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Adulting 101PDF Adulting 101 Author Lisa Henry The Struggle Is Real Nick Stahlnecker Is Eighteen And Not Ready To Grow Up Yet He Has A Summer Job, A Case Of Existential Panic, And A Hopeless Crush On The Unattainable Jai Hazenbrook Except How Do You Know That Your Coworker S Unattainable Unless You Ask To Blow Him In The Porta Potty That S Probably Not What Dad Meant When He Said Nick Should Act Like An Adult.Twenty Five Year Old Jai Is Back In His Hometown Of Franklin, Ohio, Just Long Enough To Earn The Money To Get The Hell Out Again His Long Term Goal Of Seeing Of The World Is Worth The Short Term Pain Of Living In His Mother S Basement, But Only Barely.Meeting Nick Doesn T Fit In With Jai S Plans At All, But, As Jai Soon Learns, You Don T Have To Travel Halfway Around The World To Have The Adventure Of A Lifetime.This Is Not A Summer Romance This Is A Summer Friendship With Benefits It S Got Pizza With Disgusting Toppings, Netflix And Chill, And Accidental Exhibitionism That S All There Are No Feelings Here None Shut Up. 4.5 stars Adorable Is the intensity of the world getting you down, and you don t want to read another book about a formally abused homeless shelter volunteer finding love with a recovering alcoholic who is supporting his disabled sister in a ramshackle apartment In the mood for something lighter Or, dare I say it, just fun Then you are in the right place, because this book was light, sexy, and 100% enjoyable.Now, I know what you are thinking Lisa Henry Writing fluff Yes, friends, Lisa Henry can write fluff and she can write it damn well, as evidenced by a lot of her new adult offerings If you haven t tried Lisa Henry lite, I think you are in for a very pleasant surprise To start off my review, I will write a short ass focused haiku because, like Nick, I do love a nice tush That ass is so round.I want to bite it right there,That plump bit on top takes a bow How could you not love an MC who devotes an entire journal to ass focused poetry You have to love him I adored Nick from his first moment on page Some readers may find him to be a little grating, but I found him to be really endearing, and lovable in that goofy, accidentally sexy way I liked how upfront Nick was about, well, everything He literally just blurted out everything he thought the moment he thought it, with just no considering of consequences I sort of loved him for that And how could you not fall in love with the relationship between Nick and his be
Here it is, you guys Proof that not everything I write is first thrown into the wringer of angst and pain and despair I had ridiculous fun writing this, and I hope that you ll have fun reading it too. Lisa Henry s latest book, Adulting 101, is a fun, light, low angst read, with tons of humor Nick is an 18 year old high school graduate, with no real plans for this future and absolutely no filter, but hormones to spare He s working for the summer in an office and spends too many hours writing haiku s about his co worker Jai s ass At 25, Jai returns home to Ohio every summer to work and save enough money to travel the world for the rest of the year He tends to fall into his romantic encounters, male or female, as they come, then when they re over, that s that and he moves on Jai s summer at home has just begun, so when cute, blurty Nick, wearing his favorite red cocksucking shirt , propositions Jai, their next ten weeks of casually hooking up are interesting, to say the least A great example of the tone of the book can be seen in how Nick interacts with Jai the very first time that the two actually speak to one another Do you own leather pants Nick blurts Wait That was weird Sorry, that was weird I m weird So, um, if you can forget that thing I said about leather pants, that would be awesome Nick s face is scrunched up, like a toddler refusing vegetables But, okay, I m seriously wearing my favorite red shirt and I would really, really like to suck your dick For a moment Jai only hears a strange buzzing in his head It tak
Oh boy This book was so delicious We start off with a hilarious chat conversation between Nick and Devon I did not have any feeling other than finding it funny Then we meet Jai And he is hot Like, HOT hot Then we start the ride of the plot of this book.I ll start off by saying that whatever you felt when you read the title of this book is exactly what is inside the book But it doesn t teach us how to be adults, or how to do adulting yes, it is a word, okay No, it shows us from the perspective of a scared, shy kid how intimidating adulting feels when you are at the age of 18.First off, this is NOT an insta love Insta lust, yes, but insta love No This love is so slow and so developed and so churned, I m sure it must taste like an amazing cup of coffee We see them start their relationship by terming it a hookup, which, true, guys, no other word for it Then, slowly and subtly, they both get to know each other, their nature, their strengths and flaws, and that s when the sweet journey of their falling in love with each other begi
