Able Muse - a review of poetry, prose and art - Winter 2013 (No. 16 - print edition) (Able Muse (Print Edition))

Able Muse - a review of poetry, prose and art - Winter 2013 (No. 16 - print edition) (Able Muse (Print Edition))This Is The Seminannual Able Muse Review Print Edition Winter Issue, Number This Issue Continues The Tradition Of Masterfully Crafted Poetry, Fiction, Essays, Art Photography, And Book Reviews That Have Become Synonymous With The Able Muse Online And In Print After Than A Decade Of Online Publishing Excellence, Able Muse Print Edition Maintains The Superlative Standard Of The Work Presented All These Years In The Online Edition, And, The Able Muse Anthology Able Muse Press, ABLE MUSE Fills An Important Gap In Understanding What Is Really Happening In Early Twenty First Century American Poetry Dana Gioia CONTENTS WITH THE ABLE MUSE WRITE PRIZE FOR POETRY FICTION Includes The Winning Story And Poems From The Contest Winners And Finalists With The Winner And Runner Up Sonnets From The Able Muse Eratosphere Sonnet Bake Off EDITORIAL Alexander Pepple FEATURED ARTIST Peter Svensson FEATURED POET Jehanne Dubrow Interviewed By Anna M Evans FICTION Cheryl Diane Kidder, Charles Wilkinson, Blaine Vitallo, Donna Laemmlen ESSAYS AE Stallings, Peter Byrne, Philip Morre, David Mason, Chrissy Mason BOOK REVIEWS Rory Waterman, Jane Hammons POETRY Rachel Hadas, RS Gwynn, Catharine Savage Brosman, John Savoie, DR Goodman, Jeanne Wagner, Richard Wakefield, Melissa Balmain, Tara Tatum, Anna M Evans, Matthew Buckley Smith, Stephen Harvey, Elise Hempel, Marly Youmans, Amanda Luecking Frost, Rachael Briggs, Chris Childers, James Matthew Wilson, Alex Greenberg, Catullus, Sappho, Theocritus