Through the Edge

Through the Edge Read Through The Edge Author Alex Purnell Through The Edge Is Alex Purnell S Debut Novel, The First In A Planned Series Following The Hero Boot S Adventures Across His Far Off Home World Part I Brings The Planet To Life, Detailing The Rituals And Faith That Keep His Primitive Tribe Moving Forward Distance By Distance When Their Way Of Life Is Threatened, How Far Will They Go To Make Things Right The first part of Through the Edge establishes a fascinating and primitive world through the phases of childhood of the main character, Boot Boot is very likable, but as always when I read something I m looking for a strong female character to latch onto and in Shell
Full disclosure, I wrote this book, and am sitting on parts II and III for a final round of proof reading before I self publish those on , hopefully very soon.I tried to make it a thoughtful story of a hero caught in the wrong time, a scientist in a world before science existed He struggles with himself as much as the rigid society around him, constantly asking questions, never satisfied Part I brings the reader into his world, and details the unique character of the planet itself Society has molded itself to survive a harsh environment where the sun is never allowed to set, out of fear of what lies in the darkness behind I am very happy to introduce you to this world and get Boot s story started.The experience of writing this story has been absolutely incredible What I set out to do and what ended up spewing out of my brain were two very different things I had no idea how much the story