Blind Landing (Flipped #1)

Blind Landing (Flipped #1) Fear Stops Dreams In Their Tracks Before They Even Have A Chance Then Again, So Do Injuries.Natalia Grekov Was Born To Win A Gold Medal As The USA S Top Gymnast, She S Calm, Confident And Ready To Make Her Country Proud In Just Two Short Months And Her Elite Athlete Lifestyle Includes No Time For Distractions Especially Men When A Disastrous Fall In Practice Puts Her Dreams At Risk, It Seems The Only Person Who Can Help Her Is The One Person She Wants Nothing From.Spencer Russell Is Gymnastics Bad Boy A Cocky, Laid Back Charmer With Abs Of Steel And A Witty Mouth, He Waltzes Around The U.S Gymnastics Training Camp Like He Owns The Place Even Though He Doesn T Any After An Injury Sidelined His Career And Any Chance At Glory, He S Now Just A Coach, Helping Other Gymnasts Reach Their Goals Serious Is Not A Word In Spencer S Vocabulary But When Natalia Tumbles Into His Life, He S Suddenly Sincerely Interested In Helping The Blonde Beauty In Any Way He Can.Can They Vault Over The Obstacles Standing In Their Way Or Will Spencer Be The Distraction That Causes Natalia S Chance At Gold To Crash And Burn I ll write a review for this eventually but I tried today and it still bothers me If I write anything now, it ll just turn into a rant fest, so all I can give you at the moment is this I don t like it At all There
3.5 BLIND LANDING stars I m still struggling with how to write this review But it s time so here I go The premise of the book was good enough for me to be salivating for it The story flowed nicely and the messages included was a good one I also had a lot of fun with the Fearsome Foursome s , especially with Peyton, hope she gets her own book, she was a very enchanting character and I want to know about her.All the characters from this book were lovable, well except you Novak Filipe, you deserve to rot in hell As I was saying, the characters were great and I had no problem with them, as single individuals, not as a couple See That was my issue with the book I didn t feel the connection between the main couple Like they were ok having a fling or something like that, not a strong relationship I felt the build of it a little rushed The lack of chemistry between them made me lose the interest and instead I focused on what was happening around them I got sucked into the gymnastic world The author s passion for this sport was evident She made me feel like I was right there, trying new routines or being yell at by Novak Dreaming about being a gymnast The fact that I didn t feel them as a couple made me so freaking sad They were perfect, but not for each other Spencer was one of those guys you fall for Sexy, funny, cocky without being an asshole Gah He was just perfect And Nat, that girl was so determined, so brave I
With the Rio Olympics about to go underway, I was looking for my perfect fix to go along with that inspirational mode Blind Landing is my second ever Carrie Aarons read and I got to tell ya, I m in no way going to stop any time soon.A lot of this novel centers around taking risks.jumping into the unknowneven when you don t know where the results may lead you.Natalia and Spence I liked what the other brought out in the both of their characters I also enjoyed how they could emphasize and relate, along with dream, challenge, and render the other completely vulnerable to what s right in front of them.Those of you who are athletes know what it s like to juggle the realities of fear, anxiouness, self doubt and love While I do admit, Natalia s circumtances are a lot higher and riskier because she is in league to become an olympic athlete, I m sure a lot of you
I m not going to lie I ve never given a whole lot of thought to the Olympics I mean, it s a fun thing that comes up every once in a while, and I do enjoy watching the gymnasts twist and contort and fly through the air the way they do.But Carrie Aarons has given me an entirely new appreciation.Not only do I have her vivid imagery in my head, but I have a deepened understanding and appreciation for the work it takes, the drive a gymnast must have and how completely all consuming it is It s clear that Ms Aarons knows from which she speaks, but better than that, she conveys it so powerfully that I felt like I was witnessing it Like it was real And my heart reacted swelling, aching, and causing my eyes to fill with tears to Natalia s Olympic journey alone.It can t be easy to make a tough as nails, single minded, determined athlete sympathetic and full of heart It s no small trick to get that sort of dimension to ring true on paper, but that s what happens here I did love Natalia I sympathized with her And I warmed quickly to the relationship she built with Spencer It was a slow build for me not that they didn t bring the heat, or that there weren t moments that took
