Bayou Shadow Protector

Bayou Shadow ProtectorPDF Bayou Shadow Protector Author Debbie Herbert Native American Legends And The Fairy World Combine In A Bayou Filled With Danger, Deception And Deadly Secrets As A Shadow Hunter Of Ancient, Evil Spirits, Chulah Rivers Is Used To Strange Creatures And Happenings In The Bayou But When April Meadows Appears Out Of Nowhere To Enlist The Native American S Help In A Battle That Threatens The Balance Of The Fae And Human Worlds, Chulah Is Plunged Into A Deadly Battle And Confronted With An All Consuming Desire For This Mysterious Stranger Who Knows Far Too Much About His Past OMG where has this author been all my life, I entered a contest that she was part of and I saw some exerts of her books and feel in love instantly.Debbie s writing style flows so easy that you become instantly immersed into the book and character s themselves.I will tell you that you will laugh, and you will cry, lets face it you are going to have so many feels..I love the way that it is surrounded by Choctaw traditions and Legends..This is my first book by Deb
As is revealed about the unique characters featured in the Bayou Magic miniseries, I become further captivated by their abilities plus behavior Anyone who is a shadow hunter faces danger on a regular basis, where these brave persons put the safely of others before their own time and again The heroine in the second book may be very different from this group that fights spirits with evil intentions, but she is also courageous and does not easily back down when threatened Cruel beings definitely hide in the Alabama bayou, and two individuals may be all that stands in the way of them becoming powerful and causing much havoc Debbie Herbert imaginatively brings her Bayou Magic miniseries to life, and BAYOU SHADOW PROTECTOR is original and extremely emotional.Since the Fae know malicious spirits are threatening their survival, April Meadows has been sent to the human world in order to get help from Native American shadow hunters Chulah Rivers is one of the warriors that watches over Bayou La Siryna, and finding a lone woman in the woods near his home is very unusual yet not alarming But April has a specific mission to complete along with a personal
I was given an ARC in exchange for an HONEST reviewWhat do you get when you throw fairies into Native American lore A Debbie Herbert masterpiece Chulah Rivers is part of the ancient band of shadow hunters He and his clan roam Bayou La Syrena keeping it safe from evil spirits Unbeknownst to him he s had a Fairy looking over his shoulders in the form of April Meadows April has known Chulah and watched over him since both were teens She s fallen in love with him and is now tasked by the Fae Council to recruit him and his fellow Shadow Hunters to aid them in defeating a great evil While assuming human form April hopes to accomplish her task for the Council and make Chulah fall in love with her, and if that wasn t enough she has a few secrets from the past to exorcise I loved Chulah, he is all the things you want in an Romantic Hero He s smart, faithful, kind, and honorable He has a strong sense of family which he proves time and again in his dealings with his own dysfunctional one When he meets April, he is still nursing the wound of his father s death many years ago when he was a teen He s also nursing a broken heart or rather wounded pride as his love interest rebuffs him in
Chulah Rivers, shadow hunter, is used to strange happenings in the bayou But when April Meadows appears out of nowhere, Chulah has a hard time believing She also seems to know a lot about his past He is understandably suspicious when she wants to help in a battle that will preserve both the human world and the Fae Realm April has been sent to help in a coming battle She is soon in over her head and only Chulah can save her.There were so many interaction between the characters which I think I would have understood better if I read the first book In spite of this, I found the book to be amazing I enjoyed reading it and nothing turned out as I thought There were many surprises and Chulah had a lot of changes coming in his life that he did not expect I enjoyed reading this one and
Are you into the mysticism and stories of paranormal activity in the swamps and bayous of The South I am and I really enjoyed this second installment Bayou Shadow A bit about this story without giving away any spoilers but I hope to wet your appetite Meet April Meadows, a woman in search of assistance but she has a hidden agenda and may have to use her lady bits to gain the trust of a Shadow Hunter But, there are many players in this dangerous part of the world Evil is around every corner and these corners bring the readers
Great storyLoved Chulah and April s story April is half fae and humans Raised in the fairy realm, unloved, abandoned as an infant by her parents There is a traitor and the fairy realm is in danger April is sent to convince the Hunters to capture the traitor and destroy the threat April has been in love with Chulas for years She has secretly been helping and protecting him since she unintentionally played a part in his fathers death While
As usual Debbie Herbert has written another intriguing paranormal suspense romance Chulah s story involves a fae who is half human April has loved Chulah since she was 16 They have to face a lot to be together The book is so good I could not put it down Tha
Herbert takes us back to the Bayou and Choctaw legend with her latest book April had her work cut out for her in winning over the love of her life A lovely romance filled with the challenge of being from different worlds while having to conquer a rising evil. The story of the Shadow Hunters and their quest to fight evil in the bayou continues Bayou Shadow Protector is book 2 in this series, following the story of April Meadows and Chulah Rivers We ve met Chulah Rivers in Book 1 Bayou Shadow Hunter He is Tombi Silver, book one s main characters friend since childhood, his second in command April Meadows is a fairy, a Halfling to be exact, part human and part fairy She is sent to earth to convince the Shadow Hunters to help in the defeat of Hoklonote s battle to release Nalusa who was the Shadow Hunters enemy in the first book April is accompanied to earth by another Halfling named Steven, who is here to make her adjustment to being human easier, and assist when he can in trying to convince the Shadow Hunters to help the Fae Being a fairy hasn t always been easy for April, since she is part human as well April has been protecting Chulah since he was a young man, following him in Fae form throughout his life She helped him in battle, and even fell in love with him before he even laid eyes on her When they d
This is the second book in the Bayou Magic series and can be read as a standalone It s just as magical and enticing as the first book Bayou Shadow Hunter Chulah is the second in command of the shadow hunters He is a man of not many words but little escapes his sharp supernatural senses April is half human and half fae She is not treated very well by the faes because of her human side She feels isolated and has a sense of not belonging When the faes are threatened by an evil spirit who is on a quest to unleash the most evil of them all, April seeks the help of the shadow hunters Chulah is trying to escape his recent troubles by taking a ride on his beloved Harley Out of nowhere appears this beautiful young woman looking for a lift to her shop and apartment Chulah is suspicious of strangers, so since his tribe was betrayed Not being one to leave a damsel in distress, he reluctantly offers assistance to April He is intrigued by her looks and behaviour, especially as April knows about him than she should April reveals her true nature and her reasons for seeking the help of the shadow hunters This creates some discord amongst the tribe that always stands by one another The they uncover about the intentions of this evil being, the dangerous the situation becomes They are all in danger The shadow hunters, the faes and humans alike Chulah starts to trust April who is besotted by him until she reveals her secret A secret, she h

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