Lemon Gulch

Lemon GulchReading Lemon Gulch Author Donovan OMalley Buyprobolan50.co.uk Set In A Small Southern Californian Town In 1947, This Story Is Told In The Peculiarly Haunting Voice Of A Fat, Love Starved, White Trash Homosexual Twelve Year Old, Who Looks Eighteen Due To An Acute Hormonal Unbalance Of The Highest Order Which Has Ran In Our Family For Eons Danny Lives In An Often Uncaring World Amidst The Comic Torment Of His Relentless Pubescence His Motto Is Persons Should Be Kind, All Of Them, Explicitly We Sissies Which Ain T Able To Defend Theirselves Danny S Desperate Search For Love And Acceptance Leads Him Through A Series Of Comically Bizarre Adventures Lemon Gulch Is A Darkly Comic Moral Tale Where Kindness Is Rewarded And Evil Sternly Punished. Kindness is my motto LEMON GULCH grows on you, no, grows into you, in a way that few contemporary novels do Donovan O Malley originally wrote and published this novel in the year 2000 and at that time the novel was hailed as a comic cult novel , a kind of gay Huckleberry Finn and a little masterpiece Now ten years later LEMON GULCH is republished in a revised form , though after reading the author s very whimsical Introduction to the 2010 version, it would seem that even he is unable to alter this extraordinary book It has no comparisons comparisons tend to invite criticism or skepticism It is what it is, and what it is is one of the most unique stories about a 12 year old precocious misfit naively attempting to explain his own loveless world written in a style that can only be described as miraculously successful Danny O Rourke is A Only Child which resides with My Beauteous Mom and my poor Dad which is a Inebriant as he got Thwarted due to a Deleterious lack of on leg Growing into Danny s malapropisms and attempt at sounding well heeled in intelligence is at first perceived by the reader as a source of problem in getting into the story But very soon the method in which the entire book is narrated by this 12 year old, 6
A little masterpiece totally unexpected Initially one must adjust to the strangeness of the narrative voice a 12 year old, tall fat sissy in southern California in the late 1940s but that is easily enough done and
Literary a classic waiting to be discovered The protagonist is an unlikely hero a fat, pimply boy with no friends This book will take you by surprise in the best of all possible ways Its mandate everyone should be kind Everyone.

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  • Paperback
  • 220 pages
  • Lemon Gulch
  • Donovan O'Malley
  • English
  • 24 October 2017
  • 9781902852065