Broken PDF Broken Lisa Edward I Wasn T Looking For Love, But It Found Me.After Giving Up My Dream Of Becoming A Writer In Favor Of A Marriage That Was Destined To Fail, I D Been Given A Second Chance A Chance To Discover If After Seven Years, Free Spirited Evie Rivers Still Lay Beneath The Surface.For Eight Weeks, It Would Be Just Me, My Laptop, And The Wintry Hamptons Landscape No Distractions, No Interruptions At Least, That Was The Plan Until He Came Along.Adam Walker He Was A Smart, Sexy Englishman Hell Bent On Helping Me Find What I Had Lost Myself He Laughed Easily And Found The Good In Every Situation, But I Couldn T Help Wondering What Sadness Lay Behind The Smile That Slipped When He Let His Guard Down.Suddenly, Though Eight Weeks Doesn T Feel Like Long Enough, Maybe Eight Weeks Can Be All It Takes To Change Your Life Forever. Broken by Lisa Edward4.5 stars I wish we d had a lifetime together I feel like I ve wasted my life with all the wrong people Lisa Edward is one of those authors that never fails to wring out every single emotion I possess with her words and Broken was no different Yes, this was an emotional read in parts, but for the most part this was an incredibly beautiful romance with two stunning characters that totally deserved a happy every after You re going to be trouble for me, aren t you I hope so Evie Rivers was an erotica author in college, but her work had a Victorian feel, especially in vocabulary This was an erotica author that used the words throbbing sword and tunnel of love Evie was incredibly na ve and terribly sheltered She married a preacher, lost her V Card on her wedding night and has lived an incredibly dull existence ever since, there were never any sparks let alone fireworks The absence of kids was the final nail in the coffin that was her marriage and now our sheltered author needs to bring back her erotica writing alter ego to survive on her own.Evie takes off to the Hamptons, hires a beach house for eight weeks so that she can
ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review What happens when two broken people find themselves drawn together A beautiful love story is what happens I was gifted Broken by Lisa Edward and I have to say it was a wonderful romance story that tugs on the heartstrings I really do love books that allow me the chance to feel everything the characters are feeling This book gave me that and so much .When Evie went on a journey of self discovery, she never encountered that she would meet someone else as broken as her Years prior Evie gave up her writing to allow a man mould her into someone she wasn t She agreed to a marriage she knew would never work.Adam is a man lost, a man who relocated to be with a woman he loved only to discover she didn t feel the same in return When he travels to the Hamptons for eight weeks to deal with some major changes in his life he never imagined he would meet
Beautifully BrokenI adore this book The characters were superbly crafted I loved Evie She was full of spirit and such a strong woman considering all she s been through Enter Adam Walker He is British Enough sa
A quicky Review coming soon ARC Provided by the Publisher and NetGalley I liked this, and I didn t at the same time The story, for the first 2 3 was good, but it lost me toward the end.But, without spoilers, I really didn t like the ending I like reality, but only so much of it, as I do read romance after all.Evie is a little broken at the beginning, but she is figuring it out She is taking her life in her own hands, and she is figuring it out And, into her figuring it out steps the skinny dipping neighbor 2 houses over.Adam has a secret One he is not telling Evie, or the reader But, it weighs on the book as you know there is something there.For me, the secret kept the story from ever taking off, and I started to get annoyed with Adam for continuing to get deeper into a relationhip with Evie and still not tell her I was also annoyed by the resolution, I just didn t believe it Well, I guess in one way I did, but it just didn t seem realistic to me With the past and the history they each have, I didn t believe that either of them would act in t
Get the tissues ready because you are going to need them for Broken by Lisa Edward The book will send you through an emotional upheaval, and I will admit to almost throwing my kindle a time or two Evie is just getting out of a loveless, passionless marriage and has moved up north Her best friend has convinced her to start writing again, and even signed her on as a new author with her agency To push Evie a little , she rents a house in the Hampton s for two months in the winterand that is where Evie meets Adam She was looking for a character and upon seeing him, he became her character He s nothing like her ex, and she can t help but fall for him when he helps her in so many different ways Adam went to the Hamptons to deal with some major changes in his life His plan was to spend two months, return home to England, and not leave any ties or anything back in the States, but then he me
Lisa Edward is one of my go to authors, she has been for quite sometime, so when I seen she was putting out another book I was instantly ready to pounce Thank goodness I pounced on this one, it was a great read If you haven t read any of her other books you need to get on it ASAP, my favorite series was the Songbird series I would give this book a 4 stars and highly recommend to others This book is a very emotional read that will rip at your heartstrings but a beautiful story non the less Evie and Adam are both broken in there own ways they find themselves drawn together while both are seeking solace on the beach of the Hampton s. but what neither expect is to find there soul mate Can these two help each other pick up the broken pieces
Romance, Erotica writer in college, get married Yeah, you would think that she was living the dream, but no, she was living in isolation and loneliness She is ready to start over, can she get what she dreamed of so long ago Defeated, but living on his own terms, going abroad to live and adventure before it was to late Can he out run his sadness They never thought they would get a chance at something beautiful and remarkable Both running away from something, but fate had them running to each other.I love, love, loved reading this heart felt funny and tear jerking romance of a woman that just wanted and adventure, to be loved, to feel the passion she wrote about, but never thinking she would get it Then at the moment she sets out to begin her journey, he runs into her lifenak
The question is which of the two is broken and holds secrets Adam and Evie meet in a wonderful way which he loves and hat embarrasses Evie and her prime and proper state A state that over the upcoming 8 weeks slowly is replaced with the new and adventurous person she opens up to become Adam is carefree and open, supportive, loving and kind, peaches and roses or at least that s what it seems Although time is slipping away and he has to return to England and promises are made.Waiting to find out if he will return Evie lives each moment Will the book he helped her with come ou

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