Tangled Lines

Tangled Lines Download Tangled Lines Author Bonnie J Doerr Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk A String Of Islands, A Knot Of Criminals, And Two Teens To Untie It.High School Changes Everything For Kenzie Ryan And Angelo Sanchez Especially Their Relationship After Spending All Summer Cracking Crimes Against Endangered Wildlife In Big Pine Key, Florida, Now They Barely See Each Other Angelo Hangs Out With A Porsche Driving Quarterback And A Stunning Local Conch Princess And Kenzie Struggles With Being A Newbie Among The Key West Cliques But High School Drama Gets Overshadowed When Horrific Numbers Of Pelicans Are Found Tortured Near The Islands Where They Live Kenzie Begs Angelo To Help Stop The Slaughter, But He Refuses Until A Stunning Family Secret Is Revealed When A Sanchez Fish House Employee Falls Under Suspicion, The List Of Suspects Explodes, And The Discovery Of Illegal Activity Exposes Angelo And Kenzie To The Same Deadly Risk Faced By The Pelicans They Are Trying To SavePRAISE FOR TANGLED LINES Tangled Lines Is Loaded With Irresistible Heart Stopping Adventure This Fiction Based On Fact Eco Novel Is An Engaging Portrayal Of Teens With A Passion For Saving Threatened Pelicans They Have No Doubt They Can Change Their World, And Almost No Fear Of Attempting Anything To Achieve Their Goals A Perfect Tool For Connecting Teens With Birds And Avian Issues, We Will Be Adding This Book To Our Audubon Library To Inspire This Age Group Wendy Big Bird HawkinsEducation Chair, Forsyth Audubon, Winston Salem, NC Bonnie J Doerr S Tangles Lines Transports Readers Deep Into The Wildness Of The Florida Keys In Vivid Reality This Environmental Mystery S Teen Detectives Relationship Troubles And Dedication To Saving The Magnificent Creatures They Share Their World With Will Hook Readers Until The Very Last Line Award Winning Author, Angela Morrison, Sing Me To Sleep And The Taken By Storm Series. Bonnie J Doerr has written a polished, exciting and important book Tangled Lines deals with the destruction of natural habitat and cruelty toward pelicans, all in the name of profit Doerr s research is impeccable The portrayal of the culture and community of Big Pine Key, Florida is realistic and believable The reader is given an insight into the daily struggle of fishermen, the risks taken by Cuban immigrants to reach the United States of America, exploitation of the natural world, the senseless slaughter of wild creatures, and the courageous and giving nature of volunteers trying to protect endangered wildlife and the environment.As well as a fascinating glimpse into this world, the author creates a realistic and touching story of unrequited love Kenzie Ryan, the hero, has developed romantic feelings for her comrade in environmental protection but he, Angelo Sanchez, just wants to be friends In turn, Angelo has fallen for a wealthy and beautiful girl from an influential family who also happens to be a good person There is also a budding romance between Kenzie s friend Ana and an older boy, who seems oblivious to her wheelchair The complications and emotions of teenagers in relationships is shown with tact, understanding, empathy, and a sense of humor.This book is an eco mystery As such, clues are given as the true reason behind the slaughter of pelicans unfolds Kenzie and Angelo take great personal risk in order to protect the vul
With the publication of TANGLED LINES Seek, 2016 , Bonnie Doerr completes her eco mystery series that began with ISLAND STING 2010 and STAKEOUT 2012 All three middle grade books star detectives Kenzie Ryan and Angelo Sanchez figuring out an ecological crime that threatens their beloved Florida Keys Since I frequently interweave book reviews with comments on craft, this review will focus on three basic elements The Beginning, Middle, and End using materials Barbara O Connor provided at the fall SCBWI Carolinas regional conference.THE BEGINNING O Connor says that the story s setup should include Whose story it isWhere the story takes placeWhat the story is aboutA sense of the style or tone of the storyIn the first two pages of TANGLED the reader finds Kenzie gathering Florida Keys newspapers and shoving them in the recycling bin under her stilt house As she performs this chore, she sees a picture of a Brown Pelican.In the photo, the pelican s pouch was raggedly sliced from its beak, hanging loose like a war torn flag The caption screamed Pelicans Brutally Slashed p 2 She runs inside, shoves the paper in front of her mother and says, This is sick Kenzie s stomach churned It s inhuman It s despicable A cinematic swirl of jagged knive
I won t write much of a review as the author is a friend Also, it is young adult fiction, a category I rarely read so have little experience with But, it certainly made me want to return to Key West Especially as I read it today, we have almost 8 inches of