Optimal Life

Optimal Life Using Insulin Correctly Helps You Feel Your Best And Keeps Complications At Bay, So If You Use Insulin, You Owe It To Yourself To Learn All You Can About This Life Saving Part Of Your Medication Regime It S Not Enough To Set It And Forget It Created For Those With Type 1 And Insulin Dependent Type 2 Diabetes, This Book Gives You Simple, No Nonsense Facts And Tips You Need To Know About Using Insulin Topics Include Types Of Insulin And How They Work, What To Expect When Starting Insulin Therapy, The Concepts Behind Basal And Bolus Dosing, How To Count Carbohydrates And Use Your Correction Factor, Normal, Dual Wave And Square Wave Bolus Dosing, Using An Insulin Pump, And A Chapter Dedicated To Insulin Dosing When Traveling This 115 Page Illustrated Book Will Help Put You In Control Of Your Diabetes, So You Can Really Live Your Life To The Fullest.