4.0 BLIND LANDING Stars I don t run away from a challenge because I am afraid Instead, I run towards it because the only way to escape fear is to trample it beneath your foot Nadia Comaneci Blind Landing is my first Carrie Aarons book and to be honest it was the cover that caught my attention first.It s gorgeous and it doesn t just exudes beauty but there s just something with it that makes it really appealing as if it s calling unto me even if it s just there sitting.First few pages and I said I made the right decision of signing up an ARC I got hooked from the very first page It really started so good everything just flows flawlessly making you feel like being swayed The plot and the storylines are worth rooting for It is lighthearted with a little angst and the tempo is just on the steady pace giving you enough time to devour every lines without making it dull and boring What I love about it also are glimpses of the gymnastic world escpecially on the trainings and the in and outs of the elite gymnasts working
Flirty friends kiss right I love a sports romance and I am a fan of Carrie Aarons so I was excited to start Blind Landing I love the Olympics and this new trend of books revolving around this setting is right up my alley Natalia Grekov has sent my system spinning, and the only way to relieve the dizziness was to attack it at the source Blind Landing revolves around Nat, an Olympic hopeful, and Spencer, a coach for the Men s team Their relationship starts as friendship with both of them knowing that now during the training for the games is not the time to act on their chemistry But before long the attraction becomes too much to deny and they are soon sneaking around Their pairing is taboo but not forbidden I loved Spencer and his fun personality from the start and while I admired Nat s drive and determination, it did at times make connecting to her as a
3.5 CocktailsThis was a good book and I enjoyed what Nat and Spence went through working up to the Olympic trials, but it felt like the Trials themselves and the Olympics just flashed by And then there was what was happening with Novak I wanted with that He was one of those secondary characters that lurked in the background, but he was set up as a bad guy who had to take a fall But it didn t feel like we got into the ins and outs of why Novak had it in for Spe
Oh boy LIVE EARLY FULL REVIEW 5 Make My Heart Tumble CROWNSCarrie Aarons has made me fall in love with gymnastics I loved every single aspect of this book the characters, the plot, the truth about gymnastics I just adored it all.I enjoyed every single character, well except the antagonist, obviously, in this story But let s start with Spencer He is one of my top heroes ever He has the perfect combination of cocky, sexy, and sweet The reader can see his love for gymnastics the way he speaks about it makes me want to be a gymnast, and what makes him even appealing is the way he has dealt with his career There is no animosity or bitterness, just encouragement and guidance GAH It just makes me fall in love with him even I also have a soft spot for that confident hero who knows he is sexy but is still so sweet that it doesn t come off as sleazy or arrogant, and this is absolutely Spencer One aspect of his characterization that I love the most is that he is an action kind of guy Yes, he says some amazing lines in the story, but his actions speak louder than his words, and they are some great acts Then we have the heroine Natalia I want to be her best friend I admire her dedication, her strength in the field of gymnastics, and her unwillingness to conform She is also admirable for her love and dedication to her family and the sport she loves, and, whi
Blind Landing by Carrie Arrons is a spicy sports romance with a twist Set in the world of gymnastics with months to the Olympics in Rio we follow Natalia Grekov who s been training all her life to challenge for the gold medal Natalia is one of the top gymnasts for USA until the one thing that can stop an athlete in her tracks Fear With only a few months to the biggest stage Natalia will ever compete at the last thing she needs is a distraction Spencer Russell has trained all his life to be the best but after a career ending injury he finds himself coaching his old teammates Spencer can t help but notice Natalia struggle and decides to help her work through her fear Will Spencer help Natalia rise to the podium or will emotions cloud the goal Run Don t walk to grab Blind Landing Blind Landing is sexy romp into the world of gymnastics and with so many Olympic sports romances out there this summer Carrie s stands apart due to her personal knowledge of the sport and descriptive details that allow a novice of gymnastics to picture the scene I adored this book and loved every detail Spencer is cocky and heartbroken at losing his chance at Olympic stage but watching him grow into the coaching roll and finding his style Natalia struggle was heartbreaking to watch With her goal so close Natalia can taste it The chemistry is off the charts for them I m really happy to see this be a series so w