Born Yesterday

Born Yesterday Reading Born Yesterday By Tatter Jack Look No, Not Here Down There See Her The Woman Behind The Rock The One With A Glock 43 In Her Hand That S Schae Summers, Fantasy Author She Only Came To Scotland To Do Some Book Research Not To Be Chased Over The Heather By A Wolf Because Everybody Knows There Aren T Any Wolves In Scotland, Right Well Right Now Schae S Wishing Someone Had Told The One Behind Her But Being Chased Is One Thing Even If It S By A Wolf Being Chaste That S Something Else Entirely Especially Where Men With Storm Grey Eyes Are Concerned Men Like Darek Banakar Who Just Might Be Dangerous Than Any Wolf So Here She Is Schae Summers She S Smart, And She S Hip She Wasn T Born Yesterday But She S Going To Be. What s the book about It s about many things It s a story about fighting a villain, a story about woman meeting man, a story about love and a story about overcoming past and present challenges.There s Schae, a woman who doesn t really know anything about her past She wakes up in a hospital, without an single memory about her past life and has some wicked nightmares every night She uses her nightly terrors to start writing books as a successful fantasy author and essentially builds herself as normal as possible a life Her body is covered in scars and she has no clue where she got them from until she does In the hospital they told her she had had a child but she has no idea where that child now is until she does dun dun duuunnn I said it already I wasn t born yesterday I know there s no such thing as magic Thing is, apparently there are such things as wolves who aren t always wolves, and guards who think butt naked women are cats.Schae ends up going to Scotland for research for her next book and ends up meeting Darek The mostly man with storm grey eyes yet otherwise not that pretty as Schae seems to think lives in the Middle of Nowhere, Scotland in a cottage and he blushes Awww So what do I mean when I say mostly man Ha This is part of the mystery with this book I was kept guessing until the end a vampire a werewolf an angel Evil Good Psycho Darek is a bit of a mystery, as
This is a tale as old as time Girl is an author Girl goes on a trip for inspiration and research Girl ends up tripping on some guy Then stuff happens There are some twists and turns on this ride I must say, it was pretty darn enjoyable.At first, I was not gripped by the story I had to give it a chance Once I settled in though, it was a great bit of mystery, suspense, moon things, werewolf things, romance things and what not It gets a bit confusing when you start jumping around between memories You don t get to see the whole picture right away It is presented in such a disjointed way that you can end up lost if you are not careful Don t worry the puzzle is complete at the end If you are looki
Schae is a fantasy author heading to Scotland to do some research for her next bookWhen she s attacked by a wolf Which shouldn t be possible since there are no wolves in Scotland.She manages to find safety and the compelling grey eyes of Darak Banakar, who inspires all kinds of feelings in herIncluding her long lost memories.In many ways I should hate this book because front and central of the story is Schae and Darek who meet each other and fall in vast love lust well there is some amnesia removed memories that may explain it but still There s little attempt to get to know each other before the waves of lust and sopping wet underwear come in Yet the way it is written is almost a parody of itself the humour is always there and manages to take the eye roll out of a lot of it It seems almost self aware of how ridiculous it is to describe this woman who has to carry spare underwear everywhere because of the gushing fluid Darek invokes every time she sees him They manage to be fun and they manage to be fun together despite this extremely troped romance a romance that has her desperately trust him even though she thinks he s a lethal serial killer in part due to her own tragic past and
Difficult and wonderfulI love a story that does not come easy It requires thought and attention and imagination This book is not for those who like a simple easy story But for those who want to submerge themselves in other , and participate in the ride this story is a treasure Simply speaking, I l
Well I think this has to be one of the most unusual books that I have read At times very bizarre but always totally mesmerizing I loved Tatter Jack s writing style that is very poetic without being poetry and I felt myself being swept along yearning for the happiness of the main character, Schae, so in fact than she dare wish for There were passages and chapters in this book that I re read again, not because I didn t get it, but because I did and it was written in such a way that I wanted to feel that emotion again and it was still as powerful I am a sucker for romance and under dogs and everything that is impossible being possible and in this book I got that I felt the vulnerability and shame when there shouldn t have been any and desire and love and the humour because I laughed too.At 17 Schae had been found in an hospital bed in a terrible condition, her body scarred and not remembering anything so the staff named her in a raffle competition Fifteen years later American Schae arrives in Scotland to follow research for her latest Fantasy novel, where she gets most of her story lines from her vivid dreams It is here that she encounters a wolf that shouldn t exist in Scotland and Darek Banakar, whom she simply can t resist Now there are
Born Yesterday by Tatter Jack is a very unique, albeit sometimes confusing, book This author has a very individual way of writing that is seen throughout his written library His writing is entertaining while being suspenseful at the same time If you can keep up with the story, you ll love it but you will have to commit yourself to finishing it I really enjoyed this book, though there were places where I was totally confused for brief periods of time By the middle of the book I had realized if I could just be patient I would find the answers I was looking for There are a lot of twists and unexpected turns that take place all through Born Yesterday.Schae Summers is a fantasy author who has gone to Scotland for book research Her past is mostly a mystery to her, due to amnesia I really have mixed feelings about Schae I feel like I should think she
Uncaged Book Reviews Now it took me awhile to actually get really involved with the story, as it s written in the not often used second person narrative, and honestly, it doesn t read all that well for a lot of people I did get used to it, but I wouldn t want to read a lot of books in this style, as it s very distracti
It would probably be improper for me to review this title mostly because I wrote it Does it involve the paranormal Depending on your definition yes.Does it involve romance Absolutely.Are there long walks along lonely beaches, and a forgotten rose weeping sad, fallen petals into the fading light of a dying sunset Um, no With, er, extra, um, no blush.So come on in Let me introduce you to Schae Summers, fantasy author Thirty two going on fifteen
Who doesn t love a good riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma Read full review in the