Bye-Bye Binky

Bye-Bye Binky Babies Use A Binky Do Big Kids No Big Kids Say, Bye Bye, Binky Every Child S Life Is Filled With Milestones Some Happen Easily Others Need A Little Extra Support Artist And Mom Maria Van Lieshout Has Been There Drawing Upon Her Own Experiences, She Has Created An Engaging Series Of Books That Are Just Right For Children On The Brink Of Major Changes And The Caregivers Who Encourage Them. BIG KIDS DON T NEED A BINKY or so says the big girl in this cheery orange book by Maria van Lieshout.BYE BYE BINKY is actually the second book from Ms Lieshout this year The first was on that other area that can vex both big and small potty training Like I USE THE POTTY this book approaches the topic from a celebratory and positive theme You aren t so much leaving the binky and diapers behind, as you are moving on to bigger and better things.BYE BYE BINKY begins with a baby crying Our narrator then talks about the many reasons why she and other babies cry When they re hungry, upset, tired and the solution to that was The Binky She admits that she loved her binky but quickly adds that she doesn t have it any At this point we have a divergence from the approach Lieshout took in the potty book In that latter case the book spent time pointing out What Big Kids Do In this book though the author addresses the comfort that a binkie provides, and she has her character give suggestions for what other children can do when they think they need comforting and the binky Which our extended family calls a dow All of these suggestions really boil down to a theme that many parents and caregivers are busy promoting anyway That is that children should use their words So instead of crying, our heroine suggests kids ask
Who wears afro puffs and a delightfully mod dress in orange and white The charming, and grown up girl from Bye Bye Binky All kids want to be big kids, and this book helps show them how You ll love it. This and its companion book about using the potty are cute and will be great for the intended purpose Diverse cast is a plus. Nothing mind blowing, but a good, short choice for encouraging a kid or supporting an effort to ditch the binky I like that it offered other ways to soothe your emotions instead of just you re a big kid now, get over it. Nice book for when it s time to ditch that plug Simple and basic Should work well with SS when we are ready to tackle that challenge Let it be soon, I hope Bye Bye Binky is all about getting kids to stop using the binky When she was a baby, she would get tired, hungry, unhappy, or cannot sleep Her parents would give her a binky And it worked She calmed down and, if tired, went to sleep with less difficulty Then the no binky day arrived It was time for this big kid and her parents to let go of this safety blanket and learn to find comfort in other ways As a big kid, she can now ask for hugs, cuddle her stuffed animal, snuggle the dog, or ask for something to eat when hungry The binky goes to another baby Why Because SHE
Digital illustrations accompany brief text as youngsters learn how to let go of their favorite blanket Although I like the idea of helping young ones grow up with confidence and transition from needing a binky for comfort to mature actions such as needing a hug, I m not so sure I like the idea that letting go of the comfort object as part of maturing is the way to go I would imagine the main character i
Great book to help a little one deal with the transition to life without a pacifier I liked the short, simple text as well as in the inclusion of a main character who is not Caucasian The Big Kid Power series was developed to help encourage children as they nea

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  • Hardcover
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  • Bye-Bye Binky
  • Maria van Lieshout
  • 13 January 2018
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