between the two of them and scenes from Oizumi s life.Where this short novel fails, and this is rare in Japanese novels, is in its lack of reserve Go wanted to pen a horrors of war novel, and for the most part she succeeds Much of the book uses the imagery of war, and Oizumis developing disillusionment with the war effort, to convey its pacifist message But every once in a while Go drops the veil and comes out with a passage where the message overrides the medium the book goes from a fine, sparse novel to a political po
It s hard to read such a story But this was excellent in it s writing, structure and deployment of the scenes and plot Somehow Shizuko Go gave expression to what barely can be imagined, but was is the truth for human beings affected by war We all know natural disaster or accidents make no sense but war, the humans cause it knowingly, and that makes the absurdity of the misery humans have to endure due to war even gripping.Maybe all people who aspire to go into politics should be first forced to work thru a reading list of books about war, just to make sure they have a clear understanding of the concrete human impact of nation wide violence, and then this book could be part of the top 10 of mandatory reading Yet, testimonials or no testimonials, it just keeps happening For an ideal An ideology To protect the riches of some countries against the poverty of other s For no good reason, as there can t be a reason to justify wha
A powerful and moving novel that deals with war, patriotism and pacifism As relevant today as it was when it was first published. Sometimes poignant, but just as often melodramatic, and for the most part dull I have to be honest even at a mere 122 pages, it felt like a slog I usually dig the relentlessly grim, but G s scattershot construction left me unable to feel much of anything for the characters. Review This book was incredible, it pulls at the strings of the heart, and is truly soul wrenching It s amazingly beautiful and despairingly ugly at the same time All I wish is that I would ve found this book sooner.The book is about Setsuko, a sixteen year old dying in an air raid shelter, as she goes back through her memories and lift of growing up in WWII japan as a patriotic Japanese girl and her friendship with Naomi the daughter of a man imprisoned for the crim
I like the way the horrors of the American bombing spree are shown in the novel I also like how it gives space to Japanese voices who opposed the war and for this very reason were repressed by the imperial state T