It s so hard to make a comedy There are plenty of comedies, I know And they are also popular.I appreciate fun, seriously.However, most of the times it s just my mind the one who smiles Sometimes my lips do But that s all about it.I m usually this grumpy girl when everybody is obviously having a great time Maybe I just giggle on my own accord because I want to disconnect But it doesn t come from within me with full force.I love to laugh I really do But very very very few times a book or a movie manages to make me laugh Laugh for real.I often smile but I very rarely burst out laughing.Well, in this book I laughed so hard I thought the veins in the eye would explode.Nick is so authentic His portrayal as this eighteen year old Peter Pan with a mind full of crazy ideas and a blatantly absence of mouth filter is very well built and endearing A combination that gets out of hand often than not.Jai has an incredible ass and that s reason enough for Nick to get to him and offer a BJ just after they exchange names Best decision ever, because now he has a boyfriend fuck buddy Or worst, because they both lose their jobs.And Jai desperately needs a job He only stays in town for the summer The rest of the year, he prepares his backpack and disappea
I am the luckiest person on the planet right now, because I got to beta read this It s so good Goddamn it s perfect And it s all sweet and funny and not rapey AT ALL but it s still full of the best kind of Lisa Henry feels If I rated s
If Nick were on a quest to return the One Ring to the fiery pits of Mount Doom, Jai Hazenbrook would totally be the hot as fuck elf in tight leather pants who could shoot the left testicle off an orc at a thousand paces Whereas Nick, of course, would be the short hairy footed guy who liked beer and fireworks and second breakfasts Even in his fantasy worlds, Nick is a realist This book was funny And also cute and sweet It tried to be sexy too, at times, but funny suddenly burst in to take over Like, s cuse me i know you re trying to get it ON, but I got an awkward joke to tell and I promise it will be all worth it And now that I m done, carry on But now you re laughing and the moment is gone but yes, indeed, it was totally worth it It s that kind of book In a nut shell, it s about two guys falling in love while trying to be in a casual summer relationship Nick, having just graduated high school, is having anxiety about what to do with his life He is expected to attend college but he s not quite sure he s ready That s exactly how I felt after high school hehe In short, adulting sucks Nick is
I m never going back and you can t make me.Whoever started that ridiculous idea that late adolescence is the best years of your life needs to be flagellated Severely Needless to say, this is a time machine special so that the reader can recall the crappy anxiety about themselves, their life, and EVERYTHING else Nick Stahlnecker, recent graduate is enjoying the last summer before college or trying to His dad has ideas about how he needs to straighten up and fly right Get a job In fact, he manages to get one for him Nick s not invested in this job, but it does have one perk Jai Hazenbrook.He s the eye candy of Grover Construction, and he s got a fanbase Okay, might only be a couple people, but whatever Needless to say, Nick is spellbound Nick is also an extremely determined young man when something s in his target range.Sometimes things are a bad idea and you do them anyway Even after advice to the contrary.Even knowing it, you do it facepalm Nick s Score 10 for Effort, 3 for Execution Nick is brazen and unrepentant Half the time I was embarrassed for him And at others, yeah no Porta potty no fucking way EEEEEWWWW And then
It s a unicorn group review with Adam, Cupcake and Sheziss 4.25 Hearts Are we Netflix and chilling I don t know what that means Are you twenty five or are you eighty five Whippersnapper Adulting is hard as f
Find all of my reviews at is an 18 year old high school graduate, spending his summer before college slacking off at his first real job while fantasizing about crossing one particular item off of his bucket list Today s life goal blow Jai Hazenbrook The story propels full speed ahead to a very awkward offer by Nick to do just that and an even awkward moment of getting caught in the act in a not so romantic locale And right there is where I knew I was in love Oh my glob this story How can I make you all understand how this book made me feel Wait, I know I ll do it via an image I know, so unlike me If you want to channel your inner Elf and realize that smiling is your favorite, then this is the one for you And I m telling you right now, spare me your complaints if you don t end up liking it because I realize that Nick is than a bit of a PITA when it comes to being a functional almost adult, but hell I m not a functional adult a few days a week and I m fucking ancient If you ride out the story things do get explained, but seriously LIGHTEN UP This book is all about fun, and in my case accidentally weeing in your pants a few times from trying to hold back the snortlaughs while reading at work Truth.Anyway, I m not going to give much away Just know Adulting 101 begins as a simple 10 week session of But in the end becomes something a little substantial when it comes to learning about life, learning about growing up and mayb

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